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  1. What is up my dude - Ultimately, pursue a project that you yourself can be excited about. If you're looking for positive feedback as a shot in the arm, however, here you go: this is great. Simple, engaging (hot), and a great use of the framework. Only thing I can think of is that I seem to inexplicably escape after a little time, even without struggling, and then the mod doesn't seem to kick in unless I reload the cell. Will be watching your career with great interest 😄
  2. Maybe try reinstalling FNIS this time into skyrim/data/tools, given that it's telling you it can't find GenerateFNIS_for_Users in that location?
  3. re: animations Crawling/riding styles displayed as slow walk animations (so the character looks to be moonwalking on top of the spider, for instance), even during player crawling test. I'll double check on the mount/horse animations. Honestly, it could happen with any, I was just screwing around with the royal mine first. Player name is default 'prisoner'. [12/30/2018 - 10:18:35PM] SCB info: Player triggered an active mine. [12/30/2018 - 10:18:35PM] SCB info: Registering for player sleep events. [12/30/2018 - 10:18:35PM] SCB info: Initializing Bea
  4. I'm sorry dude, I wish I could be more help with this but I'm having some trouble. Crawl/riding animations are borked for my player and npcs. I ctd at the royal mine as soon as I get cap'd by beasts (spiders are fine though), and I've got some save stability issues...
  5. Hey man, just wanna say 'neat' and 'I appreciate what you do'.
  6. getting the same thing as monsta88 - Rkund terminates with a lift that, if used, doesn't actually take the player anywhere. Stuck here for now, I guess.
  7. throwing in another report of carts not attaching. Tried multiple chars, saves... maybe I shouldn't be playing on my laptop
  8. Ignore at your discretion Say you get locked into something very difficult to get out of. Slave stuff, for instance. You curse your fate and your new enslavement, but it begs the question... enslavement to what? What if particularly restrictive sets were tied to an npc? Say your new collar had "Property of farengar" on it and you had to visit him if you wanted it off as... directly as possible.
  9. Gonna throw in another report of ctd on transparent suit. Crashes when equipped out of inventory (added through console) as well
  10. Did the requirements change since 4.7? I'm getting a CTD on launch since replacing it with 4.9(a) edit: hdt high heels is now a hard requirement
  11. Alright, I've disabled every non master for this mod and the brunette still gets stuck on brandshei, no variability. Not sure what's going on, still, but... just sayin.
  12. Cleared all mods that would change riften. I'll move it lower, I guess, but the same thing happened three times through repetition. Edit: still happening. It doesn't seem to be a navmesh issue, her target appears to be next to brandshei, and when she reaches it nothing happens. Not sure what's going on. Reset ai, toggle ai, disabling his kiosk... idk
  13. During setup for punishment by the girls in riften, the brunette walks over to and then gets stuck on brand-shei in the marketplace. Anything I can do about this?
  14. I guess I'm not understanding how to start the new quest... Under no circumstances does anything seem to happen differently with the three listed npcs
  15. Interested, but could you list what it does, and what mods it supports, in one go in the description of the mod? It'd just be easier to look at it all together than to page through the patches one after another...
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