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    My interests are nothing. I only seek to forget that i am real.
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    You don't care, neither do i. Even if you might, i still won't.

    This profile is just a left over of times long since passed. I don't intend on modding or embracing useless stimulating content.

    All of it can go rot away alongside this world.

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  1. the mod updated again, is 3.2.6 supported or can only this pack be applied on 3.2.2?
  2. this mod is still very important to me. up there with cd. Is future development still planned because i would love to see more events unfold and an ending/finale of sorts. if i ever go back to playing i would love to see something like it
  3. When did i ever say that i was? Do you really think i don't understand that horrible things happen all around the world? That i've never heard of the Rwandan genocide? Josef Fritzel? 9/11? The "dancing boys" of Afghanistan? The holocaust? Do you really think i belive that i am the only person in the world who has ever lived through something bad? Do give me atleast a modicum of credit.. All i've done is share my own view and story on this matter, because i was named and called out on it, so i pretty much had to defend my reasoning. Plain and simple. +1
  4. perfect xvx now i can hang myself ingame too before doing it irl... for practice
  5. i'm not well.. uhh if someone still cares. you're welcome to message me or whatever.

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