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Disclaimer:          I am not in a way taking the credits that rightfully belong to the original author nor claiming to own the mods. This blog's purpose is to somehow have a saves/copies of the following mods because these might be deleted or discontinued not sure when in the future.  I will still post all the original links where these mods came from if available, the download links which the original authors had provided us and I will also have a download links from my personal cloud storages so that it will still be available even the links that were provided to us were to become dead one day.


Another purpose of this is to share the mods that I actually used and tested in-game wether it's for Skyrim LE, SE or AE. There will be also mods that I don't use or tested yet but still be shared for the purpose of just having a copy. These types of mods are hard to get, rare, deleted, discontinued or huge-sized. 


On Skyrim LE I used the lowest or low-end PC with the base Intel HD Graphics to use, to try and test the mods which has physics, basic animations/actions/effects, has edited High Quality textures and also some LE ported to work on it.


In the past  I already encountered a Skyrim LE player who can only play on a laptop meaning it has no physical video card but with a built-in video graphics which asked me to help him mod his Skyrim LE. From then on, I already thought of this idea of testing and using LE mods on a low-end system for general modders used and not only for those who used high end PC. That is actually the purpose of a Technical Support for Skyrim LE mods, if a mod works on a low end system so it will also definitely work on a high end PC.


That is the case also in Skyrim SE where I only use the lowest video card requirements to be able to run Skyrim SE/AE. The reason for this is I can definitely tell you that if a mod works for me then it will also works for you if you are using a high end PC.


Most of the mods I featured on my Blog Entries entitled "The Mods I use in Skyrim LE/SE/AE" are tested and working well in my PC so if you are still having issues with those mods then just PM me or write those on the Comment Section of the Blogs. 


Skyrim modding will always be trial and error so there will always an instance that you will encounter an issue. I already encountered many of it before and it will not be different in your case wether you are a beginner or an expert modder. Until making mods in Skyrim continues and so with some issues with modding will continue as well. I am here to somehow help you solve some of these issues, I am not perfect or expert modder myself nor do I know how to make a mod. You or me alone will have a hard times figuring out how to solve them but with many brains working together, it will somehow lessen the burden. I will not inject my own beliefs and ideas to anyone but just a mere suggestions wether you follow it or not then that is not my problem anymore. I will happily help you in whatever way I can!


Enjoy and have a good time reading my Blog Entries. I am not a professional writer so please forgive me if it is not that good in your standards. Thank you for understanding and kind considerations.






1. NINI Character/s LE/SE by NINIrim








These are the ECE Presets of NINI Characters available before on Patreon which are divided into two, Noblesse Pack A and Noblesse Pack B. These packs are also called Nibbles Set both available for Skyrim LE and SSE. Most of the Chinese and Koreans who have these sets requires  certain requirements before getting it from them. I got mine by donating and I also got the whole published mods of NINI (mostly outfits and armor), of course except for the mods which are published this year, 2020.


Nibbles Set contains ECE Preset, Body Mesh and Textures, ECE + Sliders, Eyes, Brows, Hairs, ENB, some bugfixes and many more. Some in Korean language but you can easily understand how to use them if you are not a beginner modder of Skyrim. They might look different from the original now because, I already tweak them starting from the body meshes, textures, animations, beautifications and ENB.


They are all wearing BnS School Girl Outfits which I do not know who is the original author. There's a version here at LoversLab which are available for both Skyrim LE/SE so just look for it. I also use Sakura Tats which almost cover their whole body.


The Preset I always use is NINI 03 as my character, she looks somehow different from the original NINI because her face is well balance. I use her as a test character for different body types, body textures, makeups, tints, tats (tattoos), overlays, modified mods and outfits.




This 2020, NINIrim is still uploading outfits for Patreon subscribers and here they are,

(These Screenshots was owned and taken by NINIrim himself so all the credits belong to him only.)









The NINI Character has become younger maybe because he is supporting full Skyrim SE this time. These outfits are available for his Patreon subscribers both for Skyrim LE/SE and I hope to get these too.






It is so shiny!!!




2. Sugar/PE Character LE/SE by Maple/Milkshake and wwe008 for porting




Sugar/PE is one of ECE Presets for Skyrim SE made by Maple and mass distributed in Korean Forum Channel. After that Milkshake distributed them into Followers and later on ported by wwe008. She is one of the famous PE (Pedo/Child Follower) besides Airy and Narin.


I chose to use her as a Follower and sometimes my Character to act as the daughter of the Main Character Ma Ri on my written story. I like her face so much because it will not change whatever setups of mods you make, whether you use ECE or Racemenu, CBBE or UNP Bodies, and even with different textures. It is like she got a very unique character to herself, unchangeable and independent.


In the above gif, she wears Gothic Lynn Recolored Black/White and Rhian Mashup for her headgear.


I got all the Set of mods concerning her - ECE/Racemenu Preset, Child Body Preset, and as Skyrim LE/SE Follower. Below is the screenshot taken by the author him/herself. This was taken for the new Sugar Preset.







They used a body of an adult female girl instead of a child/teen to depict a new Sugar Character so as you can see, it somehow very acceptable now for most players who want to use Sugar Presets. Korean presets requires a lot of beautification mods in order to get the very same look as depicted on their screenshots. 


These are the following mods they used mostly on their Presets and Followers.


ENB - Picho ENB

The latest version is only available and supported in Skyrim SE (Special Edition) to achieve the vibrant look of the Vanilla Skyrim Legendary Edition (Oldrim). There is also a version in Skyrim LE but with a different name and just to make the graphic looks  brighter. And still it is recommended to use Snapdragon ENB which are the base of most ENBs in Skyrim LE. Installing this in Skyrim SE will never be a problem anymore because this is included on the pack called SE-TA Integration Pack which is a huge collection of mods made specially for Special Edition.


Overall Beautification Pack - FaceRim

This is also included in the SE-TA Integration Pack for Skyrim SE which mostly improve the looks of male/female character, NPCs and more. It also contains not only for improvement of characters but also bugfixes, motions, animations and also most of the required mods to start your Skyrim modding like SKSE, NIO, ECE, RM, FNIS, Bodyslides, TESEdit and more.


And since there is no version of  SE-TA Integration Pack in Skyrim LE, I'll summarize the mods that are in the pack and also what they used on their Presets and Followers.


Female Character Body Presets - Yua Body/ SE-TA Custom Body

Yua Body means a body modification that was based on a real life body of an existing AV Actress so it is body mold really close to reality but CBBE and UNP body build mods can also achieve this kind of body. While SE-TA Custom Body was based on overly exaggerated  body molds of females like bigger tits or bigger butts and more. Mostly used to conceptualize the sexual desires of players.


These two are their mostly used body meshes that were came up from CB/BE/3B BA or U/UNP BHUNP/3B BA body builds used on Skyrim LE/SE.


Female Character Body Skin Textures - Nibbles Set/ DDFFF Skins

Nibbles Set Skin Textures are divided into two, Nibbles A and Nibbles B which are actually came from NINIrim Noblesse Pack A and B. The only difference between these two is Nibbles A is lighter and a huge amount of pink parts are mostly seen on body parts. It is much evident of course if you use ENBs. Nibbles Set was modified and tweak a bit to satisfy the body skin appearance on Skyrim SE.


As most of the Skyrim modders know, there are two types of body which are CBBE and UNP. These two need a very particular skin texture so if you switch them, the skin texture appearance will look horrible especially on the tit part of the body. Most of the skin textures came as a pack of skin texture for whole body, hands, feet and even head so it is required to use only one skin texture for all of these parts of the body.


Nibbles Set was derived from the combinations of Fair Skin Textures/Demoniac/ SG Skin/ The Pure and also with Adorable Face and COSIO Builds to achieve a more realistic body build. In Skyrim LE, Nibbles Set is available for mostly CBBE Body types and NiniCOS for mostly UNP Body types. While other mostly preferred BHUNP Body and Textures which already have its own built in body meshes, textures and collisions.


DDFFF Skin Textures was based on The Pure/ Leyenda and BHUNP with COSIO support as well. That is why it is much brighter or lighter compared to all the skin textures you had encountered before. This texture is very high quality with or without ENB but it eats up a lot of memory on PC because these textures are mostly build with high resolutions. This is highly recommended to be used on Skyrim SE than in Skyrim LE because you know why already.


Female Character Makeup/Tints/Face Overlay - DGRY/HHermes/Darrenstone Makeup Kits


These makeup kits are the widely used Face Tints for Korean Presets and Followers. Although when one installed a Body Texture where it comes with its own Face Tints already, still some players chooses to use a different face tints for their characters or followers. For example, Millepon got her own makeup kit which shows blushes, freckles and face marks  to be used on a face tint, but people still chooses and recommend this because it can show a unique look for characters specially when you want it to look younger. This is also the reason why may players chooses to use HHermes/Darrenstone Makeup Kits. This makeup kit is really hard to find these days because as I said most of the presets, characters and followers comes with their own tints already when they are used.



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