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The introduction thread.


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Hello guys!


I've noticed out little community has grown like crazy these past few days (718 members already!), so lets have a little introduction thread. So tell everyone who are you, what you like, and how you found this place.


So, hello to everyone! <3





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[ ] tits

[ ] gtfo

Uh sorry... reflex... ;)


Hi everybody. :D

To make it short: hongfire -> wolflore -> lovers lab...


Started with the whole Oblivion (and Fallout) modding just a few weeks ago, so I still got a lot ahead of me when it comes to all the tools around. But ultimately I want to get into active modding some time soon.

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Huge fan of the Elderscrolls and RPGs in general (computer, tabletop or otherwise).


Also a perv so the Lover mods were a no-brainer when I found it. Been following it closely and enjoying erotic adventures in Cyrodiil ever since.  ;)


In addition to gaming religiously, I also like to work in Poser and am working on a few erotic fantasy comics that I may never release (or complete).


What I'm Playing...

Computer: Oblivion (duh), Just Cause 2 (when I just want to see some stuff blow up), L4D2 and AvP

Table Top: nWoD: Mage, Savage World Deadlands


I'm looking forward to Dragon Age 2, of course Skyrim!!! and more fun with lover mods!  ;D

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Goooood Eeeevening...


Just a fan of games in general. And a massive pervert, but that should be a given ;)


I also like chocolate. Mmmm.... chocolate...

And boobs. Boobs are great.


I'm currently playing Oblivion, The Witcher(Witcher 2 is so close!), Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Killzone 3. All are fun.


Right now most anticipated game is Witcher 2. Followed by Skyrim.


I found this place through that one sticky on the new Wolflore. And I found Wolflore after many clicks through google.

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And boobs.

Who doesn't?



Wanted to add... currently playing League of Legends, a bit of Bulletstorm (mildly entertaining), Fallout 3 and NV, Sexy Beach Zero and a few other H-Games.

God, I just have too much spare time at the moment.


Also, I'm *trying* to learn Nihongo (japanese) for about 5 month now.

But maybe that will have to wait till I finished looking more into mod developing. :D

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Greetings fare travelers!


I am a web programmer by trade. When I am not working, I spend my time reading poetry by candlelight, taking long walks on the beach, running an orphanage, working on my perfect 6 pack abs, and curing deadly diseases'. When that does not occupy me, I will pass the time with various games, mostly PC RPGs, looking forward to Witcher 2, Guild Wars 2, and Dragon Age 2 (that's a lot of 2's...).  Also enjoy some Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, and Left4Dead2.


In any case, I sense a dying kitten I must go save. So goodbye for now.

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And boobs.

Who doesn't?



Wanted to add... currently playing League of Legends' date=' a bit of Bulletstorm (mildly entertaining), Fallout 3 and NV, Sexy Beach Zero and a few other H-Games.

God, I just have too much spare time at the moment.


Also, I'm *trying* to learn Nihongo (japanese) for about 5 month now.

But maybe that will have to wait till I finished looking more into mod developing. :D



I am not THAT fond of boobs myself :P


Greetings fare travelers!


Hello, oh master of Lovers Lab!

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Oh. Me and Ashal have something in common. I too cure deadly diseases.

Death is, after all, the cure to all disease, including that of life itself.

Beyond the morbid topics, though, I am Sari, obviously, and I hope to keep myself an enigma, so please excuse my impoliteness for not sharing details of myself. I am a gamer, obviously, and a pervert, of course, and beyond that, I hope to hide myself away beneath the virtual safety of being anonymous on the internet. Though you never truly are, if anyone cares to find who you are.

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Howdy yall. I am what you would call a lurker. And like thesin, I found Wolflore through Hongfire, then the lab through Wolflore. I too am a pervert, love boobies, and like long walks on the beach. And am a huge gaming freak in general. I am currently playing Oblivion, Red Dead Redemption, Starcraft 2, Nightmare Sphere, and a bit of MUGEN.

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Hello! I'm Northern, fan of TES, found old Wolflore accidently, first modding sites were TESnexus, Gamesource, TESrevolutionmods.

My hobbies are gaming, and music, but sometimes i spend my time with art, recently, i am making TES pictures, about catfolks, im a big fan of them since Oblivion came out.


It is very nice to see a new cleared forum for my favourite mod. I wish you strength for your project, members of Wolflore!

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Guest Donkey

Hya tesrevolutionmods -> Wolflore -> Wolflore new -> here. :D


I always enjoyed adult mods and when i found tesrevolutionmods kept looking for other adult mods. ultimately found Wolflore, and then started playing galgat's mods when he started to translate some mode from gamesource. kept there till now the project got scrapped.


When learning the project needed a new home i moved here.

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I'm an FBI agent here to monitor the site...dun dun dun.


I jest.  8)



Kidding aside, I'm an avid gamer. I prefer the fps and rpg genres.


I'm also depraved and have enjoyed many of the mods (lovers and cursed armor etc.), I have found from wolflore and now loverslab, thank you.  :D


I too, have learned of this site from lurking at  hongfire then wolflore.




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Wow, the community is growing really fast. I hope we'll gather more decent modders soon.


As many people before me, I'd found Wolflore through HongFire and then I have emigrated to the Lovers Lab as new Wolflore had bitchy rules that you had to follow.


Personally I'm a student which enjoys games as well as music. I love TES games and I prefer them much to overrated Gothic series. Also I love to play FPS like Team Fortress, Call of Duty or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (love it) and real survival horror (Amnesia: The Dark Descent). During my free time I also play a guitar.

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Guest Donkey

No that site went down. and so did all the mods. Also from Rebel O'Connor. That is why i was looking for different site and stumbled upon Wolflore.


No Montana has RL (Real Life issues now). So i am not sure when he will be back even if that happens at all. I haven't heard from him for months.


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I'm pink (it's a colour).


I'm a computer science student, writing my thesis as we speak (it's about a specific program analysis technique but I won't bore you to tears with the details). Found this place through the old wolflore, which I found several hours before it went dead. Pretty new to Oblivion in general actually!


I like to tinker with things and take mods apart to see how they work, but I don't speak any CJK language and I don't have much artistic talent :(


Also I seem to be the only person in this thread that's not a hongfire superstar (nor even a lurker) :o

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Primarily, I'm a pervert. Apart from that, I might be the most boring person on the planet, so there is no point in telling anything more about myself.


I was lurking around the Hongfire forums when I stumbled about the xLovers thread, which then led me to this swell place. Now I'm watching it grow everyday, plaguing people with my questions and hope to actually be able to contribute something someday.

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I am Ten Said Yes.


There is probably a meaning to that... but really, I just thought it sounded interesting. It has a very conspiracy-theory vibe to it.


As for how I got here... that's pretty easy. I explored all the Cyrodiilic Empire had to offer. It's caves. It's ruins. It's cities. I traveled from one end of the world to the other, seeing all that there was to see...


... and in the end, there wasn't even a single Brothel.


Where the hell is the seedy underbelly? Where is the dark night-life? Where are the drug dens? One skooma hideout in Bravil does not an underworld make. Realism can be taken too far, it is true... but there are some things that just make a world feel -lacking- when you ignore them.


And so I began my search.


It started with sex, I suppose, which has always been a seller. It's a part of life... and yet... it's been shunned from video games like the plague because to the world's eyes, this is still a CHILD'S toy. But I hope to find more than that, as I scour ever deeper.


I found Wolflore, just before the old site went down, and the newer... more conservatively governed site went up. From there, I was re-directed here. And now I have finally begun the reshaping of my Elder Scrolls experience into something a bit more... life-like.


And since I've finally come back to playing Oblivion... I might just start adding some of the darker side of Imperial life in, myself.


Once I get acquainted with the CS, anyways.

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Greetings and Salutations my fellow gamers, I am Slammer64 (obviously!) and I'm a Linux Systems Administrator for a small non-profit in the Midwest U.S.A. I too found this lovely place via Hongfire. I've been an avid RPG player since the 70's ( can we say the 3 little brown books) and in just the past few years I've started into the modding community, this time with Hellgate:London (love that game!). I'd like to thank Donkey and Ashal for getting this site up and running so I can indulge myself in all this goodness. I have to say this is a very friendly forum compared to most and look forward to many years of happy gaming with some of the best mods I've ever played, those found here.

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Alright, alright,


Heey I'm Verice (not my name), also known as killthenoob2 from Hongfire... I don't use that name anymore, made it such a long time ago :P I started playing Oblivion a couple of weeks ago, I started because I noticed alot of modifications for the game. I wasn't really impressed by the way the vanilla characters look, so I eventually found a thread on Hongfire posting mods to 'beatify' your character. Not long after that I got distracted by the lovers project and I'm happy that I did :) Furthermore...I don't play alot of other games at the moment, only Oblivion and Dragon Age II I think. I hope there will be some nice mods for that game too someday..

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Xenokey here. the same Xenokey from Hongfire.


I first discovered the xlovers mods on Hongfire but I modded Oblivion a bit before that.


Im basically a clothing/armor modding maniac (I dont make them myself). I love to collect dem armors n stuff.


oh, and boobies. me liky.


I also am looking forward to skyrim or rather modding the hell out of it!

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Hello im iggypop1 name is easy and iggy pop is my hero.

I'm not a modder (except for copy paste) but started to look for immersion mods because something where missing in my games. Im deeply facinated of the possibilities made by mods and have  a lot of ideas

My rpg's:

Baldurs Gate series


Fall-Out series

Never Winther Nights

Dragon Age

The Elder Scrolls

Luckily i found  Wolflore and Lovers Lab. The hole sex thing is just a part of life and should just be a possibility not the aim for my caracters Adventure. Key word: Realism!?

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