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  1. Dubhorizon

    Crashes Everywhere

    In the logs, most errors I see are normal. It is checking for dlc and can't find them (is it a legit skyrim?). You did have a lot of spam from creature framework which is very hard on the engine as it scans and applies effects on every actor but it shouldn't crash you this quickly if you have a legit skyrim + skse memory patch + enb (or enboost) with the right settings.
  2. Dubhorizon


    Luckily in all of my frustration I learned keyframes in and out over the past couple days Thanks for testing it out and for your feedback! I'll change it around a bit (I actually agree now, the animation is a bit rushed, the "giver" is a bit too excited and clumsy ) Hehe, awesome and no worries! It's a great work and thanks a million for making it!
  3. Dubhorizon


    No worries, I edited the above post with some advice as well!
  4. Dubhorizon


    Nice one! It's Floor>Oral Job for anyone wondering. I'll test it out shortly! Update: Awesome, just tested it out! Great effort for your first animation, I especially love the female's pose. My advise would be to loop the fingering more and overall make the male animation slower. In Blender, in the DopeSheet part, find the keyframed parts, select them from the top of the dope sheet (says summary), press g and you can drag them apart to make the male's animation take longer. You can also select/deselect multiple individual keyframes with shift + left click (alt + left click select the entire verical row) and compy paste them (to increase the fingering loop).
  5. Dubhorizon

    To be, or not to be...a guy in Skyrim.

    With regards to character class you can try and cross games/genres, etc. Like Widowmaker, or a version of her. Or even the Terminator! There is no limit to what you can roleplay as.
  6. Dubhorizon

    To be, or not to be...a guy in Skyrim.

    Just think about it this way. If you are going to actually go through the questline, it means you will spend many hours looking at the character you made. Be it third person for full body or first person where you can see the hands of and hear that character. So what would you rather look at and listen to for many hours on end while you are questing? For me, when I have to go trekking and exploring skyrim, I put the camera third person, so I would much rather look at a female butt bouncing up and down while I go up the 7000 steps for the 100th time.
  7. Dubhorizon

    Adult cover magazines

    Great mod, makes me really want to look at every corner for the magazines! Just a minor bug I found. Two of the Massachusetts Surgical Journals (The one with cover title "my feelings get hurt too" and the one with title "be nice to me"), when place on the magazine rack they display as Grognak the barbarian with title " the neverending secret"
  8. Dubhorizon

    FNIS issues and other issues :(

    I'd rebuild the bashed patch, disab;e the unp, enable CBBE and start a new game if I were you.
  9. Dubhorizon

    FNIS issues and other issues :(

    It's down to preference. Most people I know use UNP but I am not aware of a full clothing replacer for unp. That's why I use CBBE. Use: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/? body http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? bodyslide http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27122-working-vagina-hdt-collisions-hair-physics-now-with-belly-support/ Vagina body http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49286/? clothing http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/? armor http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1230-devious-devices-bodyslide-cbbe-ct77-body-tbbpintegrationexpansion/ Devious devices for Bodyslide http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/? Skeleton - important Install everything, run body slide, make sure the body you are making is the Vagina body 2.0, make a body of your choice and don't touch any belly sliders. Once you have made a body, instead of build you press batch build. You don't press okay, but go through the pop up list and de-select stuff! For starters you deselect any body in that list except the Vagina body that you want to generate. So deselect the ct77 body and hands on the list, deselect any cbbe body too. Then also deselect the bbp version of the clothes and keep the tbbp version selected. The reason you are deselecting them is because if you don't, bodyslide will generate everything. So if you batch build both the vagina body and the cbbe body, it will generate both and the cbbe will overwrite the vagina body. So make sure you deselect the versions of body-clothing you don't want to have in the game. After you have batch built everything, find the body meshes and skeleton and copy them to any standalone follower you have that uses their own CBBE body so that you don't have inconsistencies in game.
  10. Dubhorizon

    FNIS issues and other issues :(

    This simply looks like the body you have and the devious devices you have are different body types or sizes. You will probably need bodyslide and the batch build option of it to match the devices to the body. Either that or find out what body works best with devious devices. Personally I use the vagina body for cbbe bodyslide, full armor and clothing conversions for body slide, DD for bodyslide. After installing all, open bodyslide, make the body and batch build with caution.
  11. Dubhorizon

    CTD When starting a New Game

    Then open the enblocal.ini and add this between [MEMORY] and [WINDOW] [THREADS] DataSyncMode=2 PriorityMode=3 EnableUnsafeFixes=false If you are still crashing on load then I don't know what is wrong. But in the enb dev and my pc it resolved the crashes on load that I've had for years.
  12. Dubhorizon

    CTD When starting a New Game

    In case you haven't checked it out, crashing on load has been resolved already using the latest enb binaries. Go to enbdev and get the latest. Read up what you need to set in the enblocal.ini and you will be set.
  13. Isn't there any way to add them in the formlists so that they drop randomly in containers or bodies?
  14. Dubhorizon

    CTDs becoming more and more frequent

    Without a load list and papyrus logs it's hard to say what's wrong. But the main advice is always the same. The more mods you have the worse it is. When you start a new game it won't be visible, but the more you play, make changes, do things in game, the more and more the strain on the engine. So by level 40 you will be having issues. No matter what save game tool you use, if you remove scripted mods mid-game, there will be problems. Remove most scripted mods and start a new game. While you are at it get the latest ENB (you can use it without the graphics, just for the memory patch) and set DataSyncMode=1.
  15. Dubhorizon

    Skyrim Saves CTD

    Get the latest ENB binaries (you don't need to use the graphics, just the ENBoost) and set DataSyncMode=1. It should solve all crashes when loading save games.