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  1. That is an unused ninode, if you would sanatize/cleanup the nif with nifskope, it would remove that ninode from the mesh because it is unused for any skinning in that mesh. => That slider does not change anything with that armor because nothing is attached to it
  2. Don't install Special Edition version of mods on Oldrim! Hint: The file that has Special in the name is the one for the Special Edition.
  3. Is it common to ignore the persons advice that tells you what is wrong? 3.94 does not work on SSE because the hkx files are incompatible, you cannot use a version before 4.0 on SSE without doing conversion work. Why would you do it in the first place when XPMS(S)E 4 is backwords compatible with all features from XPMSE 3? You cannot use LE or SSE meshes on different versions of the game if they contain stuff that doesn't work with that version. That is why Skyrim shows you that can't load something. Instead of doing 12 hours useless stuff maybe read 5 mins what I write? YOU INSTALLED BROKEN/INC
  4. XPMSE can't be the reason because even the oldrim nif works on SSE... If you try to install something that requires 3.94 then it is probably an oldrim mod that has incompatible meshes... If XPMSE would not work with your game, you would crash you would not even get to see the mesh failed to load exclamation mark of death...
  5. Broken/incompatible meshes, problem on your side not mine.
  6. Hey Groovtama, is there a way you would recommend changing leg to body ratio that doesn't screw up the skeleton or cause problems?


    I wager the answer is hell no, but I thought maybe you had some mad scientist solution for people who like long legs o/


    Anyway thanks for all the incredible shit you've made for Skyrim over the years!

  7. That is written in the log by the fucking game when you open a fucking menu...
  8. Sorry to see you're having issues with some so-called "modders" who just take your mods and screw them up. At least you tell it like it is.  Bravo!!  I've had an issue with Skyrim SE that I can't seem to get around. I've done some research on those who have problems with Hrthogar/Way of The Voice. Some have problems after they enter the building, some out in the rear courtyard. My issue is before I even get to the stairs near the Donation Chest.... way before, like maybe 100 feet away. I'm guessing it's where the cell starts. I get an immediate CTD.  Some say that reverting to XPMSE 4.2 fixes their problem, because the new XMPSE-E isn't compatible with the SKEE in the new Racemenu.  Over the past few days I've just played a few other quests, up to level 23, then last night I went back to Hrothgar and it CTD'd again.  I've been USING mods for over 30+ years, but I'm hardly a modder.  I've dicked around a bit with Bodyslide and Nifscope, but that's about it. Any assistance with this issue is greatly appreciated.  By the way, I'm using XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended-1988-4-51XPMSE.


    Any other info you require you have but to ask.


    By the way, thanks for all of the time and efforts you've put into your mods.

    1. Groovtama


      The issue for XPMSSE was with a scene where you learn a shout from the greybeards, if you crash when you get near high hrthogar or even outside it is likely a mesh or a texture or some other fuckup issue from some mod.


      Poeple like to throw around issues they have on problems that has nothing to do with it. The issue with XPMSSE is resolved, if you are on a version past 4.4x it can not happen anymore, people that tell you otherwise or write in forums otherwise are full of bs.


      Other example, recent bethesda update, makes it necessary that you update racemenu and skse for it to work again. People crash because they have other skse plugin mods that don't work anymore, but XPMSSE gets the fault again because like two SKSE updates were faulty. But hey what to expect from people that organize their game files like I organize my compost.

    2. Groovtama


      You could check in TES5Edit the mods that change that are, or install a High Hrothgar texture mods, or hide the high hrothgar architecture files in mod organizer, and see if that helps.

    3. Varsookish


      I thank you very much. Your work has always been exceptional and I wasn't faulting you for my problems, but I think you realize that. Hide the high hrothgar architecture files in mod organizer? I'll have to see about that, although I'm not yet sure how to go about doing that.  I just checked and don't see hrothgar anywhere.


      Anyway, I'll see what I can do. I'll run TES5Edit through Skyrim and Update and see what I can see.  Again, thank you.

  9. is already in my git, but I need to revision the base skeletons for XPMSE and that is an assload of work and skyrim modding just pisses me off currently.
  10. YOu are either using a custom race still, you have a mod that changes the skeleton path of vanila races for dumb reasons or you have XPMSE overwritten with some other mod.
  11. Succubus Race needs the skeleton it comes with replaced, that is written on their description page.
  12. What has that to do with XPMSE? XPMSE provides nodes if some body nif uses it or not is the body nifs problem and for Vampire Lord TBBP animations are not working anyway only physics based mods work like HDT-PE/SMP etc. The nodes for 4.X did not change from 3.9X, if your collision shapes are off they are off because you set them up to be off and not because you think some XPMSE node are randomly off.
  13. That is not the description of the esp you quoting, that is a message MO gives...
  14. It is just there so SoS scripts find the esp and disable the internal scaling for the player. Read the description of the esp.
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