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  1. Same problem here. Latest version of slavetats Are you on LE or SE? There's an ini file edit that has to be made to enable face tats. It's off by default because it can cause CTDs if you allow decapitations. For LE you need to find and edit nioverride.ini, Open it in an editor and read the comments, the change is easy to find. For SE it's in skee64.ini, the setting for face overlays, bEnableFaceOverlays.
  2. That's a problem I never ran into. I always steal 100+ bottles of Honningbrew mead before and during that quest, and store them in Breezehome. I always carry one or two around with me in case I meet the drunken revelers.
  3. Check your skee64.ini. There's a section for scaling that looks like this: ; Determines scaling mode ; 0 - Multiplicative ; 1 - Averaged ; 2 - Additive ; 3 - Maximum iScaleMode=3 See what your setting is.
  4. Since FO4Edit shows that only Fallout4.esm and Armorsmith Extended.esp mention the Minuteman General's armor, I installed a BSA browser and found that while Fallout4.ba2 contains an FOutfit1stperson.nif, Armorsmith Extended.ba2 does not. So as far as I can tell there is nothing overriding the FOutfit1stperson.nif from the base game. Just to make sure, and assuming that loose files will override files from the ba2 (like they do in Skyrim) I extracted FOutfit1stperson.nif and MOutfit1stperson.nif from the Fallout4.ba2 and placed them in an otherwise empty MO2 mod at the end of my load order, to
  5. Forgot to include this, this is how the entry looked after I changed it, the third column is from the My Patch mod.
  6. This is what the models look like in FO4Edit where the first column is Fallout4.esm and the second Armorsmith Extended.esp. Since I don't see any loose files in the Armorsmith Extended mod, I assume that FOutfit1sperson.nif is in one of the ba2 files. Anyway, attempting to do what you described, but fumbling my way through it since I've never messed with FO4Edit before, I (1) right clicked on the Fallout4.esm header and (2) copied the entry as an override into a new patch I named My Patch. My Patch was created as a new esp file at the bottom of the load order
  7. If I use MO2 to view the virtual data folder I can only find FOutfit.nif and FOutfit.tri in Fallout4\data\Meshes\Armor\Minuteman. Is that the right place to look?
  8. I've installed Fo4Edit, but I don't know what I'm doing with it. The only mods changing The Minutemen General's Uniform are ArmorKeywords.esm and Armorsmith Extended.esp. Both of those mods have the same Object Effect as Fallout4.esm, which is EnchClothingCharisma. Is there something else I should look for? And by the way, thanks for trying to help.
  9. It's only in first person. I've attached a pic. I'll check in FO4edit but I'll have to install it first.
  10. I recently obtained the Minuteman General's outfit from the dead general in the Castle. After equipping it, if I go into sneak mode my field of view is obscured, either completely by flesh color background with a darker section in the middle, or with a similar color covering the left half of the screen. Unequipping the outfit restores full sight. Has anyone ever seen anything like that? I've searched for bugs and found that the night vision perk and one other (can't remember the name at the moment) can cause blurred vision, but that doesn't seem to describe my problem,
  11. As far as patches go, there's one I was using for LE called "SGO fix for xpmse 4.32+" that is available someplace in this forum thread (sorry, can't give you the page number). For SE I'm using the beta SGO4 without any patches. Hope that helps.
  12. We discussed many of the differences on January 6th and 7th, just a few posts up from yours. Did you read those?
  13. Thanks for your comment. For now I have my laptop back and I've edited the file (in my own separate mod in MO2) so that stripping and reequipping works as I expected. I'll take a look at Roggvir's mod that you mentioned.
  14. I discovered that my xml file was being overridden by one from the UAF patch mod, which appears to be causing my problems. Unfortunately the fan in my laptop started making horrible sounds before I could verify a fix, so I'll have to wait until that is fixed before trying again.
  15. I don't see anything related to stripping in AAF_settings.ini. AAF_equipmentSetData.xml looks more promising, But it appears to be simply a list of all slots to be unequipped. The backpack mod uses slots 54 to 57, or Unnamed1 to 4 in that xml file. Do I need to change the string "Unnamed1" to the reference id of the backpack?
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