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Compare your skyrim folder size.

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So after six months i decided to reinstall skyrim.


I was using a pretty old install that was over 6 months old so i decided to do a fresh install. After deleting my local content i started deleting all of my mods, at that point i noticed how big my skyrim folder was. So let's compare are folder sizeswink.png



Mine was. 


92.9 GB


((This does not include base skyrim. This only counts mods!!!!)) 







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Game + MO is about 130Gb, but I also keep many versions of the mods I do, and different versions of the most popular mods to test my mods in different configurations.

I have almost zero textures/armors mods.

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Guest endgameaddiction

19.5GB in mods and unstable. I don't merge. I'm not that dedicated to skyrim. Not even to mod for it. My FO3 was in mods alone was 70ish GBs merged mods and far more stable than Skyrim.

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Either I dont have enough 4k textures installed or there are some fringe benefits to doing things the old fashioned way...


Skyrim Directory is 48gb, MO directory is 3.9gb. More or less everything is manual/wrye install with MO being my bodies/skeletons/poses etc. thats 220 esp's.


If you want to count my archived mods and saves on my external drive you can double that size.

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