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How the hell do I mod my Skyrim AE? Series 1

Ma Ri


Disclaimer: I am not claiming in any way that I am a pro or best or veteran in modding the Skyrim Anniversary Edition nor all the mods that was introduced for Skyrim SE was going to work, the actual aim of this blog is to show that some mods for Skyrim SE might actually work in Skyrim AE. In short, these are for testing and researching which of those mods might actually work in Skyrim AE with actual proof. I'm sick and tired of these Claiming to be the Best/Veteran/Pro Modders telling us not to play this and do this and that when in actual fact they don't even play Skyrim SE and Skyrim AE. This means that they are the biggest liars, clowns and dogs who only knows how to bark but in actual fact they don't even know what they are saying. They are just like a frog inside a well which view and knowledge was limited on what they can only see inside, without a proof you have no right at all.


Before anything else, let us see what the SKSE Team was telling us about their application because most of the mods made are SKSE dependent, meaning that a mod will only work if you have the right SKSE version for your Skyrim game.


"This is a preliminary build of SKSE64 with support for Skyrim SE 1.6.318, aka the Anniversary Edition. The plugin manager has been updated with a new versioning system to handle post-AE plugins. If you are a plugin developer, please read PluginAPI.h for the breaking change regarding how plugins report their versions and compatibility with different runtimes.
If you have an existing mod setup on pre-AE that you would like to keep working, this is not a sign that you should upgrade and start using this version of SKSE. However, if you have already upgraded to AE and are feeling adventurous, then try this out."


Just like what they are telling, me as well is not recommending anyone to buy or upgrade/update into Skyrim Anniversary Edition since the SKSE is not that stable yet. Maybe in few years time, they will have a stable version so that all the mods of Skyrim SE will work as well in Skyrim AE. I am pretty adventurous myself so I'll see to it which mods are going to work in Skyrim AE. So it is your free choice to update or not and if you are really love your mods list in Skyrim SE then just keep it. I have a spare Skyrim SE game that I can update that is why I can do this.


This tutorial might  be effective to some people or players of Skyrim AE and might also not be effective as well to some, so it is still recommended that you do your own stuff, search for your own, resolve your issues, and mod your game with your very own style. Trial and error is  one of the best way to use in modding Skyrim. Yes if we mod a game, of course there will be a chance that you are also breaking the game. So if you are not ready to break it or your game might get some problems or issues later on, then I recommend that you stop modding it right away. I also encountered a lot of issues before especially on this Skyrim LE, from simple issues up to the issues that I cannot resolve anymore. The very good thing that I always do is to make a backup of my Base Games because you don't want to buy your game from Steam or other game store every time you will encounter issues on it, right? BACKUP your game, backup your saves, backup your working mods and backup everything that is normally running and working in your game. But for every failure you/will encounter, you will eventually learn from it. Each and everyone might have their own  unique taste/case/circumstances in gaming, and we can say as well in modding so that is why I am not saying that you do the way like I do, treat this as merely just a suggestion from me as well, a proof of what are working on my game to make your modding easier in some way or somehow. In the first place, you might be using a diferent computer system than me. I am not using a high end computer system, just a mid tier gaming I think. Just enough to play Skyrim SE Base Game without worries, so modding it might be tough for it.


So if anyone  is claiming to be  the best out there, saying they are very good/the best/pro/veteran in modding, then get the hell out of here. If you are here just to comment bad words or troll, talking shits and making dramas, acting like a child here boasting about yourself, being the best. You are not needed here and so even your written words are not even meant to be here that is if your only goal or aim is to bark like a dog.


I will gladly accept my own mistakes and can be corrected by other people and I even take good suggestions from good people*. I even accept reality or subjective criticism, but before you do that - think first for yourself. Do you have a right? Or do you have a right to bash/comment things the right way not hurting people because you are just suggesting and not forcing your own way/thinking to other people? Remember to respect other people so that people will respect you too. So first and foremost, please respect my Blog.  This is my very own blog, I only made this to share what I experience and will be experiencing  to all the people that might mod the Skyrim AE .


Think first before you write anything. This is my very own business. And if you are one of the people who are just here, very jealous on the content creations of others and you want to become popular by making Dramas here. I am saying it out now - loud in your face, that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. You are free to go and do anything you want, just don't involve me with it. In short, I don't care about you so just go ahead, kill yourself with it and mind your own business. Make your own blogs or content creations too if you want, no one is stopping you in doing it. Just don't spread your stupidity or negativity here. 


*Good People are considered true human beings while I considered Trollers/Shit Talkers as animals. So this is not the place for these animals, just go to the Zoo instead, you rightfully belong there.









It just works!, Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Episode One - Modding Skyrim AE, is it possible?


The purpose of this Blog is to see if it is possible to mod the  Skyrim Anniversary Edition using the technique I use in Skyrim LE and SE. To actually see what are the mods that might actually work in-game despite the fact that the SKSE is not that stable yet for now. Okay without anything more to say, then let us start with it...


First, see to it that you are really playing Skyrim Anniversary Edition or else everything will be done in vain. You can see that the Skyrim logo is gold, that might be a good way to see that you are Skyrim AE or updated into it but not enough to convince me because there is a mod that changes the logo into gold.



So in order to check that you are really Skyrim Anniversary Edition is by checking your Base Game.


Are you joking with me? That is Skyrim SE or are you blind? Well of course it is still Skyrim Special Edition and you just updated into Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The changes will not be actually evident here but if you go to the Data folder you can see that there are a lot of content there. So you believe now? Yeah right!




I know you are not convinced by this but you will see later. Let just do the usual things, first download the Mod Organizer 2.



Turn Off the Real-time protection on the Windos Security so that there will be no hindrances when installing files.



Then make a New Folder for the MO2 so that it will be very accessible later on your modding. I renamed it as MO2 SAE because I got other MO2 for Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE.



Then install the Mod Organizer 2.



See to it that you have the correct destination folder of MO2 so that it will be very accessible on your modding later.



Normally you will not touch anything on the succeeding windows.



I don't let it make a Start Menu folder because I got other MO2 used by Skyrim LE and SE.



And even with the shortcut, I don't want to make it for now.



When everything is correct then just Install it.




When done then I can launch the Mod Organizer 2 now or later.



Upon launching, you will be ask to Create a global instance or a Portable instance. I choose portable instance because it got the correct folder paths and of course I want to do a manual modding particular for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition game.



Then you can see that it detected the Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE Base Game folder but not the Skyrim AE so just choose the Browse... there.



Find the correct folder path of the Skyrim AE Base Game and then tap the Select Folder below.



Now we have the right Location or folder of the MO2 but that is not enough. Don't let the MO2 make folders by tapping the Next button below or else you will have a hard time looking for these folders later. Just check the Show advanced options below.



The window will expand just like below and we will re-path or change the destination of all the folders below the Base directory.



One by one, we make folder for downloads, mods, profiles and overwrite inside the MO2 for Skyrim AE. It is important to access these folders easily in modding the game.



When done, the folder paths will just look like what you can see below. Then tap Next.



When everthing else is correct then just tap the Finish button below.



The MO2 will launch and it will look just like what you can see below. You will notice that there are a lot of mods (Creation Club Contents) already installed there. 



Then let us check the SKSE and thankfully there is somehow a version in advance that was made especially for Skyrim Snniversary Edition.  Just like what we read, this SKSE is not that stable yet to make all the mods of Skyrim SE work in Skyrim AE. So we are really expecting that some mods will work while some may not. Just download the SKSE64 for Skyrim AE.



There you have it.



Make a new folder for SKSE64 version of Skyrim AE. Then place the file inside that folder.




Then extract the SKSE64 here.



Go inside the extracted SKSE64 folder and then right click select the skse64_1_6_318.dll, skse64_loader.exe and skse64_steam_loader.dll there. Copy these three files.



And Paste it on the Skyrim AE Base Game folder. You are at the correct path when you see both the SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher.exe there.



When you restart the MO2, you can see that SKSE is also included on the list of executables there. Make it as an active executable.



Then Run the game.



There will be a notification just like what you can see below. It will appear every time you run the game so to prevent this notification to appear every time, just drop down the selection below and choose Remember my choice. I also select the Continue without starting the Steam because we are running the game using the portable version of MO2 and not with Steam.



The game will start when you choose a New Game starting as a prisoner riding on a horse cart going to Helgen. Tapping the ESC button you will see the Menu just like what you can see below. You will notice the Game version 1.6.318.0.8 telling you that this is really Skyrim Anniversary Edition besides the SKSE version SKSE64 2.1.1 ref 6 which is working and the right SKSE version for the game. Now you are convince that this is really Skyrim AE, right?









To be continued...








Edited by Ma Ri


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