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  1. If it was up to me, I'd send them to you right away, but I'm still waiting for Tiwa to reply to my PM about permissions. I've seen other mods use Minidresses/Spice Gear stuff so I assume Tiwa does allow other people to use those assets, but the Permissions info on the Spice Gear page is clear in that it states permission is required to use them so I have to get confirmation first. Seems like I picked a wrong time to send the PM, because Tiwa was online just the day before I sent it but hasn't been since . In theory it's possible, yes; but it would also affect any custom race using DefaultRace as the armor reference (I've seen a few of them already) and would conflict with anything that touches the vanilla Blades items. I'd rather not do that unless it's the only way, and since adding separate custom items is also an option, I won't go down that route. Well, you saw the image, even in the light variant the breasts aren't exposed at all, so I don't see how to do it. The idea itself is good, but for the wrap to be visible I'd basically have to either turn the chest plate into a bikini or remove the sides/back (which doesn't seem possible to pull off with vanilla meshes after looking at their topology). Yeah, they don't match the 7BO breast size but rather have smaller proportions. And TBH it's better that way, because while you can kinda get away with it with bikini tops (and it's only a "kinda"), a breast plate that big just wouldn't look right.
  2. Yeah, just what I thought. A hidden perk, or simply a global that would be set to "1" whenever the PC learns about how to craft the armors. I guess I'll have to think about it. In the meantime I've left them without requirements (apart from the vanilla perks), so worst case scenario they won't have any extra requirements for the next update if we don't come up with a fitting solution by then Ordinator edits the perk tree and the perk descriptions, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't re-purpose the vanilla crafting perks (i.e. doesn't change what armor/material they allow you to craft), so they should still work with any mod-added gear that uses them as requirements for crafting. This is the current WIP for the light version of the armor: (Only Selachii get the bare feet, any other race gets the default boots as seen on the standard set. I did it that way to prevent the need for more edits between the vanilla and YA versions). Not sure about where or how to add that wrap, as it would require getting rid of the chest plate in order for it to be visible and then it wouldn't be "armor" anymore. Then again, the vanilla Fur "armor" is just a skirt (with a bra for females) and it is still considered armor, so... I dunno. As for where to get the wrap, I think the Minidresses version of the Ragged Pants includes some bandages as a makeshift bra to go with the pants, so that may be an option too. I don't really know of any other bandage tops, so I guess I'll look into that one.
  3. If you have any other suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them, but considering I had to make do with existing assets since I can't create new ones (yet), I'd say it's pretty good as it is. I'm thinking about making a "light" variant with the belly plates removed and stats equal to those of the Leather/Elven Light sets, a "standard" one that matches Elven, Chitin, Scaled or Elven Glided (not sure which) and maybe another "heavy" one on par with Glass or even Stalhrim Light rating, but I don't know what other pieces to add for that last variant. Of course all of them are considered Light Armor, though. As for crafting, I'm thinking either using the standard vanilla Smithing perk requirements alone (none for light, Advanced Armors for standard, and Glass/Ebony Smithing for heavy) or making it so the player also has to be a Selachii or have learnt about them somehow before they can craft the gear. This last option is IMO the best one but I'm not sure how to go about the "learning about it" part for non-Selachii PCs. I mean, Seika would probably be the best suited for that but she isn't ingame yet (and my last attempts to place a home for her in the spot across the bridge from Dragon Bridge have been a complete failure so it may take a while for her to be implemented). Maybe Moku would know a thing or two about armors, but I'm not sure. And the easiest way would be to have Mizuno be able to explain it, but how would he know how to craft armor? (Unless we assume the PC only needs to learn about the Selachii armor design/style itself and not how to actually craft it). Personally I use UNPBB myself, as it has rounder (and very slightly bigger) breasts than original UNP and looks better with HDT applied but is otherwise identical to UNP. You could also use UNPB or UN7B if you want, though then you would have to deal with the breasts magically shrinking into the UNP-sized breast plating when wearing the armor, lol.
  4. Okay, this is how they turned out: I may look into further tweaks, but should be good as-is. While we're at it, a pic of the herm version of the Preg2 mesh, because I haven't actually posted the ingame result yet: Now, moving on, more picture time! This is how the WIP armor looks at the moment: The pants are separate from the body and take up Slot 52, so it means the armor can instead be combined with any other Slot 52 item including the fundoshis... ...or nothing at all, in which case the armor becomes revealing for males (and herms) and includes the UUNP Special bits for females, in case any of us you pervs want to go for a quicky without taking off the armor . I still haven't heard from Tiwa so I don't know if I will be able to include it in the mod, but probably do so if the answer re the permissions is positive. There's still some work left as well; mainly fixing the weights on the male pants, but there's also a handful of vertices around the armpits in the chest piece that are kinda driving me crazy, lol. As for body types, males use SOS (duh) while females use the UUNP Special body set to the original UNP preset. I may look into a proper UUNP conversion but can't guarantee its quality or whether it will actually be done. Same goes for a CBBE version, though in that case chances are I will simply skip Bodyslide altogether and make a single conversion to CBBE HDT with the CBBE Curvy preset (sorry about that). If this is released and anyone wants to work on a UUNP/CBBE Bodyslide conversion for it, I'll be happy to pack their files with the mod.
  5. Just gave it a try, and it seems pretty solid altogether. The customization options are neat and they all work seemingly without bugs, the hair/head parts work too, the feet look great, the facial anims are pretty good... Only comments I have about it is the bug when loading tints for the slider presets (but you know that already), the fact that NPCs don't seem to get the wings for some reason, and the wings themselves being a bit wonky and distorted when folded (they look just fine when unfolded during flight/glide, though). Looking forward to seeing how females turn out too, but males are very good so far.
  6. I don't think I've seen any vanilla load screen with more than one NPC at once, so I may look into splitting them into two separate meshes and assigning them at random to all the load screens that are supposed to use that one. But otherwise, neat.
  7. "Not the kind of shark that bites". Ha ha ha, very funny, Zun (would that be a proper nickname/shorthand for him? I feel like I should have come up with one before, lol). I kinda see him saying that, though, so that's fine. Huh, they are all in exteriors so it may be a bit tricky to detect when you are actually close enough to the shrine (since I can't do an "IsInCell" check). I'll look at the available condition functions for dialogue and see if I can come up with a proper solution for that. I like the idea, though, and the reference to Boethia too, so hopefully I'll get it done.
  8. Well, that's the body mesh included in the male pant-only meshes from Princess of the Woods (as shown here, or in any of the other mod images). According to the mod's description, it's the Sundracon body from Better Males.
  9. IIRC, when Barenziah gets to Riften, she meets with a Thieves Guild member to make sure they are okay with her running jobs on the area, and that member turns out to be a Khajiit named Therris. In the original/uncensored version (seen in IIRC Daggerfall and Morrowind?), Therris asks her for sex in exchange for the "membership" and basically bangs her in the inn right in front of all the patrons, and Barenziah passes out from pain. When she wakes up, Therris tells her Khajiit penises are barbed (like RL felines have them) and that's why that happened. In the censored version we have in the later games including Skyrim, that part is missing and instead there is a note saying it has been censored by order of some entity (a college or something?). I'm quoting from memory so I may be wrong on some details, but what I know for sure is that the censored part has Therris having sex with Barenziah and the statement about Khajiit penises being barbed. EDIT: nevermind, it was actually censored by the Dunmer Tribunal Temple, lol. Also this is what's different. Censored: Original:
  10. I support this request, even if it's only for that one book. But don't forget about The Sultry Argonian Bard too, lol .
  11. Those *are* the default Lykaios textures, there is no separate "HD" set or anything like that. What you see there is a combination of a standard Lykaios character (as in, without any custom textures/meshes that are not part of the main race mod) and a handful of mod-added items and character assets. As for those: Hair is from Apachii, from the standalone Male pack. Warpaints/tattoos are from KJ Tattoos. Pants and maybe boots are from Ashara Princess of the Woods. Do note that ENB has a huuge impact on how the game looks, so even if you managed to replicate this character 100%, it would still not look as good as in this picture if you're not using ENB or are using one that is vastly different from the one used for the picture.
  12. Blaze69

    Mod idea. Sphinx khajiits

    Yeah, Oblivion had some neat nightmare fuel potential, lol. Try using the Tamago/Hiyoko set of mods plus Hiyoko Generator Gene Forge and have a non-Khajiit male impregnate a Khajiit female. The offspring generator usually goes "father's textures and ear meshes with mother's tail (if they have any) and head meshes" unless there's an exception in the code for that particular race combination (which there isn't for Khajiit mothers), so the result was human textures and ears on a Khajiit head. Boy, I really don't want to see that ever again .
  13. Certainly possible. The SOS API has specific functions to remove or change an NPC's schlong just like it can be done manually in SOS' MCM menu; all you would need to do would be to access those functions as part of a script that's triggered whenever you want it to happen. In fact it's literally just a single function call for each of the commands, so most of the work would be actually setting up whatever quest/script/dialogue/spell/trigger is supposed to force the schlong change and creating the addon assets (meshes and textures) themselves if they don't exist already. Only downside that I could see is that all addons you may want to use for that obviously need to be registered with SOS first even if they are set up with 0% probabilities and thus never show up on NPCs at random, and if you have a lot of variants (i.e. following your example: uncut, cut, uncut w/ no balls, cut w/ no balls and whatever else you may add) SOS may end up a bit cluttered. Not sure if the system has a limit on how many addons it can handle, though. If there isn't any limit or it's ridiculously high, the only problem would be the SOS MCM menu being a bit cluttered but that should be fine otherwise; if on the other hand there is a limit and is low, you could have problems with people using several other addons already (SOS defaults + Hoodies + the UNP addon + custom race ones, for example).
  14. Blaze69

    Dragon Animations (& Creature on Creature)

    From what I can see, all of the Jills use the vanilla dragon race and are properly tagged as female, so they should work just fine with SL-related stuff. As for their skins, they use vanilla dragon meshes mapped to new textures, so it should be relatively easy to make a patch for them that gives them the female dragon meshes from HCoS but still points to their custom textures (wouldn't even need to pack the textures because the main mod would be required in the first place). So yeah, AFAIK they should be compatible out of the box except for them not using the female meshes from HCoS, and that can be easily solved with a patch.
  15. Blaze69

    how tall is your character?

    I've kinda gotten used to playing as an Altmer or Snow Elf at 1.08 height, which is pretty much the highest value in all humanoid races if you don't take Dremora with their 1.1 one into account. Now any character that deviates too much from that height (something below 1.03 or so) feels a bit too short for my taste, lol. I can't even look at vanilla-scaled Khajiit (0.95) anymore, I had to bump their scale up to 1.03 so they wouldn't feel that tiny.