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  1. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Okay, not to take away from Bad Dog's photoshoot, but here are some more pics of my she-wolf Kara by popular demand. (*cough* mostly Kardien *cough*) This time around it's Akaviri themed, because why not:
  2. Blaze69

    Modern Clothes (UNP/SOS)

    Sure. As long as you credit me as well as the original authors of the assets, feel free to use them as you see fit. And please do remember to post a link if/when you post your mod, I'd like to check it out once it's done.
  3. Blaze69

    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC)

    In theory it would be possible to create SOS schlong animations just like tail animations are made (MadMansGun has a guide for those). The problem would be adding those new animations to SOS' behaviour files, as they would need to be regenerated for each new schlong anim just like tails are done with FNIS but FNIS doesn't support SOS (yet?). Maybe if someone nags fore about it enough to get him to add support for editing SOS behaviour files in FNIS, we could give it a shot, but I wouldn't count on it and it's not even guaranteed to work out even if it happens.
  4. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    Huh. The only pics of the hairs that I could find on Kritta's tumblr are of female characters, and I didn't check the actual file to see whether they were in the male folder or not, so I assumed that one was meant for females. I'd say keep them, but on younger characters. Maybe only assign it to NPCs with the YoungEager voices and maybe the EvenToned/ElfHaughty ones in specific characters that are clearly meant to be younger. But I'm happy as long as the hair itself is available for the player even if no NPCs have it, so your call, I guess. Vanilla race data has a specific set of "X shape" sliders available, so for example Orcs only get Orc noses and Redguards don't get sharp Nord noses. RaceMenu automatically overrides this and has every shape option available for all races, but since the NPC appearance was creating using the vanilla setup, all NPCs of the same race tend to use the same values. Or at least that's what it looks like.
  5. Blaze69

    Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    That chin is just wrong, it looks like it doesn't even have enough room for the actual jaw. And IMO the black hyena snout paint/marking doesn't really fit either. Each vanilla race is limited to a certain range of head part slider options, so if you use their vanilla values, sometimes they tend to get the same options all the time (IIRC many Redguards get the "curved" nose shape option, for example). Maybe most Bretons use a mouth/chin shape value that causes that weird shape and that's why you see so many of them. To be fair, that's one of Kritta's new hairs for the Lykaios and I get the feeling it was meant for females only. Also that one is pretty much the only modern-looking hair, all of the others are more "natural" like manes or dreads or combinations thereof (see the male Panther pics in the image album for another example of Kritta's hairs). Anthros may not be human (gods be praised for that), but chances are they will still use drugs, so I don't see why cigarettes would be out of place. See Elder Scrolls with Khajiit and totally-not-heroin-or-meth skooma. As for the other stuff, amusingly enough you can do all of that already in Skyrim. Combine Aether Suite with my Modern Clothes mod and one of the tropical scenario mods like GomaPeroLand or Azura's Watch and you're golden, lol.
  6. Each and every single time the CF cloak spell hits a valid actor, a copy of the script is created and runs on said actor. CF's script does bail out and delete itself pretty "early" in processing time if it finds out the actor in question is not supposed to be affected by CF, but it stil creates the new script instance and adds unnecesary engine load. MNC reduces the potential performance impact of CF by adding that condition to the cloak so actors with the ActorTypeNPC keyword (aka humanoid/playable races) aren't processed in the first place and the script instance is not created, as CF should only touch creatures and not NPCs. At this point it would be better to simply edit Devourment's scripts to get rid of the ActorTypeNPC tag requirement instead.
  7. You didn't state you actually intended to help with that at any point after I posted it, the only reply I got was "I'm going to yeet all this worthless text" replacing what I had writen. Usually when people remove text to prevent quote bloat, they write "[...]" or "snip" instead. What you wrote sure did sound like you were saying what I wrote there was worthless. Thus my assumption. I am still interested in hearing it and would be willing to change it to what you have. Wording is everything. What you consider "regular asking" may be seen as "being an entitled ass and making demands" by other people. Which is what happened here. If you sound like you are being a jerk, I'm going to assume you are being a jerk, it's not my job to go through your entire post history to figure out whether that's true or not. Just like it wouldn't be your job to do the same if the roles were switched. What surprises me is that you do seem to be aware that the way you speak makes you sound like a jerk to an external observer without context and yet you somehow expect people to not assume you are a jerk right away.
  8. That's because the vanilla head and hair meshes are actually placed on the "ground" of the nif and are lifted to the right height ingame using bone transforms in the nif data. Outfit Studio doesn't support bone transforms so if you edit the hair nif in OS and save it, the transforms are deleted and the hair ends up in the base nif position ingame (i.e. the ground). I have a text file somewhere with the required manual transforms you have to apply in OS to compensate for the missing bone transforms so the mesh ends up in the right position ingame, but unfortunately I can't seem to find it right now.
  9. Try this one: Hair01.nif FYI, it's pretty easy to do in Outfit Studio. You just need to mask the area/mesh you want to delete, invert the mask, and then right click on the mesh name from the list on the right pane and select "Delete Vertices".
  10. No. (See? This works both ways). I mean, I could totally give you the structure of the dialogue and implement the voice files if/when you made them, but seeing how all you've done is complain and act like an entitled ass, I'm not going to bother. You asked for the scenes that needed dialogue to write said dialogue (allegedly), I posted it, and you ignored it and went on to bitch about semi-related stuff. I'm not falling for that again. Also the dialogue is going to stay as it is. You don't like it, too bad. Make your own mod for that, then. Perhaps. But there's no need to be a jerk about it. MMG already replied to this, so nothing more to add.
  11. Yes, but y'know, the kind of animations available for dragons don't exactly match standard humanoid-on-humanoid descriptions. PC watching the dragon, obviously. If you wanted the dragon to watch the PC, there are mods that trigger PC masturbation anims already, so what's the point. We already have female dragon bodies and all that jazz, including random/leveled female dragons. What we don't have is a unique voiced female dragon NPC to add dialogues to like Alduin or Odahviing are. You asked for the scenes/animations that need dialogue, I wrote them. Don't ask if you are not going to bother. No idea what you are talking about, we're using normal SexLab animation functions here, what else could we be using? And we don't touch anything about scales either.
  12. These are the animation/tag options so far: Solo: any solo masturbation animation, for now we only have MMG's self-suck so you could go specifically for that or keep it more "generic masturbation" in case MMG makes more in the future. Vaginal: anything that ends up with cum inside the PC (not necessarily female PC, though I did write it with that in mind). Could include "traditional" penetration but there isn't any such anim yet (not easy with the size of the dragon dick). For now it's only one of Billyy's bodyjobs that ends with the dragon cumming inside the PC. Docking: self-explanatory. One of MMG's anims. SexToy: MMG's anim, the dragon uses the PC as a living dildo to shove up his ass (there's also a female vaginal version but we don't have supported female dragon NPCs yet). Cowgirl: self-explanatory as well (literally riding the dick, in this case). One of Billyy's bodyjobs and MMG's Servicing anim. Bodyjob: anything where the PC grinds against the dragon's dick to make him cum. All 3 of Billyy's bodyjobs, plus MMG's Bodyjob and Servicing anims for now. Each one should have a matching player prompt (80 chars max length) that is self-explanatory enough to know which anim you are picking while at the same time roughly matching the vanilla dialogue style.
  13. Seriously, though. Oda has only something like 10 lines of dialogue only and yet he's pretty much the only character in the game that I actually like and also feels like he's an actual friend of the player. He actually gives you credit for your feats unlike everybody else who only gives you crap and treats you like an errand boy (like that Tsun jerkass shooing you back to mortal-land like if you just didn't wipe the floor with freaking Alduin), and he isn't nearly as smug as the other dragons. He's legit. Meh. Still pretty tame. Fallout NV had some neat gems, like pretty much everything about Cook-Cook and the Fiends. IIRC the bounty hunter that was tracking him goes "I don't mind risking my life but I'm not risking my asshole with that Brahmin-fucking rapist". And there's the 1st Recon sniper talking about the Fiends and how when she sees a good-looking junkie she thinks about "pulling down her panties and eating her out right there". Pretty sure that's the same soldier that was raped by Cook-Cook herself, even. (Been a while since I played FNV so I could be adding some extra obscenity but I'm pretty sure they say something pretty close to this). EDIT: nevermind, I take it back, nostalgia filter made it more explicit that it was. Corporal Betsy (the sniper) says "I see some cute little number, and I'd rather get in her pants. So, maybe I'm a stone-cold bitch after all.". Still stronger than anything seen in Skyrim, but not as much as I thought. The part about "not risking my asshole" was on point, though. Actually the response dialogue is all already done and voiced, the issue here is the player lines/prompts (which is what you see on the image). PC lines in Skyrim don't need audio splicing or anything like that as they are not voiced (maybe you are mixing it up with Fallout 4?). Just takes a minute in xEdit to change them, and as long as the idea of the dialogue is the same (in this case, which animation/tag to use for the sex scene), it works out. The problem is actually coming up with the text itself.
  14. See one of my posts in the previous page about my thoughs on Elder Scrolls dragons and sex. Bottom line, I'd say Alduin would hate it, Paarthurnax wouldn't be too happy about it but would still be a bit curious, and Odahviing may be willing to give it a shot just for shits and giggles. Those specific dialogues are for Alduin, though, and his (voiced) responses match the tone. This dialogue is specific to Alduin and not related to other dragons and/or Bend Will; but then again he is supposed to be bound to the PC's will (original mod said Akatosh made Alduin your bitch as a punishment for his treason, but I think there could be a lore-friendlier explanation for it and I'm working on it) and while he can be angry about it he has no choice but to obey so I guess you still have a point. Dialogue suggestions are always welcome, my writing skills suck ass but it's not like there's people fighting over who gets to write dialogue for dragon porn so I had to make do with what I had (i.e. me). The thing is I hate when mod-added dialogue blatantly doesn't match the vanilla dialogue style and/or is low-quality in general (Punctuation rules? Caps? Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Who cares if reading it makes your eyes bleed? It's porn!). Unfortunately the vanilla game doesn't have any examples of obscenity or sex talk at all so that's how I figured it would sound if it was actually there, but as I said my writing skills suck, so... This would be much easier if we were talking about Fallout, because there's plenty of examples already and I could go for the "Now I'm going to ride your dick" approach, but since the "dirtiest" insult we can hear/say in Skyrim is "skeever butt", I didn't know how to make it match the vanilla style.
  15. Blaze69

    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC)

    A dragon-shrinking shout that could be used to get sex-able-sized dragons is something we've already thought of to actually put MMG's "Small Dragon" animations to use outside of the Faallokaar follower mod (whose updated version was done as a proof-of-concept to be able to test said animations). It wouldn't even be extremely lore-breaking as far as I know, because dragon shouts are tonal architecture and I'm pretty sure there's no limits on what can be achieved with that if you try hard enough. I mean, if you can turn yourself ethereal using standard shouts and the Dwemer could turn themselves into the "brass skin of the Numidium" while ascending to a higher plane of existance by using rough tonal architecture, I don't see how making a creature (dragon or otherwise) smaller through the same methods would be a huge deal. And since Bend Will is a thing already, well... Combine the two and you get a small-size dragon slave ready to act as ordered, so I guess anything could happen there . The problem is actually implementing it, which hasn't been done or tried yet. On a more on-topic note, while I'm aware it's extremely unlikely, I'd love to have something like this for dragons just like MMG suggested.