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Mod Organizer users: How many profiles do you have?

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Not how many do you use, how many do you have?


Currently, I have 13. The ones I use the most are the main game one, a blank one for starting over if/when I need to, a body slide one and a hdtpe test one. most of them I havent' touched in years, but I keep them "just in case" because it's cheap.

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Just bother to look and count them.

4 it seems, but I typically only use one. The default one with all the stuff in it and I active/deactive as I test new mods lol

One is a test profile that I never delete after getting MO and play around with it

One is a minimal set up that has FNIS, SkyUI, and other basic stuff

One is one step above that and has sexlab

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One of which I'm playing atm

Another I got as far as I wanted to finishing the Companions (specifically Companions Overhaul & Moonlight tales)

My Original Profile from starting using MO and checking the current character works from no MO to MO- he'd finished the game & DLC

A few (re: 5) characters that either bugged out, didn't want to progress/lost interest or might start.... eventually

My Archer Character that was running Perkus Maximus before updates/patches for it made me lose interest.


And the meat of my profiles-

Base Mods (for starting profiles with must haves- SkyUI SkSe etc)

Creation Kit (obviously for making/editing mods)

Merge Mods (for merging mods)

Mod Tester (for looking at a mod and seeing if it works for no, where NPC's are and if things are bugged etc)


The default profile that came with MO <- which really should have been deleted by now


And two I made for old characters who I exported with Familiar faces

[which I found if you don't have the same armors/textures etc installed in another profile don't show-up on the FF characters.... causing me to loose interest in FF]



....reading the Above I should probably delete half of them...



Edited to add-

Better question would be:

How many Mods in the MO mods pane - 682

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Around 10.   Two for making it easier and faster to merge mods, one of those is just for armor/weapon mods which is around 50 mods.  One for PerMa to make it faster to find which mod is giving me the null pointer error.  One for my current profile and another one for my wip/future profile.  And a few other random ones.

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Default which for Me is CBBE, and the Profile I use most.




Testing, a copy of Vanilla right now.

Vanilla, an unmodded Profile.

A second testing Profile, last used with the Race Menu Beta.

The first four Profiles share the same Saved Games, the last three do not. 

I do not keep the non CBBE Profiles as up to date as Default.

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One profile to play with so far with about 300 mods active. I have created a creation profile for ECE as I use Racemenu in game and I like some of the ECE presets available so I load them in that and export the head to racemenu. I am thinking about creating a profile for use with the bodychange mod but I am unsure how well the mod works, anyone with experience with it feel free to drop me a PM with your thoughts on it :).

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