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  1. That is not the description of the esp you quoting, that is a message MO gives...
  2. It is just there so SoS scripts find the esp and disable the internal scaling for the player. Read the description of the esp.
  3. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Just FYI that pack from that patreon is also one that comes with outdated XPMSSE scripts, so do not install them or overwrite the ones from XPMSSE 4.5x when you install the mod.
  4. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Apparently you care enough for my mod to redistrubute old versions and fuck up other people's games. Yeah was already pretty clear you don't care a lot about anything, but need to be seen as a help for the community.
  5. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Read my stickies on XPMSSE instead of argueing with me, if my mod has bugs or not... crash is related to Bethesda spamming hundreds of OnEquipped events on certain things in the game and XPMSSE is choking the engine to death with running hundred times the same function on a single NPC.
  6. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    For what do you need 3.6, just open the outdated skeleton that is packed with those crap mods that says 3.6 in the XPMSE floatextradata copy the nodes over and copy the strings over by renaming the nodes to the correct names... is so easy, 7 to 9 times copy-paste...
  7. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    Fix the body? Updateing the skeleton files from 3.6 to 4.2 has nothing to do with the body and my script files also not.... You need to change nothing in the body nifs, but who I am talking to... Ehm closed community china? Where do you think I got a chinese translation from for XPMSE? A lot of chinese and russians just take XPMSE/XPMSSE from Nexus, throw in a translated installer and put it up on their chinese/russians sites, and I don't mind because they keep shit up to date and don't redistrubute 2 months old buggy versions, because they can't be bothered to read the version number. BTW those chinese and russian site is the place I get my translations from... really closed western guy updates his mod with chinese closed comunity secret files...
  8. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    They and you apparently don't care apparently that the games of the people that install your crap crash.... can't even bother to provide the latest versions of the shit they redistribute... fuck me... wants to help the comunity and does that... What do you need to adapt the body to, you take the 3.6 and 4.2 skeleton and copy the nodes from one to the other... nothing changed that would make you need to reskin anything, do you even know what you are talking about...?
  9. Groovtama

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    How about you and those other "Full AIO SMP Body" dumbasses stop to redistribute complete installations of XPMSE/XPMSSE with animations and scripts, which I disallow on my page to be redistributed anyway and you just distribute the skeleton files you edited which are like 3 to 5 files instead of including also all my edited creature skeletons you did not even touch. And who people wonder why I think AIO modpacks are stupid, this guy and currently all others that redistribute XPMSE/XPMSSE in their packs, all of them, give you script files from 2 months ago aka scripts from version 4.3x which crashes the game in High Hrothgar, because Bethesda spams OnEquipped events, good job you fools.... That was fixed in XPMSE/XPMSSE 4.40+, 2 weeks before you released your pack the first time and you and others could not even bother to update their shit ass pirate packs. So people if you want an AIO prepare for crashes because if you use one of theirs packs you are more likely investing more time in finding that dumb shit error than installing CBBE SE, installing HDT SMP and find other xmls/configurating SMP xmls yourself. And something else for those "Full AIO SMP Body" dumbasses, is it so hard to copy paste those 7-8 nodes from the old XPMSE 3.6 skeleton to the new 4.2 one, I do that in like 2 minutes per skeleton. Are you to incompetent to do that? Is that why you can't make JOP compatible version?
  10. 4.31 is outdated.... 4.51 is latest and 4.31 has issues...
  11. Do you use the latest version, did you enable the clear invalid registration fix in SKSE ini?
  12. Update to the latest version 4.50, the problems are already fixed there.
  13. XPMSE has nothing to do if your left handed weapons shows a sheath or something else that is all on DSR or other mods part.
  14. Flimsy Ragdoll is not an option, it is just the edits that are in the skeleton it extends on Realisitc Ragdoll and looks better in my eyes.
  15. If people only fall to the ground that means you installed previous XPMSE versions, disabled the esp and never bothered to install RR&F Realism esp when you have to because XPMSE never came with an esp file that came with just the physics setting, that is not a bug that is you fucking up your installation. Soul Gem Oven 3 used a node for modification that is related to Deadly Mutilation and should not be used, Every node that is a copy of a Vanilla node with an A,B,C at the end is the same, for Deadly Multilation only. Not my problem when people use the wrong nodes. XPMSE and XPMSSE by default come without Deadly Mutilation support now because support for that mod has side effectzs for people that don't have that mod which is the majority. If modelers use those Dealy Mutilation nodes that is equally as wrong, that script should not be able to do what it was designed to do when the node name is wrong. For the other mods didn't look and didn't want to look. (Edit: looked it up FIll her up uses scaling the belly node, not all bodies have the belly node rigged, so again not my problem) Node scaling doesn't work as easy as you think it does a child node helps here nothing, Use motphs if you want shit like that to that instead of using skeleton modifications.