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Elder Scrolls VI Valenwood alllegedly confirmed


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If such were the case. There is lot of potential. This will give the franchise a great opportunity to show a positive appearence of Thalmor. It would remove this black/white label and draw the conflict into a more greyed area. That would be very much interest. :)

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Its better than a Skyrim Remaster


A little bit of foresight.  It usually goes "This new game sucks, the previous one was better."


ie (from my scientific gathering of opinions of the internet)

Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim

Fallout 3 >=< Fallout NV > Fallout 4

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Guest endgameaddiction

I just can't see why Bethesda  would part away from ES Online witch they are making a fortune on, to return to a single player RPG, you sure this isn't a future DLC for ESO?


The only thing I could see ESO losing it's popularity and revenue is if they shift console mods to TES which may draw more attention to players wanting to spend more hours modding their game rather than playing an MMO. Maybe to the point of not paying fees anymore to play it. But even then it's a give or take.

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Valenwood?  Land of the carnivorous elves?  Hell yes, I'm down for that.


I just worry about what they'll do the landscape to make it a varied place to play.  Valenwood in lore is predominantly forest with no other meaningful biomes to speak of.  I suppose they could add some jungle in the southeast where Valenwood's forests spill into Elsweyr's jungles.  They might could get away with some plains in the north, though I can't remember right off hand what the south half of the Gold Coast was like so that might not match up...  Some swampland in the southwest could work, I guess, as long as it was wooded.  Hm.  Maybe this could work.


Probably just an ESO expansion since by all reasonable guesses we're still a few years from a new singleplayer TES, but we had some pretty dead-on Skyrim rumors about that far out, too, so... iunno.

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If it's true, then I would be supremely disappointed that we wouldn't end up returning to Hammerfell. Still, Valenwood is a very interesting location, with a lot of storytelling potential due to their (not necessarily willing) participation in the Aldmeri Dominion.


There are two chief worries I'd have with it though.


1. Emil Pagliarulo would be writing it - as he did the stories of Oblivion, FO3, Skyrim, and FO4 - and IMO is directly responsible for the generic dumbing down of what would be otherwise very interesting setting, poor plot conrivances, and the horrible pacing problems in these games. I wouldn't trust him to make the most of such an alien and unique culture. I would definitely want Kirkbride back for that, if he's not too busy cokeing up and circlejerking over the Dunmer - or maybe Avellone now that he's freelance, due to the weight such a story in that setting would deserve.


2. Since Valenwood is part of the Aldmeri Dominion and not on the greatest of terms with other nations and races, there's going to be a more homogeneous world population. Valenwood and Summerset Isles simply aren't the melting pots they used to when there was free travel throughout the empire, or in independent states like Hammerfell and Skyrim. Nor does it have the rich diversity within the Bosmeri's own race the way there is with Argonians and Kahjiit. 


It makes the likelihood of a voiced protagonist again for the sake of "muh dramatic story telling" all that much more likely.

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TES is probably even more popular than Fallout, so it would be very silly on Bethesda's part (from a business standpoint) not to continue the franchise.


I'm quite certain that TES VI will eventually get made, maybe not for years, but it will eventually.


After Fallout 4 completely runs aground and Bethesda has gotten all the money out of it that they possibly can, I'm sure that they will get working on the next TES, if they haven't already.

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I doubt it, instead we get a remaster of a game that's not even that old. 

Making a skyrim remaster is so useless.. If you want a better looking skyrim get it on PC with ENB mods.. I bet those will still look a lot better than whatever Bethesda is going to cook up. 


If you're going to remaster an elder scrolls game, then remaster one that's actually old.. one that actually needs it. Like Arena, Daggerfall or Morrowind. Or make a TES6 already...



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Making a skyrim remaster is so useless.. If you want a better looking skyrim get it on PC with ENB mods.. I bet those will still look a lot better than whatever Bethesda is going to cook up.


Right? Considering that Skyrim - even with retextures and enb - can run on just about any modern toaster, and the Legendary Edition is only $20 regularly priced at most placed. Even cheaper if you wait for a sale.


This remaster is likely going to end up out of the box looking even worse than toaster level overhauls, and will probably cost $60 - to be sold to console users solely on the promise of "new" modding potential.


For me, all it represents is the possibility of forced new updates 4 years after the fact which could seriously break my existing mod loadout which already has all the stability of a half-played Jenga tower.


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Guest endgameaddiction

Only interested in Skywind and Skyblivion. To play a replicate of those games with the same graphics as Skyrim running a good machine to handle ENB for gameplay with nice hires textures would be nice. But if it never finishes all the way through, that'll suck. But I don't plan to hold my breath on it.


I'm certainly not looking forward to anything from Bethesda anymore. But I will say, if they make TES6 have a voiced protagonist and a dialogue wheel and dumbed down dialogue, there's going to be even more massive rage than what is going on with Fallout 4.

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