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  1. (Spoilers for the game ahead) The Himiko in the game is supposed to have been a very powerful shaman with control over the elements, as well as an army of supernatural oni samurai... things? (the Stormguard). She also cheated death through a ritual in which her soul was transfered to a new body and the original soul was destroyed, masqueraded as the new vessel being "accepted as the rightful heir" by the gods after the previous body died or something like that. Don't remember if she was actually portrayed as evil outside of the body-hijacking thing (which is bad but, y'know, even real life has seen waaay worse rulers), but the actual infamy of Yamatai comes from something else. The last sacrifice sabotages the ritual by killing herself and leaves Himiko's soul trapped in the rotting corpse of the previous vessel, which makes her extremely angry and causes her to cast a curse on the island so anybody coming there will be stranded and will never be able to leave (by virtue of huge storms showing up out of nowhere and destroying any vehicle attempting to reach or leave the island). There's also a violent cult (Solarii) formed by survivors of previous shipwrecks that worships Himiko and wants to murder any new arrivals to the island and find a new vessel for Himiko so the ritual can be performed and the curse lifted, but that is only a by-product of the whole thing and not of Himiko's direct action in forming the cult. *And for the record, Trinity doesn't really appear at all ouside of some passing mention of them after collecting all GPS caches in the game (IIRC). They only show up in the second game. The only non-supernatural villains in the first game are the Solarii cultists, any significant relation between Trinity and Yamatai was made up for the movie. Considering you say you don't want the Selachii version of Himiko to be a villain, I don't think the TR version of her will be of any use for reference, but I wrote the summary just in case. Not really surprised, I'd say it's natural to come up with something like that if you have at least a basic notion of politics in Elder Scrolls lore. Still not entirely happy with the idea of two of them, but if you want to go for it, I'm fine with that. You are the one doing all of the work on the lore, after all.
  2. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    That's a dog paw alright. The central claws are a bit too close to each other IMO, but then again I've never looked at an actual dog paw in that much detail so it I don't know if the real thing looks like that. Otherwise, looking great.
  3. It's been so long I had even forgotten this mod existed, lol. Thanks for the heads up; in case it wasn't obvious, I don't play without YA anymore and didn't actually test the Vanilla version in depth (only did a quick test on human races), so I must have missed that bit. I'm out of the modding scene at the moment, but once I'm back and I'm done with other pressing issues, I'll try to update the mod with the fix.
  4. Blaze69

    The Amazing World of Bikini Armour!

    Make sure to tag the top as Revealing in SOS' MCM menu (if using SOS) and/or disable the Device Hider for Devious Devices (if using DD).
  5. I'll make sure to add a link when the next update is posted. Yeah, probably not. Quests I can do (kinda), but worldspace editing in the CK makes me want to jump off a bridge or something, so chances are worldspace creating will be even worse. But I can't completely rule it out, though. Who knows. Gotcha. Well, as I said, like it so far. Guess I could also do some reading on that mythology, to see where the idea came from and all. I was actually talking about the game itself, haven't watched the film or even know what changes they made to the plot of the games outside of the supernatural aspect of Himiko/Yamatai having been removed in favor of Trinity being the only bad guys (I think?) so the film didn't have any "fantasy" elements. In any case, looking forward to see how that story turns out. I was thinking about something like the Silver-Bloods in Markarth, which are the most powerful and influential family of the region due to them controlling the silver production and trade; but yes, in this case it wouldn't work without the mines being privately owned or their explotation being monopolized by some family/individual. I guess in this case that member of the Elder Council could actually be a representative of the Selachii Council, but not by virtue of being a representative of the province/island/race but rather because the Council itself has enough money and power to put someone in the EC. With the whole silver mining operation plus the trade (of both silver and other goods) and a bit of mercenary work and/or piracy, the Council would probably have some serious coin as well as influence in the Empire.
  6. Wow, you did put a lot of work into that, that's awesome. It's great to see our lowly custom race getting so much lore and content . Though on the other hand getting all that lore implemented or at least hinted at ingame so it doesn't end up buried deep inside some blog/thread is quite the task. But I'll do my best. Some notes:
  7. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Oh, that one. Yeah, I don't really consider that a beast race, those are deer-themed humans, not anthro deers (which is what an actual "deer race" would be). Plus, while nuska's original assets are pretty good, the actual race implementation for them is... sloppy, to say the least. No deers on the To-Do list for Nightro, and I can't create meshes or textures from scratch so I'm out of the question too if I had to do it by myself, so probably not from our end. And I would feel bad for even remotely suggesting more work for Bad Dog, so I won't count him either (not sure if he would even be interested in such a thing). So I'd say unfortunately deers are not happening. For the record, AFAIK the only planned new races so far are Sergals, Renamon and maybe a dragon race loosely based on Skyrim's own dragon designs; also if I somehow manage to edit BD's bird heads for it (or get someone else to edit them for me), I could try repurposing the assets from the Blaziken player model edit I did a while back and turn it into a proper working race too. That's pretty much it unless there's a change of plans and/or something else comes up. EDIT: oh, and Nightro's Leviathan race. Which is probably the only mostly-human/non-anthro race I'm ever going to work on, lol. There's also a bunch of other ideas and test assets thay have cropped up from time to time and which I haven't "officially" counted, but should still have a slight chance of actually happening, so there's that.
  8. IIRC the main change in the standalone Hoodies release that isn't in YA yet is that it doesn't use RCAE anymore; this means the only things that can get the schlongs to unsheath are SL scenes and SL Aroused events. The manual Page Up/Down keys and the SOSBend animevents (used by some non-SL mods) don't work anymore. Hopefully the next version of YA will either implement those changes into the Schlong plugin's Hoodies system or get rid of the duplicate and only use the system from the Hoodies .esm altogether. Any of the two should get rid of the problem. No idea why that would happen, you should post it as a bug report on the YA thread. Some screenshots of the bug would help as well.
  9. That dependency is needed to get the Sheath schlong to work, as it needs to hook into a Hoodies system for that. Ideally, YA would use the Hoodies .esm too and the dependency would be on the .esm instead of the YA schlongs plugin, but YA includes its own copy of the Hoodies system in the latter (and doesn't require or use the actual .esm at all) so I had to hook into it instead. Plus, there are a handful of vanilla race NPCs that are supposed to have a specific schlong/size or none at all (i.e. Kanet), so I have to manually give them the SOS addon faction from the Schlongs plugin and that forces a hard dependency as well. I guess it could be looked into, but I'm not sure if it would work out. Why do you ask?
  10. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    That's a difficult choice. I like the cats pretty much equally; I would be tempted to say Snow Leopards going by species alone (I really like them, plus I'm preeetty sure me nagging Bad Dog about it is one of the reasons they are there). But the lions are too much of a good fit for Skyrim's Orcs, with the Proud Warrior race theme and the prides/strongholds and such, so that makes them feel more organic and get the edge over the others. So I guess count me as +1 for Sabrelions, with special mention for Snow Leopards. But yeah, any of the cats could be #1 as far as I'm concerned. Canines are great too, but there is an obvious difference in quality of their assets that's difficult to ignore and makes it a bit harder to play with them instead of the cats (not that they are bad, but Bad Dog's scratch-made races aka the cats are simply better). Hopefully, with Kritta's new Lykaios assets and the upcoming new heads and textures for Vaalsark and Kygarra the whole will end up more balanced, though. And birds, don't forget about the birds. Not a big avian fan myself but they deserve praise with all the work BD put into them. YA does technically add new races, as the original custom variants of the canines (Lykaios, Vaalsark, Kygarra, Fennec); not sure if BD wants to keep those in next versions of the mod but AFAIK they are still there in the latest version (correct me if I'm wrong). It also "adds" existing vanilla races that are not playable otherwise, namely Dremora and Snow Elves. Also, @Shnurui, what do you mean with "Deer"? Pretty sure there isn't any deer race available for Skyrim (yet). Not that I wouldn't like to have one, mind you.
  11. Vanilla CharGen presets only load the slider data indeed, they simply ignore any FaceGen nifs for the NPCs. If you want the presets to use anything that is not part of the vanilla sliders as shown on the CK character data (i.e. manual sculpts or custom sliders in RaceMenu), those will need to be saved as jslot presets, no way around it.
  12. Neat. Certainly looking forward to reading the whole entry. One idea that just came up: the "peaceful greeting" by Argonians on their arrival to Black Marsh sounds a bit weird, what with the history of previous Akaviri invasions and all; since all that's come from that direction have been enemy invaders and all, it would be weird for them to be suddenly friendly to them this time... unless the Hist was involved, that is. We know it can basically mind-control Argonians or at the very least heavily influence their thoughts (see the massive migration of Argonians back to Black Marsh right before and during the Oblivion Crisis as an example), so if for some reason the Hist wanted to help the Selachii, it very well could make Argonians be friendly to them and give them the support they would have needed to settle and such. As for why would the Hist want to do so... no idea (yet). Then again, does anything the Hist does have a clear purpose? Just an idea, in case it can be suggested or hinted at in the lore.
  13. Blaze69

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Does it really matter, though? Even if BGS is indeed still "good" and it's the evil executives over at Zenimax that are responsible for all of this, it wouldn't make a difference. The effect is exactly the same as if BGS was "corrupt" too (which they very well can be), and it's not like any of us would be able todo anything to save poor Beth from the evil suits. Unless any of you happened to have enough paper to perform a hostile takeover on Beth, that is. Becoming the major (and maybe only) shareholder would certainly allow anyone to tell Beth what to do and how to do it. But I'm pretty sure that ain't happening.
  14. I've already stated it in the Nexus comments for the mod, and I'd sworn I've done it here as well, but I'll do it again just in case: my current plan is to officially port the mod to SE once the upcoming update is out. I don't know exactly when will that happen (maybe right after posting the update, maybe a bit later), but so far I fully intend to do so. At first it will only be a port of the Nexus/Lite release (so no NPC plugin, no female SOS stuff, and the male SOS addons will be optional instead of SOS being a hard requirement of the race plugin itself); once YA is ported to SE and there's progress with female SOS stuff in SE as well I'll look into getting the main version ported too. And for the record, by the time I would be able to work on a hypothetical SE port of the current version, I will be already working on the upcoming update anyway, so IMO it's not worth doing it now; better to get the update done first and then port it than having to do the port twice on such a short time span. As for someone else posting said port (in this case you), I'd be more comfortable posting the update myself, because that way I can ensure its quality and provide proper support for the mod; I'm not saying you wouldn't do it, but I don't know you or the way you work so I can't be sure. If I had no plans to make a SE port of the mod myself, I'd probably give you green light provided proper credit was given and it was made clear that it was not an "officially sanctioned and managed" port so I couldn't be held responsible for port-related issues or lack of support. But since I do intend to make a port myself, I'd like to post it myself. Hope you understand.
  15. Forgot to mention it before, but I already ported the foreskin mesh from the Uncut Futa SOS addon to the male schlong meshes. It's similar to Leito's addon in the sense that the foreskin is already pulled back a bit (as it doesn't use stage-swapping like Hoodies), but I thought you may want to check it out; in that case, I can't send you the file itself at the moment but it should be included in the latest version of the shark race mod (it's the "malegenitals_p3" file).