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How the hell do I mod my Skyrim SE? Series 1

Ma Ri




Disclaimer: I am not claiming in any way that I am a pro or best or veteran in modding the Skyrim LE or SE, I am only sharing what I have done with my game through all the years of experience modding Skyrim starting from Skyrim LE and up to today Skyrim SE. I Started modding Skyrim LE manually and then I switch to Nexus Mod Manager and finally ended up using Mod Organizer. Now I am using Mod Organizer 2. I also know how to Mod Skyrim using Vortex but this tutorial was not meant for that, I will focus this tutorial using Mod Organizer 2.


This tutorial might  be effective to some people or players of Skyrim SE and might also not be effective as well to some, so it is still recommended that you do your own stuff, search for your own, resolve your issues, and mod your game with your very own style. Trial and error is  one of the best way to use in modding Skyrim. For every failure you/will encounter, you will eventually learn from it. Each and everyone might have their own  unique taste/case/circumstances in gaming, and we can say as well in modding so that is why I am not saying that you do the way like I do, treat this as merely just a suggestion from me as well to make your modding easier in some way or somehow. In the first place, you might be using a diferent system than me. I am not using a high end computer system, just a middle tier one I think. Just enough to play Skyrim SE Base Game without worries, so modding it will/might be tough for it.


So if anyone  is claiming to be  the best out there, saying they are very good/the best/pro/veteran in modding, then get the hell out of here. If you are here just to comment bad words or troll, talking shits and making dramas, acting like a child here boasting about you, being the best. You are not needed here and so even your written words are not even meant to be here that is if your only goal or aim is to bark like a dog.


I will gladly accept my own mistakes and I even take good suggestions from good people*. I even accept reality or subjective criticism, but before you do that, think first for yourself. Do you have a right? Or do you have a right to bash/comment things the right way not hurting people because you are just suggesting and not forcing your own way/thinking to other people? Remember to respect other people so that people will respect you too. So first and foremost, please respect my Blog.  This is my very own blog, I am only sharing what I experience to all the people that might be starting modding Skyrim LE or SE or in different circumstances - people that might have the same experiences/stories like me. And why do I include LE? Because I have been modding Skyrim LE for a very long time, it is the same principle of modding I am using in Skyrim SE now. There are some differences between Skyrim LE and SE but the basics are almost the same in modding.


Think first before you write anything. This is my very own business. And if you are one of the people who are just here, very jealous on the content creations of others and you want to become popular by making Dramas here. I am saying it out now - loud in your face, that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. You are free to go and do anything you want, just don't involve me with it. In short, I don't care about you so just go ahead, kill yourself with it and mind your own business. Make your own blogs or content creations too if you want, no one is stopping you in doing it. Just don't spread your stupidity or negativity here. ?


*Good People are considered true human beings while I considered Trollers/Shit Talkers as animals. So this is not the place for these animals, just go to the Zoo instead. ???















From Ugly to Beauty Skyrim

Episode One - Dead End?





Once upon a time, I was playing Skyrim SE. Then one day, I came home from work and wanted to play it. Then I noticed that the Skyrim SE has became not playable anymore. After tweaking, doing anything to recover my game and even my system, I found out that a virus destroyed all the programs in my system including of course the Skyrim SE game. Even the picture files had became unreadable because of this virus. Don't worry, this not the Corona Virus I am talking about okay, so don't be afraid to get close to me. ?


And so... even an Anti-virus cannot recover all my files anymore and that is why I ended up reformatting my whole system. 


After one hour of reformatting my computer, I will start all over again from scratch like everyone else. From the very beginnning, with nothing else on my system other than the default programs of Windows 10.



There, you cannot see anything on my desktop right now, just the basic icons. I don't use Steam anymore because it slows down the loading of my desktop every time I start or restart my computer. Steam also updates everytime and it takes too long and became so annoying for me in years. I use the browser mode of Steam instead... to try , to buy, to check and browse games.




On the end of 2011, I bought a new game called Skyrim Legendary Edition. When I first tried it, I was really overwhelmed by this game and it feels like real to me. On that time, the graphics of this game was still on a topnotch even it is only a Vanilla. The gameplay and almost everything is so good that I ended up not to stop playing it until I finish all the quests. On 2013, my computer's hard disk got busted and I cannot recover my Skyrim Game anymore. From there on, I started a way to get to backed up  my Base Game or what ever games I enjoyed playing. It might be in the form of having a copy on a new disk, USB, and lately I used Cloud Storage. This is my game, I bought it so I can/will do anything I want to it but I never shared it to anyone so don't worry about game piracy. I really support and respect the developers as content or game creators so I will not ended up sharing my stored back up games.



And now!, What do we have here?  Of course I got a backup in my Cloud Storage... ?



Almost 1 Terabyte of files/mods just for the Skyrim Special Edition Folder  ?



After I am done downloading my Backup Base Game (Skyrim Special Edition) from the Cloud Storage, I  first install this All In One Visual Runtime that mostly solve problems or issues running most of the games for the first time. I tested it with other games that is why I also made a backup of it in the cloud and downloaded it. I tested it with all the Skyrim LE and SE, Ark Survival Evolve + DLCs, The Sims 2-4, Fallout 3,4 and New Vegas, Valheim, Assassin's Creed and the latest version I tested with it is Odyssey, GTA 5 and many more games to mention. This is a handy and a very helpful file, solving most of your problems that you might encounter at first running any games.




I extracted it and it contains the following...





Of course, I run it first before anything else...




After finishing the installation of the AIO file, I open the SkyrimSELauncher.exe because I am an experienced in-game screenshot fan so I always do this every time.




Choose OPTIONS, and the options will look like this,




I set the resolution into 1360x768 at very low resolution so my game will run very fast and smoothly. Press OK and then PLAY the game. There is a reason why I didn't set the resolution into it's maximum, and that is for the screenshots' sake just like I told before. I always do screenshots in-game so if you maxed out the resolutions, on some OS (Operating System) will not be able to recognize the screenshots you made. In short, it will become unreadable and cannot be viewed as a photo, picture or screenshot because you set the resolution into a maximum and it breaks the limit resolutions of the screenshot. This is a tip I learned before when i was playing Skyrim LE in a very long years, taking a lot of screenshots there in-game. After running the game, I quit right away since I am not playing the game yet.




Then I turn back to run the SkyrimSELauncher.exe once again. This time I set it to Windowed Mode because I am not after playing it yet but for the most important thing to see in the game.




After setting the right options, then PLAY the game again. But this time it is in a Window Mode, so that I can easily switch windows and see how it affects my system. As you can see, the Skyrim SE takes a lot of memory so it is  really recommended not to play it while  running another software/program which eats up a lot of memory as well. If you can play the Skyrim SE alone not doing anything else,then just do it - to make your playthrough run smoothly.



Then I start a NEW game, since this is a Base Game or first time playing it. It contains nothing else, no mods or anything.




Then it starts right away, the Base Game will run smoothly and load fast without any problems (Maybe you hoped for that I cannot run the game, I've been playing this game ever since so I already  know what I am doing)...






Modding will be easier later on...





I am really after this...




That is to see the Skyrim SE version I installed or downloaded. It is version, the latest I think. The reason for that is to get the right combinations of game version and SKSE. SKSE is an engine that will run mods in your Skyrim Games wether it is LE or SE or even VR, the right version of SKSE must be compatible in your game version so that whatever mods you install on it, it will work without any issues.





You can visit the SKSE Website/Link to find the SKSE version that will matched up your Skyrim LE/SE/VR Game Version. In case with me, I already downloaded it before and had a backup already so there is no need for me to find the right SKSE version for my Skyrim SE game.




I just downloaded it before and do nothing to it yet.






First things first or should we say we do one step at a time. I visit and login using my account of course to Nexus Website. I went there to find and check if there is the latest version of Mod Organizer 2. I also had  MO2 in my backup cloud storage in case if there is no available updated version or in case there will be a situation where you cannot access the Nexus Website. And there it is...






There is an updated version so I will use this one instead. I manually downloaded it since there is no other choices anyways. As if... ?





After I downloaded it, there you go... the two most essential or important files that will make your modding the game easier. The skse64_2_00_19.rar and the Mod Organizer 2.exe file.





To be sure I made a folder of MO2, my aim here is to make the Mod Organizer 2 place all the mods here and to make it more accessble for me. If I allow the Mod Organizer 2 to make it's own default locations of folders, it will not be really that hard actually but still, it will be time consuming just organizing, looking, searching, managing, finding the locations of mods you installed for your game. For this kind of guide, we are doing a manual installations of MO2 for easy access and easy to manage mods later on.





We will Install Mod Organizer 2 first, since I already have the path folder to where it will go. Always do Run as Administrator for any files you will install so that you don't have to go to System Settings just to allow every or each file you want to install.






If you are still uncontent with Installation of files and you don't want any issues to arise installing them, then just go to System Settings of your Operating System then just Turn Off the Real Time protection.





Now we go back to the installation of Mod Organizer 2, this is the first window you will see on it's installation. Just choose I accept the agreement, then Next...





Then on the next window, you will be ask where to install Mod Organizer 2. Since I already made the folder path before just browse and find it manually. Don't make the Mod Organizer 2 do it for you - or it will make another path and it will be painful to find them later on. I just find the one that I made first namely MO2 folder and it is in the Download Folder. It is very accessible and easy to find right?? 





Then when the setting of the output folder is right, then just tap OK. You can see below that I am in the right path of MO2 folder. Then just click Next...






Then you are asked to choose which component files to install, by default just click Next...





Then in the next window, you will be ask to Rename or place the Mod Organizer shortcut files on Start Menu. By default it is placed in the Start Menu Folder so just click Next...




Then you will be asked to create a Desktop shortcut, of course you want a very  easy to access Mod Organizer 2. So just check it and click Next...





Then just Install the Mod Organizer 2 afterwards...




When it is done. You can choose to Launch Mod Organizer or not. In my case I didn't Launch it first and then click Finish.





As you can see on my desktop, the Mod Organizer 2 was finally installed. Don't focus on the girl but on the Icon marked by Yellow Box.






If you want to run the Mod Organizer 2, just always run it Run as administrator. Or else you will always be ask by the system if you want to run this program as administrator every time.





The first window that will pop up is Creating a new instance. Just tick the Never show this page again so that in the future if you want to play another game for instance Skyrim LE or Fallout 4, you will never be asked to create a new instance anymore and just use the existing MO2. It will become manageable later on switching between different games...




For the first time use, it is always good to Create a portable instance. You can also choose Global Instance but if you don't know how these two works, just stick to portable instance instead. I am not thinking of playing another game yet so I choose Portable Instance too just for the Skyrim SE game.




As you can see, the Mod Organizer 2 had automatically found the game to manage since Skyrim SE is very compatible to MO2. You can also manually look for it but if you don't know what you are doing, just stick to what MO2 was creating for you. Then click Next...





For the next window, you are asked if you want the MO2 to create data folders for you or you can do it manually. But in my case I chose it manually. The MO2 will automaticcally make Skyrim SE folder on the AppData of the User on the PC or Laptop but it will be time consuming just to look or search  for those folders later on. So just tick the Show advanced options to show all the paths where MO2 will make any changes in your modding...




These are all the path folders that are very important in modding. I will choose manual setting of these paths so it will be easier to access and manage later on.





We will do these manually for each folder path. See to it that the Base path folder for MO2 is correct beacuase there are circumstances that it will be placed on the AppData...





Then I make a "download" folder in MO2 folder, that will be the output path of Downloads of MO2...





Then I make a "mods" folder in MO2 folder, that will be the output path of mods that will be installed using MO2...





Then I make a "profiles" folder in MO2 folder, that will be the output path of Profiles folder of MO2, Profiles are the kind of modding you will be doing in your game, it will be like a User that has a different circumstances of way of modding, that is how the profile is used by MO2...





And then finally I make a "overwrite" folder which will be the output folder of any changes the plug-ins or you the modder done in your game. For example, FNIS will always make changes in the animations management of your game. This is the folder where it goes and so it will overwrite all the files above it. So in case there is a redundancy or repeating files, the overwrite will be the top priority of the Mod Organizer and will overwrite whatever files that contains on it, all the files that are above it...





And when you are done correcting or setting the right folder paths for each or every folder, then you can finally proceed to Next...





Then you will be directed to this window, If you want to Connect your Mod Organizer 2 to Nexus Website. The good thing about this is it will be easier to go , download and install the mods from Nexus if you are connected using your registered account. In my case of course I use to connect to Nexus using my account.




Authorise it then.




If you successfuly connected, you will see this. Then close your browser and go back to Mod Organzier 2. In connecting to Nexus of course, you will need an Internet Connection. You can also use MO2 without Internet so don't worry about it if you don't have a Nexus account or Internet. In my case all the mods I use befeore was already downloaded so I just connected this just in case of emergency if I don't have the Mod I used before.




And then click Next...




When you are done with everything then it is already finish. You finally installed Mod Organizer 2.





If you Run your Mod Organizer 2 again, you are given a choice if you want your MO2 connected to Nexus at this time.  I choose Yes since I have an account and internet.





And it will open like this, loading but you are asked if you want a MO2 tutorial. Just tick it and Yes.




You will see something like this upon opening MO2. This means that the tutorial is activated but I want to manage things manually so I close it again and then run it again.




This will be the look of Mod Organizer 2 without tutorials activated. You can see a zero mod installed there yet.




On the right panel of Mod Organizer 2, near the Run Button when you pull it down like this - you will see the lists of executable files. As you can see, there is no SKSE yet right?





You can choose to close the MO2 or not. But this time, I created a SKSE folder where I will place the SKSE.rar file. Why I didn't use MO2 to install SKSE? The reason is SKSE.exe will not work in the Data folder. MO2 will install all the files on the Data folder of the Skyrim SE so in case of SKSE, that is not the place to go but nstead it must go together with SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher file as executables as well. And that place was outside the Data folder of Skyrim SE. 





First, place the SKSE rar file into the SKSE folder you have created. And then manually extract it there. You will see someting like below after extracting it.





Then go to the extracted folder of SKSE and you will see the files that looks like below...





On those files, just choose three files boxed below. Those are the skse64_1_5_97.dll, the skse64_loader.exe and the skse64_steam_loader.dll. Right click and Copy them...





You can see on my Base Game, there is only the Base files there. It will work normally even without mods and now we are about to mod it. In here we will place the three files we Copied, you can see that you are in the right folder path because you can see the SkyrimSE.exe and the SkyrimSELauncher.exe executables there.





And then I Paste the three files there. Now you see the changes in the Base Game, three new files were added to it. ?




Now we go back to the extracted SKSE folder and find the Data folder, we can also manually place this to the Skyrim game folder but just to be safe, we didn't do it. We will always know that we added just three files there and we exactly know what are these files. It will be easier to pinpoint later on  if there are changes that will happen on the Base Game...





Open the Data folder of the extracted SKSE folder. There, you can just see the Scripts folder there. Right click it and manually compress it using WINRAR or any compressing program...




You can see the compressed Scripts file...





Now open or go to Mod Organizer 2 and then browse the Nexus Page by clicking the Globe Icon there...





Let us find the SKSE64 INI Predownload as our very first mod to install. It will just install the tweaked ini file recommended for most users or modders so you dont have to manually edit or tweak your ini file anymore.





I chose the file and then download it using the Mod manager we have which is MO2,




And then tap Slow Download, the MO2 will automatically download it for you to the right path of mods...





You will be asked to open NXM Link Proxy, this mean that everytime you download from Nexus if will be automatically downloaded using MO2. This will be the first and and last time you will see it that is if you tick the Always allow etc....





You can see that MO2 has really downloaded it. You can see it in the Download section in the Right Panel of MO2...





And then Install it by right Click. Choose Install...





A small window will pop up just click OK when you see the right name of the file or mod you want to install...




And then it was finally installed in your game. There will be no effect on the Plug-ins side of MO2 so you will not see any plug-ins added there by this file..





When you check the executable files in the Right Panel of MO2, you can see a new .exe file there which is the SKSE. It happens because we added three new files on the Skyrim Base Game before or a while ago. It means that we placed SKSE on the right path of the Base Game...





Choose SKSE and then Run it. To check wether it was properly installed. (I am not using Steam because it slows down the loading of my desktop and it updates everytime which is really annoying, I did use Steam for a very long time so I just ended up not using it anymore) ...





Since I am not using Steam to run things. I do it manually like this, you are given a choice just like the window below and then I just choose Continue without Steam because this is Manual MO2 install and Tap down the Remember my choice so that on the next time you Run SKSE, you will no longer see these choices anymore...




MO2 will Load a bit and you will see a window just like below, Just click Unlock and that's it...





I started a New Game of course, I didn't play this yet right? 






We will do this to see if SKSE is running correctly like below. If it is not working, you will never see the version of SKSE beside the Game Version you have. There will also be a notifications saying that SKSE is not working correctly or wrong version if you ever have these any kind issues. We didn't encountered it so we can say that we have the correct SKSE version and it is working correctly.





Close the Game and this time we will install another mod, right? We install mods in MO2 just like below by Clicking the Install Icon in the Left Panel of MO2...





Find the Scripts rar in the extracted SKSE folder, and that will be the next mod we will extract using MO2 this time.





Just like I explained before this Scripts file will happen to go on to the Data folder which is the right path for this file...





And then it is installed as well like that. We need these Scripts because it contains the essential pex and psc files for the game. We do this so that we will not get confused installing mods in the game alter on. As you can see below, the two files we installed doesn't affect the Plug-ins yet.





And then after this. We are now going to install Mods that may or will affect the Plug-in files later on. This is the principle I am using In modding Skyrim LE so it is also working in Skyrim SE as well as tested...






It might be a different circumstances or cases to other modders, but I follow these rule from the moment I learned how to mod Skyrim LE. 







...to be continued.




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