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This mod requires my eStyleMonsters mod from the Steam Workshop. Go grab that!
Or alternatively, check it out on over on Chucklefish's Forums!

This mod allows you to sexually interact with a Globaura, and requires the latest version of Sexbound in order to function. Currently, this mod supports all positions as of Sexbound 2.9.3.

To interact with it, you must hit it with a lust-inducing weapon, which will render it susceptible to your sexual advances. Such as...

Throwing Heart Aprodite's Bow


You shouldn't be! First thing to check is correct installation.

  • Starbound cannot read .ZIP files, you gotta extract the folder inside into the mods folder.


Other than that...

  • Monsters are still a pretty new addition to Sexbound, and most compatibility issues you might run into are a result of...
    • Outdated Sexbound mods.
    • Something still unaccounted for in Sexbound's base function.


That said, if you find out that any up-to-date mods are incompatible with this mod, let me know!

What's New in Version 2.1


  • Added male/female variants! You can now lovingly impregnate your globaura.

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