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Welcome to Devious Keyholders



Are you always forgetting where you left your keys?

Are you dropping your keys every time a chest goes *BANG*?

Are you sick of bandits stealing your keys (and using them)?

Your Spouse doesn't like you being away from home all the time?

Do you lack self-control when you find a key?



Well, there is a solution...


There are lots of friendly persons around Skyrim who would very happily hold on to those keys for you...


Of course, they will hold those keys for exactly the time period you agreed upon. And not a second less...



This mod introduces keyholders. Just approach any person and ask him/her/hir/shi to hold on to the keys to your favorite Devious gear for a specific period of time.


Talk to a keyholder again after you have given the first key(s) to see additional options.


Small print:

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. Do not use on saves you care about.




  • Multiple (some say 'many') keyholders.
  • Chastity Belt with timer (experimental).
  • No gender discrimination unless configured.
  • Variable times before keys become available again.
  • Keyholders can donate keys to other persons or hide them in chests.
  • Transfer any keys to a keyholder as soon as you find them.
  • Special handling of Chasitity keys for married persons.
  • Bribery and devious treachery.
  • Some tweaks and options. And more to come...
  • Teach self-control with a lockable configuration screen. Why should the Dragonborn have all the fun?

Requirements (updated):

  • Devious Devices - Integration 2.9.0
  • Devious Devices - Assets 2.9.0
  • SexLabFramework
  • SexLab Aroused
  • ZaZ Animation Pack

And any additional dependencies required by these mods.



  • Captured Dreams
  • Deviously Cursed Loot

Highly recommended:

  • Deviously Cursed Traps
  • Devious Devices - For the Masses II
  • A Matter Of Time

Usage hints:



Lost track of your keyholders (or used the donate/mail options)?

Look for the 'Keyholder's Manual' in a barrel in the Embershard Mine (just before the tripwire). Every time you read this Manual it identifies some keyholders and points you at them.


Dialogs do not show up:

Either you do not have any keys, the person is not yet a keyholder, or the NPC has custom dialogs that override my dialogs.


Keyholders/Chests are not shown on the map.

Do you have Dragonborn installed? Look also in Solstheim.


You chose the 'forever' option. How do you get your keys back?

Well, you are getting what you asked for. Try pickpocketing or ask the keyholder to hide the keys in chests somewhere.


You screwed around with the Magical Leash and tried to trick the holder of said Leash.

That's what you get for toying with a Work-in-Progress -- yes, the effect is intentional. Talk to Master at Captured Dreams. She can fix this little problem for the usual fee.


You cannot give some keys to your keyholder.

The mod currently knows about publicly available keys from the following mods:

  • Devious Devices - Assets
  • Deviously Cursed Loot
  • Captured Dreams

Other keys are ignored.


My keys disappared as soon as I got them back from my keyholder.

Talk to the keyholder who received the donated keys. You will be granted a 15 minute reprieve when you retrieve keys from him/her/hir.


I cannot find my Chastity keys.

Talk to your Spouse.


I cannot get out of the Heavy Yoke. I keep losing the keys.

Either disable the Heavy Yoke key or look into the Cheat options.


How do I obtain that Chastity Belt that is the fashion in all of Markath? Radiant Rainent doesn't stock it...

For those whose console-fu is lacking... check the barrel in the Embershard Mine (includes an owner's manual) or use the MCM menu.




Installation instructions:

  1. Unpack the file and place all content in the Skyrim Data directory in the appropriate locations.
  2. Enable KeyholderQuest.esp.


  1. Unpack the file, overwrite existing objects. Remove the script\Sources (note the 's'!!!) folder left by previous versions.

Uninstallation instructions:

  • Remove KeyholderQuest.esp.
  • Remove all scripts starting with KcR from the scripts and scripts\Source directories.


  • MCM menu.
  • More features.
  • Recognize more keys.
  • Squish bugs.
  • Fix quests/dialogs for male keyholders (dialogs in Skyrim are still a PitA).
  • Look into time-released equipment. (experimental in 0.4)
  • Do something interesting with Spouses as Guardians of the Dragonborn's Chastity.
  • World domination (what does this dial do?)


Thanks to the very long list of people who created Devious Devices and the

underlying infrastructure. You have cost me way too many hours of my life and will cost me many more.



This is a work-in-progress. Please do not redistribute in the current state. Otherwise, have fun!


Changelog history:



- Initial escape



- Allow male keyholders, followers, spouse. Disabled animals and non-unique NPCs.

- Added more keys.

- Prevent removal of keys from followers.

- Grace period when retrieving keys before they are donated back again.

- Donate chastity items to spouse.

- Keyholder can give an estimate how many keys are held.



- Fixed Hidden Keys quest. Keys are now correctly transferred from keyholder to chest. [upgrade from 0.2 to 0.2.1 will fix running quests]

- Fixed inventory access for followers / spouse.

- Removed stagger effect from Leash -- it broke the game too often.



Requires Devious Devices 2.9.0

- MCM menu.

- Updated recognized keys.

- Randomize times. Repeating intervals (too late and you have to wait some more).

- Optional enhancements: Do not release Chasity keys to an aroused Dragonborn. Lose and misplace donated keys.

- Cheats: Yoke keys.

- Of course, everything configurable and tweakable.

- Lock the configuration to keep the player from cheating. Why should only the Dragonborn have all the fun.


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Devious Devices - Integration 2.9.0
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Love the idea, giving your fate to someones hand :)

So bad to quit lurking chests and plants if you just found that

slavegag key, but dont own the matching slavegag plug key yet.

Guess i can lower keydropping chance a lot then ^^


Well, you will be exchanging drop chances to waiting periods, but you need to get the keys first. It is up to you do decide what is more challenging.




A small warning:  The slavegag keys (and most others from Devious Cursed Loot) are not recognized yet -- only the yoke is currently included as I used it for testing keys from non-required mods.


I expect to add the other keys soon (if possible).

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Nice idea! :)


Could probably add some "Oh, I thought about it and I don't think that you -really- want that key back" type of dialogue. Lots of opportunities to torment the player here!





There are already some ugly interesting surprises hidden in the dialog tree -- try holding back some keys when passing keys to the keyholder.

Unfortunately the randomness of the dialogs seems a bit screwy so I'm not sure how often they will pop up.


When I get arond to looking into MCM configuration, I will also introduce randomness in the release times and make other features that have randomly more configurable.

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Excellent. This is one thing I have been sort of wishing for but not exactly in this form. I will install this right away and try it out :)


Then comes the request part: Can this mod make your Spouse an Extra Special keyholder with plenty of expanded features in the future? ;-)

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Excellent. This is one thing I have been sort of wishing for but not exactly in this form. I will install this right away and try it out :)


Then comes the request part: Can this mod make your Spouse an Extra Special keyholder with plenty of expanded features in the future? ;-)


Have fun :-)



I am not sure about Spouses (my characters tend not to marry so I completely overlooked this option). I do expect that like followers, it is too easy to access their inventory so that takes away some of the charm -- which is why followers cannot be keyholders.


I definitely will look into this - maybe it is possible to hide keys while accessing the inventory of followers/spouses :-)


If you have any suggestions for features/options specifically for Spouses, let me know.

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I'll try to come up with some coherent suggestions later but that will require some Zzzzz first.

I personally dislike followers very much. They are always in the way, sometimes even blocking your movement and they always make a mess out of fights. Even though the followers are (too) tough they easily make fights much harder than they should be. In addition there's always those armbinder removals etc that are possible via dialogue that are equally annoying. I mean they are there and meant to be used unlike console commands. You feel stupid if you don't use the dialogues and you feel stupid if you do. Oh, and your follower can actually PUSH you over a ledge too. Funny stuff.


Overall what I would like with Spouses is far too big and tedious to implement but the general idea is something like this: Your spouse pretty much owns you. Let's say the marriage agreement went somehow wrong or something ;)  You are not allowed to use ANY items unless given a permit to do so. The permits would be permanent in nature and you could buy them from your spouse. You would have to haul money (like in real life ;) ) to your home. Maybe along with jewelry and fulfill any specific orders your spouse makes and so on.


Something that might be doable though are quests. Your spouse sents you into the world to kill something or to get something and gives you 'random' specific gear for the task. Along with suitable Devices naturally. But as I said I will try to make more coherent suggestions later. They may or may not be doable, but they might spawn new ideas :)

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Looks like keyholders need personalities:

  • Playful.
  • Helpful.
  • Unstable.
  • Dominant.
  • Utter b*tch.
  • Spouse.
  • Can't read the clock.
  • ...

next to factors as faction/relationship rank/arousal.


Anyone knows if there are already mods that track such a thing?

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Wow this looks awesome. Something that I never realised I wanted if that makes sense. But I do. Will try it out and feedback. Looks like there are lots of options in order to expand this in the future which will be cool. I believe Sexlab Dialogues uses some form of personality however I'm not really a modder (more a player) although looking to get into it and so not entirely sure how it works. 

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Your mod is a dream of mine coming true. Thanks for your work. I can't wait for your keyholders personalities update!


About your question: Versh (Devious Device - More Devious Quest) is working in a mood system for his next update but I think is not a good ideia to make his mod a requirement.


May I suggest a simple solution? Only categorize the most famous NPCs and leave the rest at random dialogue, like:


Playful: Sinmir, Carlotta
Helpful: Lydia, Ysolda
Unstable: Arcadia
Dominant: Hulda
Utter b*tch: Irileth
Can't read the clock: Belethor



I can make a better list if you like the idea.

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Besides the obvious taking advantage of the PC locked up, I think this mod has the potential to start diving into the more "positive" nature of some of the chastity items. A helpful or empathetic key holder who might also sell chastity items I think could be a new direction the DD items can start going into. By applying the items as a way of preventing unwanted sex.

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Is it possible for you to make men possible keyholders as well?




But due to the nature of Skyrim dialogs it is a lot of work -- creating quests/dialog trees for Master, Mistress and a third variety for mixed situations. The dialogs are gender specific and heavily scripted which makes it a major PitA.


Also, to be honest, male keyholders are not my personal interest and therefore I have put support for them a bit back. It is on my TODO list, but I want to have a MCM menu first -- having male/female/both configurable will solve at least some of my problems with the dialogs and quests (unless you want to address your mail keyholder as Mistress/Lady :D).

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I was playing with this mod tonight.  Observations

1) The speech dialogue directed to Mistress which initiates this appears on all people and dogs.  Males, Females and dogs do give different responses.  

2) I got the book and read it to find recommended keyholders. No quest initiated.

3) I wandered over to Elsief and she accepted keys. I had her give keys to other ladies. Then the book initiated the quest to find those keys.

4) I asked Elsief if I can give her all my keys - they started getting Donated to her.

5) The keys Elsief gave out were also donated and not retrievable.

6) I asked Elsief if I could stop sending her keys.  She told me that I can do what I want.  All keys keep getting donated.

7) I asked Elsief to leash me.  She agreed.  Now I'm walking around and being told that the Leash isn't the area.  No penalty - course your note says this is a TODO.


Only issue was with the request to stop donating.  Apparently once keys start getting sent, they always get sent.  


Of course, as soon as all keys get sent, Cursed Devices threw me into a Heavy Yoke - no way to get a key in my inventory so no way to get released.  And apparently someone changed something so the cart drivers won't transport me with a Heavy Yoke.  Brutal.  



Anyway - nice mod.  Seems to be behaving pretty well.

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Are the keys supposed to auto move to the keyholder?  


Not by default.


But you can ask a keyholder if she would like to receive all keys you find. That will activate this feature and then keys are moved whenever they are given (if no menu is open) or when you close the inventory/container menu.


This is especially coded to allow players to use keys they find in chests as long as they don't close the container menu.  It might also work when they craft keys but I have not tested this.


Whenever I get around to the MCM menu that will be configurable, with the alternative to move all keys on acquirement ('hardcore' mode), if technically possible combined with punishment when you have crafted the key.

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