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  1. If you had checked Shadowliger's other work (most notably Lupines and JAVELIN), you would have noticed we already know her and her previous work, lol. They are? I didn't see any TRI files in the BA2 archive, so I assumed they were using vanilla Supermutant TRIs somehow. I'll double check in case I missed them somehow (which I probably did). Yeah, you are. The only "issue" I saw is facial animations sometimes not playing or doing so late/out of sync, but I'm pretty sure that's a vanilla bug, and the animations themselves looked fine to me. I'll see if I can check which pieces in particular had clipping. I... yeah, they are. I mean, they're big and stronk and dumb and brute-y, but otherwise they look clean and "healthy"*, at least compared to vanilla Supermutants. If you want them to be remotely as visually disgusting as their vanilla counterparts, you're gonna have to beat them up and cover them in gunk and/or mange. *-> ...I still wouldn't mind a female version (possibly using the assets from that mod) all the same, though. Precisely for that very reason. 🤪 Then again I assume the UVs not matching vanilla and such would make that more trouble than it's worth.
  2. I think they look better than I expected them to and also the faces animate pretty well even though they seem to be... using the vanilla TRI files somehow? Unless I'm missing something there. Not a fan of seemingly so many of them being Dalmatians (unless RNGsus just derped out on me there), but I can live with it. There also seem to be some clipping issues with torso armor, or at least Strong had them when I tried to equip vanilla SM armor pieces on him. But still playable overall. One less part of the world that needs to be furrified, so that's good. Also, I just came across this while searching for mods to fix Strong's stupid high amount of dislikes (sadly there's none), and... well, presented without comment: Female Strong. Furry Fallout version when? 🤪
  3. Nah, 1.1 was uploaded to the Drive folder but the folder itself has the same link and such so there were no edits to the LL download page. Just go to the Drive and download 1.1. ...assuming you are even allowed to, since last I tried the download quota was still exceeded so I had to wait. No idea when it resets.
  4. They are, but the download quota was exceeded. Guess I get to wait for 24h to download them. Hooray. 😑 Mad lad went for the real good ending of the Lizard from Spider-Man... where he actually wins. 🤪 Gotta hand it to you, the Winter approach is actually pretty clever and the last part has the "mad scientist" stuff that Fallout lends itself to. Plus, I like how you had Dr. Salzy basically steal Dr. Borous (I'm guessing that "Bouros" thing is a typo?) research without him knowing so the latter can still create the "original" nightstalkers once he goes all Think Tank Crazy! in Big MT while Salzy does his own thing. (Incidentally, that still allows for hypothetical anthro nightstalkers to exist as a product of Borous' research completely unrelated to other hypothetical anthro NS's that might come from Salzy's end, so that kinda appeases my thoughts on NSs deserving better than being made into Ghoul replacements even if I still don't like the idea and never will. So that's good, I guess).
  5. I see now that you speak Russian and seem to be using a translator. You should know that automatic translators tend to make mistakes when translating from Russian to English and make people sound much more rude and aggressive than they actually are. So even if the text or question you wrote in Russian was perfectly normal and polite, it can sound rude and entitled once translated to English. Which is what happened here. Please do keep this in mind for future conversations, so people don't mistakenly think you are being rude and obnoxious even if you don't intend to do so. I also suggest using DeepL for translation, since it does a much better job than just Yandex or Google. ------------------------------------- Here's a DeepL translation of my post: Теперь я вижу, что вы говорите по-русски и, похоже, пользуетесь переводчиком. Вы должны знать, что автоматические переводчики обычно допускают ошибки при переводе с русского на английский и заставляют людей звучать гораздо грубее и агрессивнее, чем они есть на самом деле. Поэтому даже если текст или вопрос, который вы написали по-русски, был совершенно нормальным и вежливым, при переводе на английский он может показаться грубым и претенциозным. Что и произошло в данном случае. Пожалуйста, имейте это в виду при будущих разговорах, чтобы люди ошибочно не подумали, что вы грубы и назойливы, даже если вы этого не хотели. Я также предлагаю использовать DeepL для перевода, так как он делает это гораздо лучше, чем просто Яндекс или Google.
  6. There's absolutely zero distinction between vanilla races other than some minor dialogues like the words used by guards to greet you (e.g. "Kinsman" for Nords, "Cat" for Khajiit, "Elf" for elves). None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. All you're doing by stacking Cat Races on top of Yiffy Age is increase the chances of Vampirism and Lycanthropy getting corrupted (having too many races using RaceCompatibility can cause that) and causing bugs and potentially even reducing the game stability (some people say many custom races can cause other bugs). You want to play as a Cheetah in a vanilla/human world, use Cat Races. You want to play a Cheetah in YA, use the Cheetah race from YA. Simple as that. Cool. But that doesn't mean people have to bend over backwards to solve all your issues which stem from using mods the way they're not supposed to be used. So don't expect much. Moreso considering you can't even be bothered to link the mod you're demanding people patch for you (which may be a pretty tedious and difficult task depending on what that mod actually does).
  7. Sounds about right for Bethesda game modding. 🤪
  8. Yes, this is a known issue, but it's a vanilla known issue. You CANNOT edit NPCs in LooksMenu unless they have the "Is CharGen Face Preset" flag enabled, which no vanilla NPCs do (certain NPC appearance replacer mods do enable it in case you want to tweak them further, but doing so is a bad idea because having more than 2-3 NPCs using that flag on screen at the same time will kill performance dead).
  9. By enabling whatever "FFO-Player-(Race Name).esp" plugin in particular whose race you want to play as and hiding/disabling the others (including the "FFO-Player-TIGER.esp" one which seems to be the last one on your load order right now).
  10. I have no idea where that image came from but that outfit is not part of my mod nor has it ever been. Must be some other mod.
  11. The last update was on August 11th. It's on the right-side tab on the download page. Why? Is there anything you wanted to see changed or added?
  12. I'm talking about the part where you have made overrides of the JAVELIN, AMELIA and FF4 Head Parts FormLists in your plugin when none of those things have anything to do with Just Business. So those should be removed because good modding etiquette says mods and patches should only include the stuff they need to and needless overrides can only cause conflicts. In this case, the only thing that needs to be edited is the "JBRaceHumanGhoulList" FormList to add the FF4 races + AMELIA + JAVELIN (which you seem to have done already), so the other record overrides are unnecessary and as such should be deleted from your patch (but only from your patch, not from the original mods, duh). Not really though. They're the pet project of Dr. Borous, Head of Animalogy, Beastology, and DNA-Scrambling technology at Big MT Research. They were created by intentional genetic engineering, they are not the product of radiation or FEV mutation or anything like that: BOROUS: -Attention students. This is the pre-recorded voice of your pre-recorded principal. Doctor Principal BOROUS! You may know me as the Head Chief First Researcher of Labs Z-9 and Z-14. There I fought valiantly to preserve rattlesnake DNA, and put it right where it belongs, in the husk of another feared predator. (...) COURIER: -So Nightstalkers were created for what purpose, then? BOROUS: -To preserve coyote... no, no, wait. The snake DNA was important because... the snakes with the rattles were dying out, and...- -Or maybe it was a bet from Calis in X-8? He had some mountain lion... eagle... condor... idea. "Bet you can't breed this," he said. Showed HIM.- -Then it... spliced itself into a coyote...-y, snake thing. Which was eventually successful. Kept that DNA where it belonged - spliced.- As for why it happened, the dialogue above hints at either rattlesnakes dying out (like seemingly other animals such as horses did as per the lore) and him wanting to preserve them through LEGO Genetics! 'cause that's what he does best, or it just being a crazy dare from another scientist. Not that any of this matters that much for whatever one may want to do in mods but I thought I'd clarify what the existing lore was for them. Really looking forward to that, the models for them looked pretty good.
  13. Looks okay to me, though you'll want to delete everything other than "JBRaceHumanGhoulList" in your patch to avoid dirty edits or unnecessary overwrites.
  14. We (or at least I) have wanted a proper Anthro Nightstalker race for a while. Preferably FO4 but honestly even Skyrim would do nicely. And the idea of creating such a race has came up a few times already and may or may not be currently under discussion by certain race modders. Bad Dog was looking for ideas on what to do with Ghouls, since just slapping "normal" FF4 races on them would effectively be the same as turning them human in the base game. And one of the random thoughts he had was to hit two birds with one stone and create a Nightstalker-ish race to replace Ghouls with (and also be available for the PC to play as). Personally, while I'm sure any hypothetical race BD may want to come up with would be good quality, I just don't like the idea of the race being made just to be the FF4 World's Ghouls and used for that purpose, and feel the race may suffer as a whole in that case as opposed to, say, a hypothetical standalone race release like for example Lupines or Selachii would be. The alternative that has been mentioned as well would be "ghoulified" versions of one or more of the base FF4 races, with a "bare/rotting skin" retexture and possibly some shape tweaks like making their faces visibly gaunt in shape, thus achieving the most literal furrification of Ghouls possible and (IMO) being the best one since it'll mesh better with the whole narrative/dialogue/feel about Ghouls in the game. That would depend on what part of Just Business needs patching. IIRC from the very short foray I made into FO4 naughty mods, I think that was the NPC enslaving mod? If so, there's a FormList in the mod's plugin that lists the races the system can work on. The default list only includes vanilla humans and Ghouls, but you'd have to edit it in xEdit to also add all the FF4 races to it.
  15. Lykaios are set up to use Khajiit as their "ArmorRace" in their race data, aka their armor reference, which means any ArmorAddon tagged as compatible with Khajiit will automatically load on Lykaios as well; this is done because all vanilla items and 95% of mod-added items include Khajiit compatibility, but making them Lykaios-compatible without taking this shortcut would require manually editing every single mod-added item ever to add Lykaios to the race list (and also make them dependent on the Lykaios plugin as a result). I shouldn't need to tell you how cumbersome and stupid this would be. The downside of this workaround is an item cannot have separate meshes/textures for both the custom race and the reference; it's one or the other, but not both. In this case, a SOS addon cannot have separate textures for Khajiit and Lykaios and will simply default to loading the Khajiit one on both races. Which is what you're seeing here. Assuming you're making a custom SOS addon for your race/character only and not meant for use by vanilla NPCs/races (which is what you should be doing anyway), you can simply set the Khajiit-enabled ArmorAddon to point to your race's textures. That should do the trick. Of course that'll mean whenever a Khajiit equips the schlong they'll get the wrong textures, so that's why the underlined sentence above is important.
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