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What are YOUR favorite ENBs?

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Curious to know everyone's' favorite ENB and if they prefer realism or fantasy types.


Favorite fantasy so far is Kountervibe Northern Lights. That or Grim and Somber's ENBs for that Dark Souls feel.


Sadly haven't found a realistic one for outside; I do think RealVision is outdated 




How 'bout you guys?



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I think Saraan Suum is mine, mainly because I find it makes skin detail really pop, especially in interior shots. The DoF it comes with is the only one I've been able to actively play with without getting a headache and pissing away what little FPS my geriatric rig has to spare.  Unfortunately it paints you into a corner when it comes to lighting and weather mods. 


Anything by Bronze is good quality and more configurable than most, he caters from low to high end rigs and I find a lot of the really heavy duty ENBs just aren't as good as what he manages with a performance preset. I used Project ENB for ages before settling on Seasons of Skyrim. His presets tend to be all rounders and work really well with the STEP graphics setup. 


 I like the Far Off series of ENBs too, they tend to have a theme and he usually offers something fun like crazy tilt and shift effects to play around with. He's also pretty comprehensive with his packages. 

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Guest endgameaddiction

AIR ENB right now. The only ENB that I have used thus far that doesn't turn my pale female into some chick with an orange fake tan that just looks hideous. The day and nights are great. But it's not the best when it comes to sharpness or realistic.it's more fantasy with great saturation.


I like Insomnia during the day but I can't stand nights. Nights also make my characters eyes glow as if it has a glowmap, and it throws it off from seeing the detail in the eyes. The days look great nonetheless. Also it requires ELE and as much as I don't mind that mod, that mod makes my game freeze for a second every time I'm using the hotkeys for SOS to inflate and deflate the weaner.


For now AIR ENB looks great so I'm sticking with that, but like all ENBs (with my piece of shit rig and my infamous 260 GTX) It's only used for screenshots. Someday... just someday I will have a better PC....

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Performance and realistic ENB is my current favorite. I have a shit computer, so I can't really afford to use any performance heavy enbs and the FPS loss from this one is minimal.


Next up would be stakado cinemascope. FPS is near lossless and it looks great to boot.

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I use most of the time Seasons of Skyrim, overall "realistic" with a nice little touch of fantasy but without going overboard, its author balanced it right. Discovered it when a long time ago I was using CoT, and Project ENB was my favorite preset for this weather system (which got on my nerve after a while so I got rid of it).

I also like NLA a lot.


Another ENB preset that got my favors for a long time was project MATSO (with or without Kyo's variants), but sadly very outdated now.

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True Vision, Seasons of Skyrim and Project ENB have been all time favorites of mine. I spent some time using RealVision before switching to Seasons of Skyrim full time.


And as far as which ENB I ran the longest it would probably be Project ENB on the 119 binary, so its quite outdated now. :)

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Those are great ENBs. Never seen SoS ENB before (Hue) and it looks nice.


I use Northern Lights, it's good stuff, but so bright in daylight that I can't see the sky. Interiors and night time are amazing though. I just wish I knew of a high quality realistic ENB, most realistic ENBs on the first couple of pages of Nexus just look like "Hey, I turned on ENB".


I wish there was one I could find that didn't turn skin a pure orange or make it so when I look up, 70% of the sky is bright as the sun. 

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I use a lot of weather and lighting enhancements, so I always have difficulty finding an ENB compatible with them.


But for me, Vividian ENB does great. It's not too performance heavy, and installs via NMM so you can fine tune it to your weather and lighting mods. It also comes with its own weather enhancers to make it look even better. It has always been one of my favorites to use.


Other than that, I used to use Project ENB back when I used CoT with Dynavision. Just disabled the DoF in Project ENB and it looked great with that setup. It was my default for awhile till I switched to Vividian ENB. Tried some performance friendly ones as well, but my favorite of those has to be RealLike ENB. Performance is great and it looks good too. Plus it works fine with weather and lighting mods.

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Damn. So many realistic ones to choose from. True Vision, NLA + Vividian, Rudy are all really well done realism ENBs. Seasons and VandENB are like the perfect bridges between fantasy and realistic ENBs.


@Spyder - Yea. Only thing I ever disliked about Northern Lights is the weird ass rain, so I understand the need for those mods

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Guest Vendayn

I mainly use "Kountervibe northern lights" But I have found another alternative, that's just as good & as well detailed & Doesn't kill my FPS---> Serenity ENB

The funny thing is. I tried using Kountervibe, and got a HUGE issue with head color mismatch and body mismatch. Like a dark head with normal body.


Tried serenity and it was even WORSE


Went back to using grim and somber azura and the body mismatch and neck seam went away. Still a slight issue in interiors, but very little even then and not an issue in exteriors (outdoor locations) at all.


Any time I try a different enb than grim and somber the neck seam comes back and color-mismatch, no matter what ENB it is. Grim and somber does something that "fixes" the issue.


And I did try setting enblocal fixgammatint to false (or whatever its called) and that didn't work. And setting it to true didn't work either. That fixes it for people, but not me.

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