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OBSOLETE. SEE Bad Dog's Ungulates: Horse, Deer, Minotaur


A horse race, with unique head, hands, and feet.  Requires RaceCompatibility and an extended skeleton such as XPMSE.


There's an SOS schlong as a separate download. That requires SOS.




  • There are a bunch of unique customizations which have their own sliders. These are duplicated on the vanilla sliders so they can be accessed through the Creation Kit. So some vanilla sliders do what you'd expect, some do something horse-specific, and some do nothing at all.
  • Most of the tint sliders do something, not always what you expect. I don't know how to get RaceMenu to show tint sliders easily. The dirt slider has a few overall face patterns in addition to dirt.
  • Males have two head complexions, but if you choose the second it flips back to the first when you exit RaceMenu. Dunno what that's about.
  • There's a set of overlays by ASlySpyDuo--body, hands, feet, head--that give you zebra, giraffe, and appaloosa textures, also socks and white bellies. There's a known bug that if you have a head overlay (like the zebra) and get decapitated, you CTD. Don't get decaptated, it's bad.
  • Horses have bridles and helmets adapted by Blaze69. Regular helmets don't fit your horse head well. The NPC herd has a chest with a few items in it, or you can craft them. Usual perks required. If you have a vanilla helmet you can often re-forge it into a horse version.
  • Tails maybe-sometimes follow your hair color. If they don't there are equipable tails in the chest at the NPC camp.
  • CBBE textures are available in a separate download.
  • The SOS download gives you dick. 
    • For an ordinary unsheathed SOS schlong, activate BDHorseSOS and not the others. In this mode you'll get no extra script activity. "Horse" is a simple dick for the males, "Horse Pussy" is a pussy by RussianPrince for the females. "Horse Futa" puts a dick on the girls. Probability for this one is set to 0, so you have to choose it.
    • For sheathing horse schlongs, activate BDHorseHoodie and BadDogSchlongCore. "Horse Sheathing" is a sheath for the guys. Run BDHorseSOS too so the females get their bits.
    • These need a skeleton that supports them, e.g. UUNP, XPSME.
  • BDHorseNPC gives you NPCs. There's a small herd near the Bleakwind Basin giant camp. Horses can be found there or in Whiterun near the Gildergreen, or in the evening hanging out in the Bannered Mare or with the Companions. They've made friends with the giants so if you pick up a giant contract don't execute it when the horses are around or they'll get pissed with you. You can hire most of them, or use a follower mod to get them to follow you.
    • There's also an addon for Live Another Life which lets you start as a member of the herd. They'll be friendly and available as companions. The giants will be friendly too. 


Upgrading from prior versions:

  • The schlongs might cause trouble. Uninstalling them, cleaning the save, and installing 1.0 will probably fix it.



  • New mouth texture
  • Maybe some more face tints or patterns, like for paint horses. If I can't get the complexions to work I'll put them on the dirt slider.
  • Scars maybe? Do scars matter? They are a bit tedious but not really hard to do.



What's New in Version 1.5



- Got Blaze's NPCs incorporated properly


- Using RCAE when available so SOS animations control schlong sheathing


- Fixed eyes (& more eyes)

- Tails with baked-in color

- Revamped NPCs by Blaze


  • Fixed to keep schlong during werewolf transformation


  • Fixed bug where erect schlong kept reverting to flaccid


  • Blaze69's and ASlySpyDuo's overlays incorporated in the main mod
  • MadMansGuns' tails
  • Female and male privy members separated into their own SOS addons
  • NPC herd outside Whiterun
  • Optional Live Another Life integration
  • Sundry fixes and cleanup

NPC B0.6.1

  • Added LAL patch

SOS Beta 0.6.2

  • Separated male and female dongs

Beta 0.6

  • MMG's tail weights
  • Removed unnecessary dependencies

SOS Beta 0.5.2

  • Removed bogus HDT files

HDT Tails 0.5.1

  • Added XML files

SOS Beta 0.5.1

  • Pussies moved to SOS schlong
  • Futa dicks

Beta 0.5.1

  • Added missing interface file

Beta 0.5

  • Female uses human skeleton so feet don't sink thorugh floor
  • More eye fixes
  • Schlongs include male anus, female privates. Schlong collisions fixed.
  • NPCs use new eyes

Beta 0.4

  • Tint fix to hoof fur
  • Some more body tints
  • Added missing files

Beta 0.3

  • New skins, tails, hooves, hands, manes
  • Blaze's fixes all through, including more (human-ish) eyes

    Alpha 0.2

    • Wimminz!
    • Hairy male feet!
    • More manes!
    • Hoodie Schlongs!

    Alpha 0.2.1

    • Removed bogus SOS files

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