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  1. Can this still be played without installing any DDs?
  2. How about this then?https://www.sunkeumjeong.com/post/hercules-might
  3. Do i have to start a new game on every update?
  4. Hi I just dont get it😟 I cant make this mod to function......i did an update from previous version to latest, (just tossed the data into my data), the mod did an upgrade notification but absolutely no action/interaction afterwards........sad😪
  5. In the punishment scenes my PC got this stoneface , no emotions, could you please attach that ?
  6. It would be nice if this mod did auto schlongified the futa girls in this mod. As for me who plays without "all girls futa" I know it would make it dependant on other mods but anyway
  7. I have no problem other than my PC went out of my control after second scene. Maybe i should have waited or consoled "epc"...... White River Watch bandits Now that Skyrim havent got a club for consensual BDSM, servicing certain needs, could this work as such. I like to go in, surrender and then get brutalized........
  8. For testing went in used surrender key K amd went through the scene struggled me free "RUNRUNRUN" i did not i tried to surrender again with K key did not work but got beaten dowm to bleedout ..new scene after that (second punishment) my PC went non -responseable, could not move........no attacks nothing Ok i will try you no collision mod Edit: Why move the surrender key feature?
  9. @Nymra Testet this a little, the beta 2.0 I have this camera thing while in furniture, cant move camera....forgot what mod fixes that!? After first surrender i could not use K key but did a bleed out and got the second punishment scene. After that my PC was unresponsive, i could not move ......... in the proces i sometimes used the numpad free camera to watch what was going on, maybe that broke the mod......hm Wich dungeon can suggest for testing?
  10. How about mentioning in the OP SD as a soft requirement?
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