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  1. We will seee, but thank you so much in advance ❤️
  2. I used to have this mod and wanted to try it out again, but i saw it had been taken down on nexus :c Does anyone have a copy they can share? Pretty pleasee ❤️
  3. Thank you 😄 It's been a long time haha
  4. Just got my skyrim running again, been quite addicted ♥ xD
  5. Thank yoou! Somehow last i tried to download it there, it said the file was taken down lol >_< Apparently i can download it there now 😄 It's sooooo cuuuuute!!!!
  6. Hiyaa, i just got back to skyrim and found this super adorable bunny on the head mod, but it seems it was only up for a limited time and i can't find it anywhere now 😧 Does anyone have it or know a place to find it? :c
  7. I may be wrong here, but i've always seen these kinds of games as a way to play what you want to be. As it's a roleplaying game where YOU are the character. You identify with the character and what he/she experiences, you experience, so i can agree a lot with your post since a lot of this was my thoughts too for a while. If you have the fantasy of women being raped, i as well assumed that playing a male character and then raping female npcs would make more sense. In these kinds of communities, i just imagine most people want to be a woman in real life and be raped or be gangbanged xD
  8. Just a reply nothing to see here move on :v Another reply? c:
  9. I'm very happy to see you posting again. She is too sweet and gorgeous. Thank you. Thank you as always
  10. Agreed, but unfortunately with ECE vertex edit you can't edit other things such as the eyelashes, or the mouth (teeth) mesh. Guess that's true, never thought of that since i've never had the need to use such ahah.
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