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  1. Great looking collection of characters you have here. Really nice work!
  2. This is a really well put together scene. Very beautifully done. Nice work!
  3. Birthdays are an excuse for people to get together and have fun. It's sad that people need that kind of excuse but that's how humans have made their lives.
  4. It takes some getting used to. The first two builds I made were basically disastrous. The first one... didn't work. At all. The second one did fairly well, though it didn't look nearly as good as a lot of the screenshots people posted here, but only for a time. I got my character to about level 50+ and the game just chugged to a halt. Any time I got somewhere fairly crowded it just crashed. Eventually I got the hang of it, though. I followed some guides, learned how mods work, learned the tools, even made some of my own mods. My current build works just fine and I'm cruising with o
  5. This character is really gorgeous. Beautiful job.
  6. Tremendously pretty character. Nice work.
  7. Underground Bathhouse in Paradise Valley has a lot of options including a jail / dungeon in the basement you can send people to through dialogue choices. Luxury Suite doesn't have the dungeon / BDSM options that the Bathhouse has but as far as having eye candy luxuriating naked you can't find much better. It's got a lot of options as well and has 0Sex functionality built in if you use that.
  8. Very pretty character with a gorgeous outfit in a nice composition. Very well done!
  9. Absolutely love that bustier that allows the tops of her areolae to show. Really gorgeous image. Nice work.
  10. Really beautiful lighting in this one. This is a great composition. Really nicely done.
  11. Multiple Marriages is the only one I'm aware of and last I checked it was incredibly script heavy and didn't play well with other mods. Use it at your own risk.
  12. I usually start a new game in the AS:LAL room just using the standard Nord then adjust all the MCM settings I need to and save it there as a template. Then, when I want to start a new game, I just open up that template save and use the console to access RaceMenu. Fix up the character how I want and away I go. But, then, I don't usually add a ton of new mods every time I play a new game.
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