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Version 1.04 works with Sexlab 1.5x+. Stick with version 1.03 of this mod if staying with Sexlab 1.39.
Version 1.04 has also been tested with Sexlab 1.60 and found to be 100% working.


If you're like me, you find it kind of annoying that the Player or NPCs wearing a gag moan during sex as if they weren't wearing one.


Luckily, I have created a solution. Install this mod, and two new voice types are installed into sexlab called "Female Gagged" and "Male Gagged". These voices are Disabled by default and should stay that way. Otherwise the gagged voice could come up randomly in random voice selections.


After installation, you're done. Anytime a Sexlab sex scene is initiated, any male or female (NPC or Player) wearing a gag will use the Gagged voice instead of a normal voice.


The mod looks for an attachment featuring the gag keywords from either ZaZAnimationPack (zbfWornGag) or from Devious Devices (zad_DeviousGag).
Gags will now override dialogue when a NPC or Follower wears one. This can be configured on and off in sections via the new MCM menu.


- About Followers -
For Followers specifically, all dialog related to player commands are overridden. However, the commands will still be followed. (After all they can hear you just fine).


This is for Generic voiced Followers that use the Standard Follower package. Custom Voiced Followers and/or followers that use custom packages, may not work. Hirelings and Housecarls are also covered. More to come as possible.


Followers that are known to work:
- All Vanilla followers
- Lara Croft Companion by maymay1588
- FRGirls by VRApollo VRDaphni and Furiousreason
- Danariel Strongbow by VRDaphni VRApollo and Danariel
- Victoria Velina by choco2114
- Any follower based on the standard follower package and dialogue.


Custom followers that will have conflicts are:
- Vilja by Emma Amgepo Lycanthrops
- Selene Kate by Kasprutz and Hello Santa
- Kitara


- About Special follower support -
For Serana from Dawnguard, I have created an additional ESP to handle her custom package specifically. Only install the Dawnguard ESP *with* the standard GagSFX.esp if you have Dawnguard and use Serana.


For Hireling Teldryn Sero from Dragonborn, I have created an additional ESP to handle his custom package specifically. Only install the Dragonborn ESP *with* the standard GagSFX.esp if you have Dragonborn and use Teldryn.


For Steward support using the Hearthfires DLC, you must also install the Hearthfires plugin to handle the custom features.
I will create more custom ESPs for other custom followers as time and circumstance allows. (Selene Kate and Kitara are probably next)


- About Follower Mods -
The Follower Overrides have been tested with Amazing Follower Tweaks and is compatible. Compatibility with EFF or UFO is unknown.


- About Other conflicts -
This mod is not compatible with 'Sexlab Horny Followers' by Bromm83 as it overrides follower dialogue. I may try adding in similar functionality at a later point.


- About Males and Gags -
Support has been added for a male voice, but at this time, I do not have access to decent male gagged sound fx. Default Male gagged sounds are included for NPC/Follower voices, But the Sexlab sound files are simply silent.
You can change these to your own sounds by replacing the WAV files in the 'mild', 'medium', and 'hot' directories found under "Data\Sound\FX\Gagsounds\GaggedMale01".


- About the MCM menu -
The new MCM menu has only a few options right now:




Toggle dialogue override in 4 sections.
- Overrides for NPC/Follower Miscellaneous dialogue. (Seeing corpse,Hellos, Goodbyes, Idle comments, etc)
- Overrides for NPC/Follower Detection dialogue. (comments related to Sneaking, Trespass, Pickpocket, while Searching for hostiles, etc)
- Overrides for NPC/Follower Follower Related dialogue.
- Overrides for NPC/Follower Combat dialogue. (comments and sounds/grunts while fighting)




- A reset option that resets all quests and re-registers the voices into Sexlab.


- About Updating -
Usually, simply replacing the old files *completely* with the files from the new update is enough. If there are any special update instructions, They will be mentioned in the release notes. If there is a problem after install, Resetting the Sexlab Voice Registry should clear it up.


The mod is compatible with other mods that change Sexlab voices, and should have no conflicts.


- Special Upgrade instructions from versions before 1.04 to 1.04 -


1.04 uses BSA archives, so it's important to fully remove the older mod before updating. A quick checklist of what to delete if you don't use a mod manager:

  • the Directory Data\Sound\FX\Gagsounds (except for any custom sounds you may use. Keep those)
  • the Directory Data\Sound\Voice\GagSFX.esp
  • all Scripts under Data\Scripts which are named GagSFX*.pex
  • all GagSFX*.esp files.

After that you can install 1.04 and should have no issues.


- Required Packages -
For Version 1.03 of this mod: Sexlab 1.39, ZazAnimationPack 5.4, Devious Devices - Assets 2.x
For Version 1.04+ of this mod: Sexlab 1.50 ZazAnimationPack 5.5, Devious Devices - Assets 2.x


- Enjoy

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Sexlab, ZazAnimation Pack, Devious Devices - Assets
  • Special Edition Compatible


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I agree, great mod.

Do you think it yould be able to attach those effects directly to the gags? I.e. I gag my companion, but she just keeps on talking anyway. Would it be possible to play your (or any other) gagged sounds instead?


Now thats a nice idea. I don't know if its possible or how hard it would be to do, but if it worked I could remove my Serana STFU mod and just gag her...

hmmm It would stop her biting me to. ;)

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Can you make the same for male voices with silent .wav files?

That would already be enough to shut up males wearing a gag, and if someone wants to have male gag sounds they just have to replace the silent .wav sounds with .wav files with gag sounds.


Yes, I'll probably do this, I just didn't have any male gag sounds at this time.

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Ok, I have updated the mod to 1.01.


This adds the support for males gagged as Someone92 suggested, with silent wav files. If anyone has any good suggestions for a source for male gag sounds, I'm willing to consider them. :)


Just overwrite the mod with the new version to update, and enjoy.

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I'm not sure that makes sense, as you can't really be gagged and giving a blowjob at the same time.


But you could always copy and rename the sound files from this mod over to the sexlab directory for Oral sounds, which is "Data\Sound\Fx\SexLab\fxOral01"


Also I could recommend sunspotz's mod that changes the oral sounds if you don't like the Sexlab defaults: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/425-sexlab-sound-fx-replacer/


I think the "mature" version is pretty nifty.

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Not sure if you can do anything about this, or if it would have to be xaz, but during the pillory events while imprisoned the player has both the ZaZ sounds and the gagged sounds.

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Not sure if you can do anything about this, or if it would have to be xaz, but during the pillory events while imprisoned the player has both the ZaZ sounds and the gagged sounds.


What mod is that? Prison Overhaul? or which?

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