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  1. Groovtama

    The Mighty XML + Full SMP Body (WIP)

    SKEE has nothing to do with it he also recommends the none option on the rig map on 4.20 see the original source he linked, 4.20 does not interact with SKEE and can not have CTDs because of it. The original author and the person that posted here have just no clue what my mod does with the option and give false recommendation that can lead to people having issues which I do not like.
  2. Groovtama

    The Mighty XML + Full SMP Body (WIP)

    What has the rig map to do with CTDs? The rig maps in XPMSE are 4 years old. And the XPMSSE ones are the same as them and just ported, nobody had CTDs because of them ever. What you talk makes no sense. It only could cause CTD if you would put the oldrim hkx in newrim or the other way round. That would mean you install the wrong skeleton on the wrong version of the game. Some random guy on 9DM, some super crediable source....
  3. Groovtama

    The Mighty XML + Full SMP Body (WIP)

    The mod provides an old oldrim XPMSE 3.6 skeleton that is 2 years old. And it only provide it for human females not for beasts, which either means the file is unneeded and just a complete compatibility hazard that just gives problems to me when someone installs it over XPMSSE and something suddenly doesn't work anymore, or beast races are not working with this mod because the skeleton for them is missing and XPMSSE's skeleton can't do the job, which I think is not the case. The None Option is for people that do not want install a skeleton rig map at all so they don't have to install FNIS, the None option is not for HDT-SMP, and people don't have to ensure they ticked the None option for that mod to work, that is bullshit.
  4. Groovtama

    The Mighty XML + Full SMP Body (WIP)

    May I know why the NONE option is suggested when using HDT SMP? And also why you redistrubate old outdated XPMSE skeletons from oldrim and only for human females? Remove that non-sense.
  5. Groovtama

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    Read the stickies for fucks sake...
  6. Groovtama

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    See stickies on XPMSSE page. and SKEE is not a requirement for XPMSSE, it is a requirement if you want all features, the installer tells you what option has what requirements you can install XPMS(S)E on 4.32 with no MCM and Scripts you just have to edit the skeleton mesh yourself if you want specific weapons positions. Because I do not complicate my workflow and installer just so some people that have no clue how scripts or anything works with XPMS(S)E get their no scripts are better daily brainfuck fix. I still think the first set of scripts that cause a large cosaves has are technically better than the ones that do a lot of dumb shit on runtime but I rather cut the rant short here.
  7. Groovtama

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    OS does not care what version you have installed of XPMSSE. OS has its own set of skeletons it uses for rigging, because rigging with the skeletons for the game has sideeffects with the female skeleton. If you want to rig to nodes that are not in OS but in XPMSSE you need to copy them to the OS reference skeleton yourself.
  8. Groovtama

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    Wrong XPMS(S)E has the complete Max CBBE edits included, it is not mentioned in the changelog because Max CBBE was already taken offline before I released stuff. It even has a small fix for the Max CBBE rig, which I communicated when I was asked to include it. I would recommend looking at the latest versions and not on ones that are 2 years out of date. Yes and sorry my bad its only 10 nodes that are added.
  9. Groovtama

    Brand New UNP and UNPB Body for Skyrim SE

    That is an outdated XPMSE skeleton with 12 nodes added to rig the mesh to and add collision shapes what is there much to study about.
  10. Look in the mcm menu and you see what is missing. The problem is with something that is there not with XPMSE otherwise you would have crashed a long time ago.
  11. No I can't because I can't compare my XPMSE and XPMSSE branch in git that way.
  12. That is the FSM de Gozaru option
  13. Post your FNIS output that should not happen normally.
  14. FNIS needs to be 7.2 or newer.