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SNEAK PREVIEW: Minotaur Race


What you get

  • Minotaurs! Male only.
  • Range of horns, hair, beards, nose rings.
  • Optional dick. This is a standard SOS dick, not a hoodie. 
  • Horse and human eye styles.
  • Most of the head shape sliders are focused on muzzle and nose. You can also change the size of the ears. As with the other herbivore races, I reused existing sliders and they don't always do what you expect. Some of the sliders don't do anything.


Coming soon

  • Cows
  • Vampires. There are vampire assets but right now switching to a vampire is an instant CTD. If anyone wants to have a look at that, I could use the help. It seems to be triggered by the head part overlay flag, but I don't know why that flag is causing the CDT on this race and no other.
  • Overlays. I'll make the socks and at least one piebald option available.
  • Better race characteristics appropriate to minotaurs. Something like Orcs turned up to 11. 


Comments and ideas welcome.

What's New in Version A0.2


0.2 - with ESPs

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