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  1. are 

    More Creature Animations

    compatible with SLDefeat?

  2. I think the only ones not added to MNC are dragon priest, wisp, and dwarven spiders. I see there is SLAL, but atm I don't really want to make my own pack (nor do I know how to). As for what I'm working on... pretty much nothing. Sorry . I still have everything to make animations except for time, although I'm hoping winter will be a better season for me. I've thought about it, and I think the best thing for me to do going forward would be to set up 1 scene and make 4 animations based on it (slight adjustments and speeds) rather than 4 animations that don't flow together. Would
  3. The latest I have is from Nov. 26th. It has Wisps (not wisp mothers) and dwarven spiders. I'll update this asap Oh, that's sad to hear... Is there anything that can be done? I mean, is the problem in the skeleton itself, or the way the game handles it? Since XPMSE includes already a deal of tweaked creature skeletons maybe it could be solved. IIRC, all of the bones were connected to the ground instead of a hierarchy system (foot connects to shin, shin connects to thigh, thigh to pelvis etc). Out of all of the creature skeletons I've used in 3ds max storm atronachs are
  4. Storm Atronachs are impossible to work with in 3ds max (well, I just haven't figured them out yet). Mudcrabs and ice wraiths (and every other creature that uses the ice wraith skeleton) have a weird problem where during sex they will switch to an idle animation so I gave up on them For the foreseeable future I won't be doing anymore animations... and I still haven't gotten around to fixing/tweaking the animations that I've already put out
  5. Ty I just couldn't get it work. It looked like 2 people who didn't know what kissing was and just bashed their lips together on instinct...
  6. Dragon Priest s1- http://makeagif.com/FAsjF6 s2- http://makeagif.com/GEK6LP s3- http://makeagif.com/4ejOpJ s4- http://makeagif.com/eyXmaj Nude mesh by Bad Dog I'm back to my regular schedule of animating whenever I have free time. I thought they had a bone penis model... I could be wrong... And mistmen can share a skeleton with a vanilla creature like boars do with or without rieklings. The animated legs won't be visible.
  7. You mean the ones from DG that hide when you approach them? OoOooooo... As far as missing creatures... um... the fire wyrms you get from the dragonborn flame power? Though those might use the same anim/skeleton as the ice wraith. Skeletons? Bonemen/Wrathmen/Mistmen/"Whispering Spirits" from Dawnguard's Soul Cairn? Something special for Arvak? Looking through the dawnguard.bsa the only creatures that have their own skeleton.hkx are chaurus hunters and vampire brutes. So I think all soul cairn creatures use the same skeleton (therefore using their animations) as vanilla s
  8. The first thing I did was make a giant scene... but 2/4 of the stages are total shit because I had no idea what I was doing back then and just moved limbs around. It was the giant using the human as a fleshlight. One day I'll take the time to fix them since they are -mostly- done but not ready to be released. Ya'll are too kind. Good news everyone I'm back for now... Going to start working on the dragon priest animations right now. I've decided to scrap the 4th stage and replace it with an alternate 3rd stage (previews on the OP) Since mudcrabs and dwarven spiders ar
  9. There is a lot of issues with clipping with the centurions junks, so I'm kind of limited with what i can do with it. Having it smaller would fix that issue, but it would look weird having a large creature with a small junk. I never considered any non-sex dragon animations. Which I find funny since the game is about dragons... If you (or anyone else) has any ideas for what I can do feel free to share them. Apparently dragons are a pain to animate and I haven't touched them yet. If/when I get around to making animations for horses I'll see what what i can do...
  10. They are bad... at least to my standard... which is why I want to redo them When you decide it's done, also post it to dentarr via PM or MNC thread so he won't have to go digging around here. Can't wait. The dog/wolf non-sex scenes have been added to http://www.loverslab.com/topic/52389-animals-and-followers/with sabre cat soon to follow I like doing them, so I'll continue to experiment and see where it goes The animation I made works with and without the riekling on the boars back. Unless you wanted a more aggressive one...
  11. ? You didnt force me to make anything... I needed to something to do while i waited for the next bunch of creatures to be added to animtester so i could test them. I only chose sabre cat because it is by far the most popular request i have gotten. Plus bad dog made the add on to that summon cats mod
  12. Non-Sex Sabre Cat animations lay http://gfycat.com/SmugUnhealthyKitfox pet http://gfycat.com/JadedRespectfulHalibut hug http://gfycat.com/TestyFaithfulCow Good News Big update, AnimTester has been updated with the last bunch of creatures I still need to make animations for. I'll try to do a better job keeping it up to date so you can follow my progress as I go along. Download, install, rerun FNIS, and reinstall animations via sexlab in game. Do not use it on an important save. There is some overlap with animations already in MNC but they won't conflict at all. Only SL 1.60 is requi
  13. Looks good. I need to redo the boar animations I've already done so don't worry about alignment.
  14. Well, I'm just a shitty animator so I don't know how to make or edit any meshes. As I said earlier if someone does want to do it then they have my support, but too much of a change may break animations that have already been done. I still have all my files so it wouldn't be too much work for me to edit my old files to accommodate any changes but older animations won't get that change. As for making them look nice... you've got the wrong person. I try to make the animations look as clean and smooth as possible but that ain't happening anytime soon xD I've heard that canines do go ass to
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