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  1. What's the latest version of the mod you're using, sorry for the long responds, trying to get caught up with a lot of things.
  2. Yea, I believe that the defeat versions of the mod is a tad outdated. I'm gonna have to rework the script to fix it with the latest version of the defeat mod. Until I get to updating the mod, removing the file and grabbing the other mod should fix that, and you should still be able to lewd them. ;3
  3. Also check the pregnant config file to see if the visible pregnant fetish sprite is set to "true" and not "false"
  4. I've check the log, but can't really find anything out of the norm. The game is reading the mods. Is there a issue with the mob not spawning or the sex null not activating?
  5. You're starbound.log is located in your Starbound storage folder.
  6. I have't find anything out of the ordinary. The only error I'm seeing is within the Sexbound's moan.lua There is a newer updated version of the Sexbound Mod. Install the latest update and see if that helps.
  7. Yes, I'm in the mist of designing and adding more monsters to the mod, including some farmables mons. That's a new one, if possible, can you drop your starbound.log file so I can view it?
  8. Can you show me you're starbound.log file I can try to pin point the issues.
  9. Make sure you also got this mod installed Without it, you won't be able to spawn in the monsters for this specific mod.
  10. I've been hearing the same conflicting issue that it partially works, it's one of the smaller things that I'm trying to fix while I'm pumped with caffeine
  11. Here's all the ID names for the Mons I know I've said this a lot before, but I do plan on posting a updated version of the mods with more mons soon, after I do a bit more editing and a bit more work. bigsis bigsiscoco bigsispumpkin bigsiswitch alpataurhuntress alpataur I do believe that caprituar and mitzituar are the only two that don't have the SXB animation done just yet....
  12. Boy I'm real late on the responds here What mon are ya trying to spawn in? I can just give ya the full monster list of the current ID names that's in the mod.
  13. That and the other Alpataur ( Alpataur Huntress, Caprituar and Mitzituar ) don't have the sexbound pacth nor animation. I think I didn't patch them up just yet. ( A oppsie on my account )
  14. I think I found the issues, I'll fix it soon and post a patch.
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