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  1. I need help with an issue on the breasts. Not sure why it does this, but it's like they're pressed? It should be rounder but they awkwardly go inward.
  2. I've updated the mod so it should work with the current version. I drew more "physics" onto the breasts. Apex was the most annoying since I wanted the skin detail on the top. Lemme know how it works n whatnot. I won't do any custom races. Here's what it looks like.
  3. Didn't really wanna do another one since I don't play Starbound, but I've gotten back into it. I'll make a fresh one for the new version n whatnot. It'll just be the vanilla assets though. It'll take some time. I'll have two versions. Big and Bigger. I'll try ta draw "physics" as much as the small pixels can handle.
  4. This isn't a mod. It's just an image replacer. You can simply go in and manually delete the male images before copy pasting.
  5. I will no longer be doing edits of Starbound. For whoever requested Everis I won't be able to complete it since the file hasn't been updated for Sexbound. I'm too nervous to do anymore of edits, and I'm just gonna go back to drawing. Modding forums ain't for me. 1.0.5 is the last update.
  6. Sorry I get nervous. It's sorta like when ya eat some chips and yer sibling yells at ya fer eating them. But then you don't know the right timing to ask. That happens to me a lot chips or not so I just don't ask so my hopes don't go up n shatter.
  7. I would ask, but you give off the impression that you would say yes, but then crudely follow it up with "You better ask next time"
  8. Unfortunately it isn't fully. Until I can figure out how to pak and unpak it won't be possible.
  9. Ah I remember now. That's the pak file. The person who made a request for that specific race sent me the folder files. I don't know how they converted the files, but I can try asking them.
  10. Did you download the original compatibility mod? You need to get this first and then overwrite the image files.
  11. Yes they do. If you aren't a fan of that then make sure you don't copy paste them over. It's easier to delete the male bodies before you copy pasta. If you remove them from the sexbound folder itself then it's removed from the game and you'll need to reinstall.
  12. Sure. I'll get on it whenever I can.
  13. I probably will do so eventually if you mean different bust sizes, but not at the moment. Right now I'm getting back to doing art commissions.
  14. If you can get me the files I can certainly make the busts bigger, but I can't do the cocks. Since those actually go into the characters I don't wanna try fiddling with it. I might eventually be able to do it, but not now.
  15. Ah thankies. Sorta panicked since I'm not used to this. Also didn't want to ask so soon after finding out I need permission. Sorta like when you ask a parent after they've yelled at you for not asking earlier.
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