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    Haha thank you so much!
  2. Yeah that's definitely one of the main reasons for me as well! I feel uncomfortable in my teeth when the fizzy part hits them
  3. I don't like soda at all :c
  4. Effie

    Rawr c:

    If you mean texture, then it's the adorable face texture. There's not really a mod for this face - it's just creativity and patience in racemenu/ECE
  5. Effie

    Snapdragon <3

    Thank you very much
  6. Effie

    Snapdragon <3

    Source: Show your Skyrim counterpart... A bonus while testing enb:
  7. It's not about who has the best or who has the worst, it's about knowing your limit :b Plus i would drop to 5 fps occasionally, but no that would not crash me because at least i made sure that my mods was nothing harsh on my laptop c:
  8. If your computer was crappy enough, you would have a change of tune. My laptop that i used for years was. I had to play with hialgo, all the mods that makes textures potatoes and so on and the only enb i could barely run was reallike enb. My game was still stable because i knew which mods my computer could handle and couldn't Etc open cities and convenient horses would crash me rather often on fast travel or saving. I only began playing on my boyfriends pc about a month ago.
  9. lol Try telling that to myself when i first starting modding >.< i just got anything and everything i could. Had no idea of load order or even compatibility...took aaaaaaaaaaages before i found stuff like LOOT Haha yeah i know xd But in this case i think op mentioned he used MO, which was mostly what i meant xD But yeah in the beginning OR for people who still hasn't switched to MO i guess it's stiill a legit problem >_<
  10. Don't think in all my years that i've ever raged or even considered nuking my Skyrim or MO o_o I don't understand how CTDs make people rage because they have installed more than their computer can handle, or installed a mod that isn't compatible with another, or installed a bad mod that is known for CTDing randomly oo I mean fixing the CTDs are usually easy if you start checking all the mods that has an esp and you are unsure about ^^' But no, i have never experienced anything close to that, and i do find it surprising when i hear it happens.
  11. Maybe the enb is the cause, since my enb's are usually high detailed with a lot of sharpness. Cause indeed i do usually also see the seam with fair skin alone ^^ So i guess i am just stuck with the inevitable xD
  12. I already have that set to false and i sitll have a seam. It doesn't even matter which enb i use, it has been visible ever since i downloaded it :b Even after going into photoshop and matching the color perfectly, i still had this yellow ting on the neck as if it was the lightning that caused it. I use MO as well and i only have fair skin and adorable face there - i have checked sooo many times.
  13. Hope whichever fix comes your way will help on my unavoidable adorable face + fair skin neck seam as well xD Cause just fixing the color in photoshop obv doesn't help haha
  14. its not a matter of settings this is how majority of modders declare actors for sexlab scenes actor[] sexActors = new actor[2] sexActors[0] = PlayerRef sexActors[1] = OtherActor if it is done like this then your cgharacter is going to be fucked because sexlab doesnt give a slightest damn if your character is male or female or what kind of settings you got set in sexlab or whereever else it would be actor[0] being fucked by actor[1] every single time. if 0 is male and 1 is female then even if you disable strapons then some female would fuck your male char with invisible strapon. Only thing you can do is to ask mod author to add a check what kind of gender PlayerRef is and use a different actor declaration in case PlayerRef turns to be a male. Yea... all the same you can suggest that i have a secret desire to become a vampire because from like 10 characters i've made in this game so far there is only one i didn't turn into a vampire - and that was mainly because i wanted to check dawnguard storyline... i do like to play as vampire. Btw becoming a vampire makes your character look as dolish as one on this pic <-- as for having them gang raped - i do fancy making a bloodbath anytime someone tries... so dont generalize plx I'm pretty sure i just said i'm not referring to you, but you can take it personal if you want or not ^^ But in the end it's true that SOME not ALL guys do it :b
  15. I don't know why this universal answer has always made me lol when i hear it from a guy xD But more in Skyrim since most of the guys don't even play the game anymore at that point, they just have the female character and dress her up as like doll or let her get gang banged which then doesn't even make sense to the first statement in the end then. I'm NOT refering to you, just to the people that use that as an excuse but probably secretly wants the feeling of being a girl x3
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