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  1. I invite them in for a threesome
  2. Hello everyone! I know, Im not around a lot nowadays in any shape or form, I started slowly work on my stories again. My life really reached the lowest point, where relationships, work, and other things put me rock bottom. I try be around more and do things, but well truth be told, Im very depressed nowadays. Im sorry for everyone who expected me to continue my works as always, its a real struggle to get any motivation. As for story, I think I might get enough to work on my small side project.
  3. She looks tomboy or butch, its kinda common lesbian style <.< Very common where I live.
  4. I think she looks more lesbian then anything, which suits her. If boys looked like this haha 😳
  5. Yeah, but mother of the temple already dead And Gwynolda's future look closer to this.
  6. This was cute. Who do Gwynolda want to kill here? hehe
  7. Sadly went shorter then planned. Im glad its worked decently as chapter.
  8. After Gwynolda its kinda hard to have any positive on Eliza, we all know what kind of person she is 😉 She just told her too boring romance stories and here Eliza aint a big powerful vampire, she is an old lady, just keep herself look young 😊 Well as we saw in the picnic plan, Vera dont really listen to an hrumpy lady, she promised an adventure so she went do it 🤭 Amulet has its reasons.
  9. Only the best fashion in my stories hahahaha. Gotta keep up with the latest trend. She never do 🙁
  10. Hahahaha, Im glad you discovered this!. Vera and her naivety >.<. haha shush, its not horror <.<
  11. Well this is more my first try to use a different kind of protag and different type of story, so its really to try lady Vera and her sillyness. Yeah, this chapter ended up shorter then planned, if I can be honest half less, Im not really happy, hopefully next one works better. Its a side project really and to try new things, outside the grimdark horror what I normally do, so we can expect some "writers bubble" or other mistakes, as I try focus explore something new for me. Im glad chapter is still enjoyable. Thinking on how much I need work on Gwynolda's next chapter and scenes, yeah it gonna take a while, sometimes nice to have something easier to work on.
  12. I like redhead women oke? xd Thank you
  13. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/12938-lady-vers-romantic-adventures3/ Lady Ver's romantic adventures(4/) We went deep in the forest south from Bruma... to the old ruins of Anga, ruins of an Ayleid city. All alone in the darkness and the dead city, our brave heroine me, Lady Ver decided to discover it alone... Which may or not may, I could regret... Whats the worst what could happen? I probably get saved by a handsome adventurer or a knight, cause Im the heroine.. So nothing to fear... (Random noises in the background) Probably the wind or my imagination? Its dark here... There is someone there laying??? Could be sleeping? Ewwwwww a corpse... This adventure seems might be a little more dangerous then I thought, would be worrying if I was not the heroine.. I could wake up Eliza and asked to join, but she was napping so peacefully.. The other way then this seems locked off.. I wonder if I should be scared now... Maybe not, everything gonna be fine.. How...did I even fallen to sleep? Ohhh wait.... I remember listening Vera's romance novel stories and it was really boring... Lets try find my balance... 1..2..3.. There we go.. Now then, that fool girl went alone in the ruins... so much for my picnic plans... Alive or dead, I wonder which state I found her.. Another corpse.. seems death is.. Ohhh a crossbow!!! I used to shot a lot with these when I hunted with my father.. How nostalgic... Almost like a full blown heroine... Pure Maiden of Romance and love, ready for the adventure... Now then nothing can stop me now... I should find bolts for it, cause Im not sure it works without... Ohhhh?!! There is the baddie... I should approach carefully and do some heroine trick from my favorite romance novels.. I think these are necromancers? There is a lot of skulls around it, so it just my guess.. Definitely necromancers, cause they always wear a skull as symbol, so these are their marks.. They are the most evil bunch of mages in all Tamriel who do unspeakably evil things to dead bodies.. Lets do the sneak trick from the book, where the heroine crawls there and bonks the baddie.. Almost there... He died? And what do you think young lady, what are you doin here all alone? Especially when I directly told you, we not gonna enter the ruins.. Explain yourself, why did you ruined our picnic... I..... couldnt resist to go on an adventure? End
  14. Resdayn

    Hi everyone.

    Nice to see you again here ^^
  15. Thank you ❤️ Im glad you liked it, my intention was just a simple shift haha, where goes in the portal and meet another dreams. If you played dragon age origins, the fade is kinda inspired how I handle the dream section and tower. 😊 In the previous ones, she just didnt saw point to kill an infected if she can cure, here she kinda just dont care about anymore of the dreams, since she is aware its daedric. Im happy someone noticed, it was one of the bigger parts of these two chapters, how confident and resolved Gwynolda became, after realising what she against, just like in the temple of Mara, she no longer plays around. Indeed while she feels she can easily take them, we have to consider she still against a Daedric Prince in some sense and she is a just cursed girl. I tried my best with screenshots ^^.
  16. Thank you 😊 Thank you, Im glad you like it. Thank you 🤗 Yes it seems Gwynolda's path may hold darker ways. Thank you 😊 Yes, I had fun with Gwynolda's outfits and looks and dream scenarios great way to explore many things 🥰 Well I wanted this lot bigger chapter, but had technical isses 🙁
  17. Nah, she wears a normal armour, Dawnguard uniform is different.
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