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  1. No I can't because I can't compare my XPMSE and XPMSSE branch in git that way.
  2. Post your FNIS output that should not happen normally.
  3. FNIS needs to be 7.2 or newer.
  4. Nexus is like a Zoo, where every mod author is a gorilla that is caged together with a lot of small annoying monkeys that have to be told "read the description" every 7 seconds.

  5. No that means throw your xml away and get another one, you are not supposed to use a BBP rig map with HDT.
  6. Because what you see with XPMS are your BBP animations + your XML on top, what you see in XPMSE is purely your XML file as it should be.
  7. HDT Anus Physics Update PE/SMP

    Those a blabbas bones in the skeleton they are not used except for Citrus Body WIP stuff so you can move them if you want to, or you can just delete them and rename yours to them, I am trying to prevent another vagina rig failure. All the vagina bones are not for one rig they are for 3 different ones, one made by xp32, one by alan for UN7B and another one from a chinese modder that PMed me his rig. None had working physics till like months later and people now mix and match all 3, so not gonna touch that anymore. If you have stuff working just send me your skeleton and I add the things to XPMSE/XPMSSE.
  8. BeeingFemale

  9. CITRUS Heads (High Poly Heads)

  10. The author probably made the bow with the messed up hand scale of females. Which XPMSE fixes by rescaling. Try to do the following: Make a backup of the bow mesh if it does not work! Open the bow mesh, scale the bow to 0.92 and hit apply to the mesh, the bow should then be the right size in the game.
  11. Randomly inflating boobs

    You are using HDT and you're using a skeleton that has not the needed bones to support your body replacer nor your HDT setup.
  12. For what do you need old, buggy and inferior versions of XPMSE? I removed old versions because people used old versions because they read a XPMSE version number on some mod page and used the old version instead of the current one that had bugs fixed and people complained about the alread fixed bugs. So I am not fond of people getting old versions. Hmm ok, but is there a way to have a custom skeleton and still use the xpmse racemenu sliders? or at least be able to edit the default xpmse skeleton? Just In case, the mod im using is this one: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61132/? Yeah, any skeleton based on the latest XPMSE skeleton version (3.6, 2 years old) can use XPMSE RaceMenu sliders and the MCM, you can incoperate the edits from the other skeleton to the latest XPMSE skeleton via Nifskope. Not my problem if people never update their mods.