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  1. Gaybound Merman Lords (1.3update requirement)

    Update 1.3 Spacefarer broke this mod... i uploaded a new working version. "DELETE" the old one and unpack the new one (dont rewrite)

    HARD Requirement : Gaybound Unificator Prism (bought on Terramart)
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.3
    Vantelyx´s Merman Lords !
    Vantelyx was a human who wanted to live on water, he often watched Hylotl people with envy and desire. So when he grew up, he studied hylotl nature to afterwards conduct some cuestionable experiments to turn humans in half Hylotls. And so he achieve that and more!!
    You can find Vantelyx services on the Unificator Prism
    He will sell you (changed) 500 each imbued eggs with special properties
    He will sell :
    - Red merman egg
    - Green merman egg
    - Blue merman egg
    - Orange merman egg
    - Yellow merman egg
    - Purple merman egg
    -Exotic Blue egg +
    -Exotic Green egg +
    -Exotic Orange egg +
    (at 1000 pixels each +)
    (They do exact same of their normal versions, but they have another color themes)
    Notes :
    New! They now have 2 sets of animations.. one for iddling before harvest (Thet just piss with their flacid junk)
    And the “Ready to harvest one (Hard on, and occasionaly they will touch themselves)
    -They are all Relocable with the relocator gun New!
    -Each of these can be HARVESTED for special materials, like Scroched cores or Venom samples, nature fibres and Stimpaks
    (of course with their own %chances to drop)
    -These merman people work in the same way of fluffalo, in terms of position. Can only be killable with lava/poison or wild monster attacks. (also cannot be captured)
    -They move, sleep and…. jerk off…. And have their own particle effects when ready to harvest.
    -Note : they don´t produce liquids (i poured them there in the screenshots for test pruposes).
    Be Nice with them



  2. Gaybound : Unloading

    (As today 29 May of 2017 ALL MY MODS WORK PERFECTLY)
    Added (again) a screenshot of the mod order in the mod folder.
    Installation :
    Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1
    (Dont need other mods to work)

    This is a simple replacer for the "loading" logo. (that spinning UN-CENTERED insignia)
    with a buffed naked astrodude pissing peacefuly in the calm of the night full of stars. (animated)
    (As a modder, i tend to run the game a lot for testing, so i prefer something like that to watch and relax)
    I also made a replacer for the Giant Fish that laughs at the start. but i prefer to polish that a bit more before uploading.

    Note : btw, if you run it through Steam, and you have the Steam overlay enabled for that game, then at the start it will "cover" half the body (that dialog notification) afterward you will have no problem to see the full animation every time it loads something.
    Personal Note :
    I am alive! (as you can see)...
    People have sent me messages asking about me and the mods. (and thanks for that)
    I am fine, and i am quite bussy with life stuff, but i would love to do more mods for this game.
    Also, if the game gets a new update, i will test it for my mods and update them if something is broken.
    Hope you like it and see u soon



  3. Gaybound MyFirstWhorehouse

    HARD Requirement1 : Unificator Prism (bought on Terramart)
    HARD Requirement2 : Gaybound Juice Dudes
    HARD Requirement3 : Gaybound Fast Food
    HARD Requirement4 : Gaybound Honeysmith
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.2
    My First Whorehouse club!
    Are your new homeplanet a little..... empty?
    Want to have some "fun" after a long journey to a lava planet with killer robots?
    Say no more!, "The Club Owner" its here, and want to share his bussisnes idea just for the love to share!
    (and making some pixels )
    This is a tennant mod, you will be able to atract 2 new types of tennants with the right furniture and the default house requirements.
    To make a house you need :
    -A closed space of any solid material
    -A wall
    -1 light source
    -1 door
    - "X" items with a specific tag (explained below) (for this mod you just need 1 item Example: 1 sex cabin or 1 client bed)
    -And the colony deed
    To get the furniture items to attract the new tennants you need to get " The Club Owner " services avalibe on the Unificator Prism.
    He will sell you :
    -Client beds : (For the Client Tennant)
    -Sex Cabins
    -Phallus chairs (All/Any of these 3 for a Club Owner Tennant)
    -Colony deeds (for calling them/get their rent)
    All these new items are interactive and bring 2 new Status effects just for show "Sweat" and "Filling Anus"
    when used. Also they make any npc/player "happy" when you use them too.
    Tennants notes :
    -A "client tennant" will pay you with cum/piss and some pixels
    -The "club owner tennant" will pay you with 200-300 pixels
    -They also have their own speech lines (naughty ones)
    -At night will go to bed.. at day they search for furniture to sit/interact
    -ALL the 2 new tennants are men
    -You can put a house inside of a house and a tennant will come (optional)
    -Tennants spawn based on the furniture in that moment, after you put the colony deed you can put any other furniture and the tennant wont go or change.
    -Any other npc and YOU can use the new furniture
    -The new tennants will offer you normal quests.. (bring people/bring furniture) (and you can reject them)
    -When you put out the colony deed and hang it again, a NEW visually different tennant will come.
    -The new 2 tennats have a muscular torzo and arms (With fitting outfits, no clipping)
    Added an image to portrait better the tennant house making thingy (on thumbnails below).
    Also! at this point all my other mods are working for this SB version.
    Little Overhaul : Liquids!
    For an extra i made my 3 modded liquids (Cum , piss and manly honey) reactive to each other
    and added some other interactions with vanilla liquids too like water, lava, etc.
    So have more fun making pools of those for you and your npcs!!.
    (in the future i may expand the functionality of those liquids (mine) as well as more gameplay/reward mechanics)
    I am researching and testing more things and collaborating with more people, but also taking my time to do other stuff that i need to. Meanwhile i hope to bring more mods and find more things to work with.
    Any message you put here or send me, means a lot, so keep them cumming!.
    Hope you enjoy this mod and i will be watching if any bug pop up to quckly fix it.
    Happy new year and see u soon!



  4. MuscleMaleBody Human

    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1
    Muscled Male Body for Humans!
    This is a body replacer for the Human male body (for now)
    It replaces the base body (only the chest), the Front arm and the back arm.
    AND it has a schlong.
    Obviously it will clip (ONLY the Chest pieces) with clothing and armor.
    Head/legs/backitems will do good.
    (I almost forgot) There are only one file for the front arm and back arm, and the male and female bodys share it.
    So Any females you have/play while this mod active, will make her arms quite muscular
    (just tested it further) Some clothing still looks pretty good on the muscled body, so you may want to experiment a bit
    The Solution!
    New Clothing and armor must be made to fit the new graphics, so i am uploading the Aesprite file if you wish to add clothing/armor in this way.
    Also!!! Important! :
    I will put a link to a mod that adds Invisible clothing (to put in vanity slots) so you can still wear armor and have its benefits.
    That mod called Invisible armor.
    (The author just uploaded my patch, so you just need to download his file once)
    Invisible armor by XThePictureGuyX
    So the steps to a happy install are :
    -Download my MuscledHuman mod (and extract it in the Starbound/mods)
    -Dowload Invisible armor (and extract it in the Starbound/mods) on link (Optional)

    Have tons of fun with it, and credits for the brave tumblr soul that suggested it!
    If you liked it, feel free to comment and let me know if you would like so badly another race, or maybe custom clothing..
    (Side note, My character look delicious now!!! **** )



  5. Schlongbound

    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods (Working with SB 1.1.1)
    No requirements..
    Obviously conflicts with other body replacer mods.

    I already have this mod on nexus, but don´t plan to upload more mods there...
    This is a body replacer mod that cares about body bounds, (it means, if you wear any piece of clothing/equipment, it wont overlay or look off)
    Sadly, for this to work almost flawless, i didn´t add testicles at all. That must be done as a stand alone equipment mod, maybe adding some clothes with flying testicles included, idk, This is just an option (an updated one tho)

    The body replacers included are : (Install one 1 of each race you want)
    -Human male : with a fixed red color on tip.
    -Apex male : 2 versions, red tip, and body colors (shown in screenshots)
    -Floran male : body colors
    -Glitch male : body colors
    -Novadudes male : body colors
    SchlongboundFem file contain the nude bodies of :
    -Human female without bra. (Or Futa, i think its called)

    -Avian and Hylotl i don know yet because i feel they need an special shape like the mod "Bird with cocks" (that i can´t find anymore)
    If you are all ok with this kind of shape, say it and i make/upload them.
    Also, no more female bodies of another races for now...
    -Also if any of you want to do some colaboration, ask and i will gladly help.

    Troubleshoting :
    If you have another body mods, the game select the last one it reads.. and it reads alphabetically...
    So, delete the last one, or rename the earlier one (folder on Starbound/Mods)
    HAve fun!



  6. Gaybound RuinSpawn Covenant

    HARD Requirement1 : Unificator Prism (bought on Terramart)
    HARD Requirement2 : Gaybound Juice Dudes
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1
    Friendly hint : “Don´t worship evil cults people!” (Maybe neither good cults ) maybe.. watever….
    Ruinspawn Covenant!
    As the Ruin spread across the galaxy a cult rises to help it spread further and become stronger.
    The Ruin cultist is one of many humans who decided to serve the ruin and have magnificent benefits from it!.
    (You can get the services of a Ruin cultist on the Unificator Prism)
    He will sell you the main resorce to buid shrines : “Soulstone” (that contain a soul of evil people)
    Afterwards you can obtain :
    -1 Core fragments shrine
    -1 Diamond shrine
    -3 High tier resource offering shrines
    -A Ruinspawn (where you can exchange “Ruin´s favor” for rewards)
    You can get “Ruin´s favor” from offering refined materials to their respective shrine,
    in exchange the Ruinspawn itself will reward you with the most powerful currency on this world : “Hats”
    (Yup.. i guess you can wish power or money… but hats are more valuable than that it seems )
    (Also he offer other kind of decoration reward too)

    As you may know all the stuff its animated, and this content its aimed towards “keep mining” hard-to-reach ores.
    I finished the game and ended with tons of core fragments and diamonds and other stuff, so they now have a greater prupose!.
    I hope you enjoy it



  7. Gaybound Honeysmith

    HARD Requirement : Unificaror Prism (bought on Terramart)
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1

    A human just known as the “Honeysmith” its the only know skilled crafter of the rare resource called “Manly honey”. He just fused himself with the escence of honey and other alien creatures so he can understand better how they work and feel.
    You can find the Honeysmith services on the GayBound Unificator Prism .

    He will do 2 things for you :
    Selling you captured King Bees ( to extract honey from them via crafting )
    Craft a variety of fine stuff, like potions, lights and healing items.
    He manages 3 type of King Bees
    -Alien King bee (normal, bound and silent)
    -Enraged King bee (Unbound, standing still and having fun with 2 travelers. Also it have his own sound
    -King bee thief (bound, with special sound effects and of course an unfortunate thief)
    All 3 King Bees can produce Honey via crafting
    (they cost Gold bars and honey to purchase them from the Honeysmith)
    Honey its a new liquid that when poured it make you:
    -Regenerate health
    -You can´t starve while on it
    The things he can craft with honey are :
    -5 types of potions (+50% duration than stimpaks)
    -5 Dong shaped lights (colorful ticking lights)
    -Bottled manly honey (healing item)
    The only minor downside with this mod.. its a bit of lag beacuse the size of multyple king bees on screen.
    Also the ones with sound, play the sound from quite a distance, still it sounds amazing! ****
    A week ago i finished the game, so i can focus more on mods. have 2 strong ideas.. and i want to add sexy content based on post endgame stages.
    Like more prupose to keep mining high tier resorces and traveling, so you can craft “interesting” stuff and keep it dinamic.
    Hope you like this mod!



  8. Gaybound FastFood (Starbound mod)

    HARD Requirement1 : Gaybound Unificator Prism (bought on Terramart)
    HARD Requirement2 : Gaybound Juice Dudes
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1
    Markus and Mandingo are 2 chefs who mastered the art of cooking with special ingredients .

    Want to eat and have plenty of money?
    Markus (Ginger) will sell you (for pixels) :
    -Hot d´s
    -Sodas (can´t stack)(vanilla item)
    His food never spoil and its stackable to 1000
    Want more quantity over quality?
    Mandingo will prepare for you delicious iced treats if you bring him the right liquids.
    He will use liquids like Lava, water, poison, fuel, oil and 2 Gaybound additions “ Cum and Piss ”
    His food never spoil and comes in packs of 20 with low food value (so you need to eat a lot of these)
    Also he can prepare the new liquid “Piss”
    With just 100 drops of water,, he will give you 100 drop of that.
    The new liquid (piss) has 2 qualities when poured :
    -A minor jump boost (5secs)
    -Don´t Starve buff. This means, that if you are touching the liquid, your hunger meter will never go down. Sadly this buff don´t have a visual icon or effec, but you can identify it if the “Jump boost” effect appear (Blue arrows)(added an screenshot of this)
    Side note : My main character is on Survival difficulty. and if you are like me, maybe you just press Escape and go afk for a while, and afterwards you found your character dead. Because hunger meter never stop even if you press escape. The new liquid (piss) comes in handy for this, i just throw my character in a pool of it or just fill 1 tile hight and put a chair over to sit on it, and the hunger meter don´t go down…



  9. Gaybound Juice Dudes

    HARD Requirement : Gaybound Unificator prism (bought on Terramart)
    Installation : Extract content on Starbound/Mods
    This file contain 2 folders.. extract both in there…
    Mod Works with Starbound 1.1.1
    Karvonte´s Juice dudes!
    The mercenary and cientist Karvonte was allowed to experiment with prisoners with some floran essence, so they now can Assimilate
    fruits and vegetables and refine them as fine juices!
    -You can find Kavonte´s services in the Unificator Prism
    Karvonte will sell a :
    -Choco dude dispenser
    -Grape dude dispenser
    -Carrot dude dispenser
    -Banana dude dispenser
    -Kiwi dude dispenser
    At 250 pixels each
    The Juice dudes need their selected Fruit or Vegetable to produce their unique juice
    And the juice produces has large conservation times (in terms of food spoilage)
    When you feed them the same juice they produce.. You also generate “Cum”
    The “Cum” its a fully working liquid (That you can manipulate with your matter manipulator when you upgrade it)
    When poured and make a pool with it, it has the next properties :
    -Make you regenerate health
    -Make you nude (all the time you are in it and for brief seconds 5 or so after you leave)
    -Make you feel charmed (love effect)
    -Make you slow (because.. of course)
    Further mods may have a Reward system in wich you can exchange Cum for special rewards.
    Mods i recommend :
    - Food Stack (NexusMod) (This should be an inGame feature, not a mod.) Thanks for the mod tho..



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