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  1. Thanks, that fixed my problems!
  2. These are all pretty awesome but I do have a lot of missing meshes and I'm not sure why so some outfits are just missing. I'm using: * Skintight MOD * Prostitute Look * Avenger Bare Clerks * Barebaremod * NipsSlipMod * Nude_Pack and WOTC Leg Pack/Rack WOTC Props Pack WOTC Torso Pack/Rack WOTC_Leg_Pack/Sack WOTC_LL_Sack WOTC_Props_Pack WOTC_Torso Pack/Sack Am I missing anything?
  3. Hello, I am aware there are many sex mods for taking people as slaves like Defeat and things like that. I think that stuff is fun but I'm doing a non-sex mod playthrough and I was roleplaying capturing prisoners and hostages in the Civil War Overhaul. Anybody know any mods where I can imprison or tie up prisoners without any of the SexLab content happening?
  4. Wow, those look like real kids. Not like those pedo kids mods they have running around on Nexus
  5. Not being judgmental but I tried and deleted the SexLab thing because it didn't have any staying power for me. It's very robotic and fake looking in my view since the animations are basically a 500ms loop that switch on a timer every 5-10 seconds. And anyway, if I start getting horny watching a video game I might as well go watch real porn with real people. What I like much better is looking at the screenshots by the artists on LL who have nice computer and good eyes to capture these amazing poses of women in various states of dress and undress. It's titillating without being pornographic.
  6. Ok a little update. Things are better now thanks to the helpful LL community. First trick that helped: Changing the settings in the enblocal and getting the optimized textures seems to have helped a lot. I still get lag when turning but it's not bad. I'm also in the Reach right now where it's really foggy so I think the fog is taxing the system. I reduced all textures I could find to 1K and tried to reduce the amount of modded armor. Although things are playable at this point I am now experiencing a totally new and weird bug. My actions outside (not inside) are in somewhat slow motion. Not too noticeable but when I jump it's most noticeable because it takes a full second to land again. I would say the slow motion is less than 500ms and not really "lag" because the music and talking is all in real-time but everything else is slowed down a very tiny bit. Not sure if that's still a texture issue or what. I disabled all mods except Skyrim and the micro-slowness is still there. So bizarre.
  7. Ok, so I lowered my settings, reduced all textures to 1K, reduced AA to 8x... still getting some lag although the stuttering is much better. I did change a few settings on my enblocal.ini as advised by Boris so that now my available texture memory is listed as 4096MB My video card is still being raped for some reason: http://i.imgur.com/NbUqzVP.jpg And now a new problem. When I move I feel like I'm running in water or in slow motion. Ugh, I'm this close to another reinstall of Skyrim
  8. yes it is set at 16. What should it be set at? EDIT: I changed the settings in my control panel, reduced AA and texture filtering. I'll see how it works, thanks
  9. I ran another performance test today and it looks like my VRAM is still getting hosed pretty bad
  10. Hello, no I have it set to false. Is it supposed to be set to true? I just read this quote on ENB Series: So based on what he's saying: If DisablePreloadtoVRAM=false then you get faster loading times because the textures are not preloaded into the memory while the game is loading but it generates more stuttering because the textures have to load on the fly?
  11. I know that I could use a CPU upgrade but my computer really isn't that bad: AMD A10- 6700 with 12GB RAM and AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB. The video card technology is about 1.5 years old (bought March 2015) and the CPU is from 2012. It should be able to run this game smoothly. Last night I reduced all textures to 1k but the stuttering continues so I think there's something else I did wrong. I also disabled SSAO-SSIL, depth of field, Cloud Shadows, and turned down Detailed Shadows, reduced terrain detail but nothing works. I'm about a month into a reinstall of Skyrim and before the reinstall I was able to run ENBs on 60fps with no stutter so I know it's something stupid I must have done to create this problem for myself.
  12. Thanks everybody for all your answers I will do my best to follow your instructions. By the way, anybody who watched my video probably noticed the purple textures. I am missing a few Dwemer textures for some reason and I have tried downloading every Dwemer, Dwarven texture mod I can find but doesn't seem to catch them all. If you know how to fix this I'd appreciate it.
  13. I have it set at 256/10240 ((Dedicated Video Memory + System RAM) − 2048) for me is the max I think, even though my video card is only 2GB
  14. I actually paid more like $400 for this card because I had to buy a new power supply to run the thing. This really pisses me off fucking waste of money. And did I mention I'm running in 1360x768 like some fucking kid from the 90s. Oh well, no sense whining, time to uninstall those parallax textures.
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