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  1. You'd have to figure out whatever bits of code or spell/effect conditions in those mods are checking for "HumanRace" and add OR conditions that also check for all of FFO's races as well.
  2. ...I probably should have mentioned this before, but race preset NPCs will always load the human body and textures in the CK preview window no matter what. Dunno why it happens, but it happens. IIRC creating a dummy NPC that is not listed as a race preset in the race data nor has the "Is CharGen Face Preset" flag should load the proper nude body on the preview window, but I'm not sure.
  3. Alpha nodes in the nif don't actually do anything, the alpha properties need to be set in the material file itself. In that case, check the value for the Alpha Test Reference, you might have to edit it to get the transparency to work depending on the alpha value in the whisker texture. Other than that, it might just be an engine bug. FO4 has issues with certain shader types/properties not being compatible with each other (e.g. can't have Environment Maps on Skin Tints or Glow Shaders), so maybe it just turns out alpha doesn't work on Facegen-tagged materials. In that
  4. Honestly I could never quite get AAF and the "erection system" to work completely right either and the issue seems to be very prevalent on users so I wouldn't fret about it as long as it works to some extent/most of the time. AFAIK it checks the races to know what kind of anims should be available like them (kinda like SL checking creature races to see which anims they should use, but why AAF also does it for humanoid/playable races instead of IDing them as such right away without the need for patches like SL did is beyond me). Anyhow, I've never actually needed any
  5. Just use the SOS MCM menu to assign whichever addon you want to the player and ignore SOS' warning about "not being compatible", but do note that if the addon/race combination you're trying to get is not compatible then that meshes/textures are pretty much guaranteed to not match.
  6. "Final" nifs + tris are the result or output of a Bodyslide sliderset, and not the other way around. The basic idea of Bodyslide is, you have a base nif and a bunch of morph/slider data stored in an .OSD file (which I assume in the end is basically a TRI but meant to be loaded by the Bodyslide app instead of the game itself). You fire up Bodyslide (aka the external app), it loads the base nif and the slider data, you choose the slider values to get the shape you want, you hit "generate", it exports a nif file with the shape you want. The game loads that nif file for whatever it is
  7. As far as I can tell, anything involving kids or any characters that could be seen as being underage (regardless of whether they're "supposed" to be or not, so no bullshit "akchstually she's a 99999 year old demigodess" excuses) is absolutely haram and rightly so, as per Rule #3. Anything else is probably okay (take a stroll through the FO4 and Skyrim sections if you want to get a taste of what is allowed). Though a moderator/admin would have to clarify this if you want to be absolutely sure. It is true that the Sims community as a whole is way more "casual" than any Bethesda game
  8. Ooh, really looking forward to seeing how those turned out. ...that's the downside of having several new races available, lol. But once they are done, that should mean any further work shouldn't be particularly heavy unless it involves porting any other races or creating them from scratch (and even then I bet there'd be stuff that could be recycled from the current races all the same). You need to have a NiStringExtraData entry in the nif whose name is "BODYTRI" and whose string is the path to the corresponding TRI file. The path includes file name and extension b
  9. Gotta be makeup, overlays suck donkey dick in FO4. Can't be tinted, can't be used on heads (has to be injected as makeup instead), weird z-fighting sometimes, I'm not even sure you can adjust opacity... Which sucks, because customizability will be limited. Grayscale markings like zebra stripes can still be added, and Plan B is making a handful base body textures with built-in patterns and then making them all into alt LooksMenu skins, but it's still not ideal. Bethbryo has always sucked at tinting white textures on characters, so white underbellies should actually re
  10. Fair enough. I simply had all of Skyrim's morphs just laying there unused and didn't want to wrap my head around that whole new system so finding a way to implement the TRI morphs was only logical. I actually did copy the FaceBones weights from the Vulpine heads and duplicated the bone transform data for the Selachii and it's... not terrible, actually (despite how much I half-assed it), so I guess you do have a point there. ...I looked into it again because of this conversation and I may actually have gone all smoothbrain there and forgotten to change the paths for d
  11. AFAIK you have to set up a bunch of special "tintmasks" set to the "Face Regions" type or something like that in the tint data and then you can use them as masks to tell the game what areas of the face to apply the textures in. Then you add more morph groups + morphs (can use the DefaultFaceType0 if you don't want them to be associated with a shape morph and just want it to apply the textures) and then assign the texture and the mask. You can get chargen to work with TRI morphs alone and skipping facebones, that's how previous games did it and it's still doable in FO4 (though yo
  12. I tried playing around with those because it sounded like good ol' Skyrim-style sliders but with way more flexibility and without having to do the "Type1" workaround or whatever, but as far as I can tell they don't really work so well and I haven't even been able to get them to be available for the player ingame, they only seem to show up on the CK's NPC editor itself (which makes them useless for the PC). The way that whole thing is set up makes me believe Beth wanted to let you save a set of slider values as one of the presets on the left so the Player could access them too, but
  13. Already been replied to on the Discord server, but posting it here as well for reference in case anyone is having the same issue. The critical bit of info not mentioned in this post is the fact that it happens to all characters including the Player and spouse. The most likely culprit is the lack of some special INI edits that are required for the game to actually be able to load mod files, which are as follows: See above, it's a lack-of-INI-edits issue.
  14. Yeah. Is it only 1st person ones that you get that issue with? Then whatever it is that's adding those extra hands must be doing so in the 1st person mesh entry. Run the "inv" console command to see there's no other invisible-on-the-UI items equipped on the player, and maybe try using a pipboy hider like PipPad in case it's the PB (why are you even still using the hideous and bulky non-hidden vanilla PB anyway?). Otherwise, as I said, I would need to take a look at the assets and plugin data myself to try and figure out. And while I'm more than willing to nag you into s
  15. Definitely looks like there's another hand mesh underneath. Did you have any items equipped at all whatsoever? If you're wearing any mod-added gear whose author duplicated the AA from a vanilla one and didn't remove the 1st person meshes, that could be it. Otherwise, did you make sure both the hands AA and the NakedSkin have both hand slots tagged? FO4 has separate left and right hand slots, so maybe you missed one and that's why you have a rogue hand there or whatever. Can't really think of anything else right now so any more input would require me to at the very least
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