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  1. Remove the "NippleGone" and all similar sliders from the project using Outfit Studio (or don't use the sliders in BodySlide for this outfit).
  2. It prevents movement towards zero (center) on the X-axis only, without preventing movement to the outside (away from zero) on the X-axis. So, it can be used for sliders like DoubleMelon and the likes.
  3. OMG the face hahahaha love it xD

  4. @Buridan RaceMenu doesn't have a feature to have different morphs based on what's equipped. So the only way to do that is to build it with a slightly different preset in BodySlide already (make a preset that counters the gravity but is otherwise the base shape, and build it for all outfits).
  5. CBBE LE and UUNP have those sliders inverted, which is correct. There's no need to touch them. I don't know about any of the other issues you had within BodySlide and your preset. Maybe your UUNP port (or BHUNP) for SE didn't correctly keep the slider inversion, so your preset only works there.
  6. That's what project files are for (NIF in ShapeData).
  7. Open the Papyrus script source, change the min and max slider values and re-compile the script. If you don't know anything about Papyrus scripts, check the tutorials on CreationKit.com.
  8. Get 4.9.1 of OS and try using "Edit -> Reset Transforms". Then align the mesh again if needed.
  9. Changelog for 4.9: Outfit Studio: Don't render the overall skin transform anymore (not rendered in-game). Outfit Studio: Zero out root node, shape and overall skin transform for skinned meshes (not rendered in-game). These offsets in the BS/OS render happen because it doesn't render individual bone transforms (which could be counterproductive for sculpting anyway) and these armors were never created in a clean way (with zeroed out transforms and correct node positions on them). I guess I will have to make it a toggle or something because so many armors are unclean i
  10. With RaceMenu you have actual body morphs instead. With XPMSE's RaceMenu plugin you get the skeleton body sliders in a tab "Skeleton" in RaceMenu as well.
  11. I can't get it to crash on my end. Please send me the exact files/projects in a PM. (3BA shapedata/sliderset and Dianne shapedata/sliderset)
  12. You want a static mesh, so you need to disable the "Skinned" checkbox for all meshes in the shape properties (right-click -> Properties). Then you don't get the unweighted vertices warning either and you don't have to weight a bogus bone, which probably causes the invisibility because such skinned mesh used as a static mesh makes no sense. Not having any vertices or triangles listed on the BSTriShape is normal for skinned meshes. Skinned meshes store their vertex data in the skin partitions. This will appear once you set it to static. NiNode to BSFadeNode
  13. Get 4.9 of Outfit Studio and re-save it with that.
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