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  1. Love your profile pic, is it from a show or something? My curiosity is peaked.

  2. hi, where you from?

  3. I don't know if this is of any help, but I've seen this happen before any time an NPC is killed while performing a custom animation, for example the self-cast animation from Spellsinger, not just with Lovers animations.
  4. I looked through the thread to see if this question had been asked but I didn't saw it, so forgive me if someone already replied to either. What are these race mods? Ive been trying to get a more JRPG look on my PC to no avail.
  5. We already have a "show your character" thread, but we don't have a place to show more screenshots in the way the Nexus galleries do. So, lets give this a try! Post any screenshots you want. One or several. Character, sexy, landscapes... anything is fine! I'll start with a few ones.
  6. Oh btw, to anyone having troubles with the quests, try deleting the .pluggy file associated to your last save, in your Oblivion saves folder. That should do the trick.
  7. Quite an awesome update! I went through all of the Hello Sailor quest and I loved it. Quests like these are what make Lovers really shine. I have a few questions though! After I complete the quest and killed the Madam and her thugs I got a message the place was now mine and the Madam's daughter would see which girls wanted to say. I went off for a couple in-game days and when I returned the place was in the same state. Is this normal? I mean, the girls are still in cuffs, they still have their enslaved dialog and they still get raped by the customers (judging by the voices-dialog). I am missing something here or is this how it is supposed to stay? Oh btw, I was thinking of making some custom painting and banner textures more in the style of these old brothel nude paintings , but I guess it would be too much of a hassle to change them?
  8. It looks like the rapiers added by FCOM, but I could be wrong. And a question... Anyone has any idea what hair is this one? http://up.mnty.net/img/up003092.jpg
  9. More work than I'd be willing to put into it. Pass. Actually Thor it would be really easy. By looking at it you can see is just a retextured Leather-Thief armor with some added shoulder guards one could use Neph's conversion as a base and just change the texture paths, and add the shoulder guards with Nifskope
  10. Since you are so willingly sharing your Blender wisdom, any idea of how to make a wig out of a hairstyle, Thorazine?
  11. Not currently. Been thinking about it these last few days, and I've come to a decision that may or may not change at some point in the future. The stock stuff will probably be the very last things I convert. There's no doubt in my mind that I will eventually stop, figure my end game will be BDM stock replacers. === In the mean time, a handful of new videos from flingingfeces are currently available for viewing. Be sure to check them out. If you do don't feel bad. You did a LOT of work for the community and more than earned your green status . I still need to finish the store though! I've been adding more stuff into it and it is pretty big already
  12. Thank you so so soooooo much Thorazine! These ayleid armors look superb! I am going like YAAAY about them! <3
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