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How the hell do I mod my Skyrim SE? Extra Series 1

Ma Ri


Setting Up the BodySlide and Outfit Studio SE

Extra Series 1 - BodySlide, how to use that?


I installed the latest and the updated version of the BodySlide and Outfit Studio for Skyrim SE, I already have the old version that I am currently using. And just for the sake of the new modders out there, I will show you how to setup and use the BodySlide and Outfit Studio. You can see, I install it using MO2 normally.




On the first opening of the BodySlide x64 for example, you will be ask to locate the Skyrim SE base game folder, there will be several games there as well but the only one that will work is only Skyrim SE - just find the correct base game path for this application to work first.



Of course when you try to open the BodySlide x64 Application, you can see that it is very empty right? Just like what you can see below. Check the box besides the Build Morphs below in the left side of the BodySlide window. So that you will not experience any clippings on the body/outfit you are going to adjust inside the game. Then tap the Settings so that we can setup the BodySlide and Outfit Studio on first use. Normally the Settings of the BodySlide Application will automatically work on the Settings of the Outfit Studio application as well.



Check the Game Data Path location if it is really correct by tapping the Browse button there.



See to it that the data path reaches up to the Data folder of your base game. Why? So that all the textures on the game and also the textures that you will be installing in the future are going to work on the BodySlide and Outfit Studio. When it is correct then you can finally tap the Select Folder below.



You will return to the previous window, then see to it that the Override Warning and the BSA Textures are checked. Also see to it that the File and the Root Node of your BodySlide Settings is the same with what you can see below. Normally these setting are default so you don't have to really change anything at all, I only made you see these so that if you accidentally changed the following settings then you can always go back to these default setups.



Also make sure that all the boxes on the Data Files just like what you can see below are all check because sometimes there are bsa/other files there that are not checked.



When you are done then you can finally drop down the Advanced settings there, tap the Browse button to place the correct Output Path.



From our previous tutorials, we made an Output Overwrite folder right. This is also one of it's usage, to become the destination folder of all the bodyslides we will make in the future. With this way we can easily pinpoint on what folder the bodyslide files are going and when you make a sudden changes on your body or outfit shapes then it can easily overwrite those existing files there. When you found the Output Overwrite folder, then you can finally tap the Select Folder below.



You can see that it is the correct Output Path just like below.Then you can finally tap the OK button below the Settings window.



To make the BodySlides' Outfit/Body and Presets to work, we will do these following steps. On the list of executables on the right panel of MO2 beside the Run button, select the <Edit...> there.



A new window will open just like what you can see below. Find the + icon button and drop it down. Then select the Add from file...



One by one, select the BodySlide x64.exe and OutfitStudio x64.exe then press Open below so that they will be placed on the list of executables.



Now you can see that both the BodySlide x64 and OutfitStudio x64 was on the list of executables. Press Apply first before tapping the OK button below.



Also on the list of executables of MO2, you can also find the BodySlide x64 and Outfit Studio x64 there. 



Select the BodySlide x64 first to make it active in the list of executables, then drop down the Shortcut icon below the Run button. And then choose Toolbar and Menu to add this icon on the shortcut menu above.



When you are done with it one by one, you can finally see that both icons are on the shortcut menu just like what you can see below.



Tap the BodySlides Icon there and it will load a bit before opening.



When it opens, then you can see that the Outfit/Body and Preset have list of the body and outfits with bodyslides finally working. You can also check the preview by tapping the Preview button below which has the correct skin textures working.



You can also check the Batch Build button below by tapping it. Now there are a lot of body or outfit parts listed there.



If you can see my mod lists the Output Overwrite folder is really at the very bottom of the list. The only mod that overwrites it is the SKSE.ini Predownload which do not affect this folder at all. All the mods that are together with it are left unchecked because they got some issues and need some fixings. I am repairing those mods that is why there are plenty there.


All the updates, some patches, body and outfit bodyslides will all go to this Output Overwrite folder which is placed atthe very bottom of the Mods List meaning it will overwrite all the mods that have the same files above it. For example if the body shape of the outfit above has a thin body shape in default then you want to make a fat body shape using bodyslide and it was place here, then that fat body shape will overlap the default thin body shape of that outfit. In the game you will have that fat body shape using that outfit instead of using the default bodyshape.


Going back to bodyslides, set the  Outfit/Body into CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing so that you can have the CBBE 3BA body in your game That is if you successfully made this. Then choose a body preset you want in the Preset, I choose the Diamond body shape we downloaded before then you can also see the preview of that body shape by pressing the Preview button below. You can adjust any part you want on the sliders below, then when you are satisfied - tap the Batch Build... button below besides the Build Morphs.6.png.4c17821522b916dcfbd4a6d8b43b0923.png



Then a new window will open. This is important, you have to make sure that you don't make a BodySlides on any vanilla outfits for the game NPCs, you can see it below. Those names with CBBE Dawnguard, CBBE Dragonborn, and CBBE Vanilla outfit/armor/clothing - unchecked them all or else the NPCs ingame will have outfits with physics that will adds up to the weight that your computer can handle. If you have a very powerful computer that is okay but if you only have a mid tier computer just like me, it is not recommended to make all the outfits of the NPCs have bodyslides.



I select them all by dragging the select blue background from the very top to the very botton just like what you can see below.




Then press Space key to uncheck them all just like below, you can see that the checks on the boxes are now gone.



To build your body preset fast, just find these three - CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing, CBBE 3BBB Feet and CBBE 3BBB Hands to have a complete body preset. In this way you will no longer build the shape one by one but in batches instead. When you are done then press the Build button below.10.png.ee5d0d063d1cd942482466ef27dc5a3e.png


It will load a bit before you can see the notification below,




Now you are ready to use your body preset. What you did on your body will be the same with the outfit/armor/clothing/equipment that you will make a bodyslide in the future. Just find that particular Outfit name in the list of Batch Build... and don't ever make a bodyslide for everything on the list so that it will not be tougher in your computer as well. Always remember that it will always go to the Output Overwrite folder and will overwrite the same shapes existing above. The outfit/armor/clothing/equipment mods should always be place just above the BodySlide and OutfitStudio mod in the mods list. When a .esp or plugin was produced by that outfit/armor mod, just follow the order or placement in the mods list so you will not get lost on load order.


Goodluck then...








To be continued...





Edited by Ma Ri


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