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About This File

Turns Players and NPCs during sex into Futas!


'Futa Doms' turns the Domimant Female into a Futa, while 'Futa Everyone' applies that to everyone.


Requires: Sexbound API (Unpak download)


How to install the Edit:


1. Download the Unpak Version of Sexbound API (if not already downloaded), then download one of the zips of this Edit.

2. Unzip Sexbound into the Mods folder of Starbound

3. Unzip the Futa edit elsewhere, then open the Sexbound folder

4. Move the Edit's 'artwork' folder and combine it with Sexbound's 'artwork' folder

5. Open Starbound, and enjoy your Chicks with dicks!


How to backup the Original humanoid textures for Sexbound:

1. Locate the 'humanoid' folder of Sexbound API (Starbound\mods\Sexbound API\artwork)

2. Copy and paste the folder, then rename the copy into a different name like 'humanoid 1'

3. When you install the Futa edit, you can simply switch back to regular Sexbound by renaming the folders.


Support for the different Modded Species to be added.

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