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  1. Hi, I was mucking around trying to make some outfits shiny using the GIMP. I found your old thread and It looked like you figured it out. 


    I don't quite know how to tweak the specular and environmental map to make it actually work in skyrim.

    I was hoping you can give me some pointers ?


    For starter, I was working with the ordained dress mod by full_inu https://www.patreon.com/posts/24697657

    and found out the mesh uses 4 maps:


    Then I picked up your clue and went into editing the diffuse map because I don't know how to work with the other types. I found the specular and environmental edits in filters/lighting and shadows - and played around with it but no changes in the game.:



    So where do I go from here?

    Thanks ?


  2. Hi Zquad1 Hows everything going?


    I have so much to tell you.


    I am wondering if you could help me with an ENB.  :(

    Everyone seems to be getting it to work. But I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    I have pretty much reinstalled the game. Unchecked all my mods and


    even started a new game more times then I thought would make a difference.



    If you want I can give  you the link where I was getting help. But I think they seem to have

    given up.



  3. Does anyone have the HDT-SMP files needed to run the Yundao Hair with Physics Mod I tried to get it from 9damao.com but it asks me to put in a verification code when I try logging in but it's written in Chinese --->
  4. Hello everyone I have a problem I can't seem to solve & perhaps you guys could help me solve it I was playing around with Textures & everything was working just fine Until I installed Real Glaciers V2 & now I see that the sky has lines like some kind of wrong cloud texture or something anyways I uninstalled the textures & now the lines are still there is there another texture that could cause this I don't know what texture to use to get rid of the lines.
  5. Yup sounds like a fresh install might be a good idea.
  6. hhmm ok try turning off your water mods first try it if it keeps flashing then Also turn off your lighting mods, then if it stops turn the water mods back on, it's most likely a mod conflict, but it will be very difficult to narrow it down due to massive amount of mods you have installed.
  7. I know I would get flashing like this everytime I use the Ningheim Race with certain ENB's but usually it doesn't start up untill I do some heavy modding But I was able to narrow it down to a couple mods I know the race mod does not like certain lighting mods Especially ELFX, & I really love ELFX & I am so thankful that Seren the race mod Author go together with a few other modders & made ENB patches so I can use ELFX now with out problems. But since I seriously doubt Patches were made for the Lunari race you could try this method: Open enblocal.ini and then set EnbVSync=true under "[ENGINE]" Turning WaitBusyRenderer=true helps to reduce the flickering if you don't want to set EnableVSync on true
  8. Sometimes some race mods can cause flickering on some ENB's it's usually a compatibility issue. Best solution if it's a race issue is to either try another ENB or contact either the ENB & or the Race makers & see if they could make a patch or know of a patch.
  9. Hey Siegmeyer would it be possible to Convert the Vindictus Mini Dress to UUNP?? with all the HDT cloth Physics intact? Please?? VindictusMiniDress(洛英夜店女皇FULL HDT).rar
  10. I know the Link I posted has All the color options, what's All in the Version you have?? BTW is there a UUNP version of this yet?? Just curious. BTW what does the SMP stand for??
  11. Thank you for this it's better then nothing, I was looking for the "HDT CLOTH" version but I couldn't find any version at ALL so I'll take what I can get. Thank you!! EDIT: OK I found the "HDT CLOTH" Version. Vindictus Mini Dress w/HDT Cloth
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