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  1. Thanks, im glad you enjoyed them xD And its not abandoned... it was just on hiatus due to several RL factors... apartment renovation that took almost 3 months and i had to live with relatives at the time and couldn't play my heavily sexualised Skyrim xD Right after that a new job... and then got myself a PS4 with BloodBorne that also sucked out what little free time i had left... But I already started working on the next set... so it should be out somewhere in the near future
  2. Thanks xD Agree that its hotter when some clothes are still on But that causes clipping during complex animations like sex... and that clipping drives me mad when i browse through the shots i made and realise that over half of them have apparent clipping that i didnt notice while making the shots
  3. Teasing others is one of Lorelei's favourite things to do xD
  4. Thanks xD Sexlab animations + Halos poser tools + manual positioning via set position/angle console commands and patience...lots of patience... At least thats how this set was made awhile back...
  5. Thanks This time I paid more attention to the dialogue And tried to differentiate how each character speaksEspecially Molag Bal...The result is still not quite how I'd like it, but i guess this will have to do for now :PBtw, thx for the tips on last set xD Thanks
  6. Yeah Molag Bal got celebrity status since ESO xDLots of new content was inspired by that. Thanks , well the scene was supposed to be dark,I tried illuminating it with subtle blue colorAnd that's the best i managed without making it look too bright or even break the lighting altogether (flickering due to conflicting light sources...) the lighting in Skyrim drives me nuts sometimes. Lol xD don't worry, Caede's fine... it's just that Lorelei got the main stage atm
  7. Thanks Thanks mate Yeah this one took a while...and my laziness didn't help either xD Lol Lorelei would love such a naughty sis xD And thanks for the compliments Thanks xD
  8. The Set Continues from the [Previous Chapter] With nightly carnal gasps behind her And Olivia by her side Lorelei tries to get some sleep... But something sinister emerging from the depths of darkness Has other plans for the young maiden. If you like Metal, hot goth chicks and boobies... The video is a bonus xD Part I Part II
  9. Thanks The ENB is Skyrim Enhanced Shaders NLA , slightly tweaked...
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