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Furry Fallout


This mod makes the whole Commonwealth furry. 


What's New


  • I'm not sure if I'll be updating this mod here. Managing multiple locations is a PITA.




  • You can play as lykaios (wolves), fox, hyena, cheetah, lion, tiger, horse, deer, snekdogs (nightstalkers), or otters.
  • With the "world" addons, objects in the world (statues, posters, etc.) are furry.
  • With the NPC addon, all NPCs are transformed into one of the above furry races
    • These are independent of each other, so go wild. Furry in a human world, human in a furry world, all furry, whatever floats your boat.
    • Otters can be found in Far Harbor mainly. Ghouls are snekdogs.
  • Races have a range of fur colors and race-appropriate face patterns. 
    • The face morph system can be used to customize head shape. FO4's UI SUCKS but if you know how to do it for people you can do it for the furries. Some face morphs use the "Type" section and others use the "Sculpt" section, so check both.
    • Deer have a full set of horn options. Choose the preset with the horns you want and customize from there.
    • Most races have a full set of face pattern options, which you can find in the "Extras" section. Tigers and cheetah are already over-decorated so they don't. 
    • You'll see some options in the UI that don't seem to do anything. That's because they don't. I suck and didn't remove all the options I'm not using from the races.
  • Bodies are based on BodyTalk for males and CBBE for females. They are anatomically complete (with the NSFW plugin) and fully functional if you install AAF. 
    • All bodies have animal feet and peens
    • All bodies ship with BT or CBBE tri files, containing all the original morphs customized to work with the furry body parts
  • Hair and headgear have been converted to fit, vanilla and DLC. Face scarves use the faceBones system to fit different-length muzzles, but it's only moderately successful.
  • Kids are furry too and have their own child races. 
  • Some artwork has been made furry in the "world" plugins. There's some new magazines in here too. By default it's guys but there is a patch that makes them female for your viewing pleasure.
  • Races generally reflect family relationships. (Kids follow the mother.)
  • The furrifier is packed into a zip and available at github. Instructions in the associated wiki.
  • There's a kit with Bodyslide files for customizing male and female bodies.



  • AAF is not required unless you want sex animations.
  • Best way to get started is go to the AAF Fucking Manual and do everything it says.


-Note that some of the pictures use clothes and gear from other mods, and they're not mine so I don't know where they came from-




Warning: These are gigantor files. Get a coffee. Also if you get a "quota exceeded" error wait a day or so and try again.

Note the FFO files may have different version numbers. That's okay--the latest will always be at the top-level directory at the link.


CBBE is a prerequisite.


Get detailed installation instructions here.




Any other mods that add NPCs will need a patch if you want them to be furry. (They should work correctly without a patch, but the NPCs they add will stay human.) Use the furrifier.


Any mods that add headgear will need a patch to accommodate muzzles and the slightly altered head position. 


Known Bugs

  • When you select one of the face regions to edit in character setup, the head disappears. I have no idea why. It comes back as soon as you're actually editing the face, so it doesn't get in your way but it's a bit startling.



  • TheFuckingQueen, LordFlawn, PenBoozerX, and Leono Hisashi for the fabulous furry art
  • KrittaKitty for the Lykaios, which will never die
  • Blaze69 and ASlySpyDuo for instigating this; extra credit to Blaze for help all along the way.
  • Valehyena for the cool supermutant models
  • Shadowliger, Blaze69, darklynxxx, Petruz3D, Dipanjanc33, ASlySpyDuo for the AMELIA and JAVELIN assets
  • Blaze69 and Sandworm Wrangler for the fancy pics
  • GreenTheGhost for work on furrifier customizations

Edited by Bad Dog

What's New in Version 3.4



  • Fixed texture issue on synth armor
  • Added FurryFalloutOutfits


  • Fixed collisions on bobbleheads
  • Fixed face/bone data so you can select eye color on character setup.


  • Some cleanup on nostrils of head textures.
  • Fixed Live & Love mag that got replaced with Bad Dog by accident.
  • NPC files
    • Reset probabilities to balance out the races better. Race assignments have changed.
  • NSFW
    • Duplicated feral ghoul bodies in the vanilla path so they would be picked up by the various AAF mods.
    • Provisioned the feral ghoul, synth, and supermutant as loose files to overwrite UAF's loose files.


  • Complete reorganization of the files into base, furry world, furry NPCs, and NSFW. The SFW plugin is now just the base mod.
  • Extensions to the furrifier to support 3rd party races.
  • Various fixes INCLUDING a fix to the CTD that happened when playing without the NSFW addition.

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