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  1. Is there anything special about DOGGYSTYLE animations that they require their own tag, but MISSIONARY, COWGIRL, or STANDING have none? Or is that simply a feature that has yet been implemented?
  2. Check if Devious Strike conflicts with another mod. If so, make sure that the install order is the same as the load order. Meaning if Devious Strike is installed after another mods with conflicts, meaning it overwrites files from another mod, make sure Devious Strike is loaded after said mod. Vice versa if another mod overwrites Devious Strike. If your mod manager does not notify of any conflicts, try to remember what mods of yours change the look of generic NPCs, and make sure the above is followed.
  3. Wondering, would it be possible to add a gag and handcuffs (maybe via ZaZ) to PW without the need of DD? Gags change how the mod plays out quite drastically, so it would be nice to have that feature without having to install another mod.
  4. Properly Bad Boys / Girls of Skyrim from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17209
  5. Have you enabled that your inventory is confiscated when you become a PW? If so, it happens because the mod first adds the collar to your inventory, then removes everything in your inventory, including the just added collar.
  6. That's seems to be already implemented. Increasing your Debuff Level via the MCM causes you to only be able to agree to have sex. Dunno how to raise them naturally, though.
  7. A message notification? How boring are you? I was expecting the color of the target's name get changed or something. Or adding a little arrow pointing to the left behind the target's name.
  8. We had this discussion on the last page:
  9. Now you "only" need to modify the code that one of the other up to 3 actors get targeted, and add or change the current widgets to indicate which one of your up to 4 partners you are currently targeting.
  10. To me that seems to be too much work to achieve that, as you would have to add hotkey(s) and some kind of UI element to indicate what other actor you are currently targeting. But if you want to undergo that endeavour be my guest.
  11. One thing I noticed in the mini-game: Pressing left / right mouse button only affects the first partner in a threesome (not tested it with 4p or 5p anims). Would be nice if it instead increase / decrease the arousal of a random actor, or of all actors by a smaller amount.
  12. Dunno if I have asked this before, but in the Debug page you can set your Debuff Level. I have set it higher, and noticed that you cannot reject customers anymore. Is it some kind of Mentally Broken system? And how does it work? Bugs: - if you enable "Inventory Taken" in Enforced Mode, the collar is added to your inventory before your items are taken away, resulting in having the collar removed again Suggestions: - If "Player handles gold" is enabled, the gold is added to your inventory, and you have to deliver it to the Thane eventually. The mod would need to keep track how much gold was added separately. The random Robbery event might only remove gold added by the mod, or all gold you are carrying (maybe set via a MCM option?!). If you deliver gold to the Thane, you can pay off either only the amount you have earned through the mod, or more. However trying to settle the dept with money not earned from prostitution might be noticed by the Thane and punished (e.g. simply adding points to the punishment score, or invalidating parts of all of the money delivered) - Is it possible to find out which house a NPC is living in? In that case the NPC asks you to follow them to their home for the deed. Otherwise the mod can have predefined, secluded spots inside the city or make use of beds in inns for this idea - NPC approaches you, followed by x more NPCs. They ask for their friends to take turns while the others watch - I assume "Multiple-somes" means being approached for 3+somes? If not, being approached for threesomes or even more people - Option to have an "involuntarily mode", maybe triggering when in Enforced Mode. Dialog options are mostly / entirely about declining services, but most NPCs don't care (but might pay regardless) edit: - The opposite of the idea with the secluded space; the NPC asks you to follow them to a crowded space, like the marketplace or the center of an inn
  13. Very sure it's the same suggestion I made a while ago: The mod gives NPCs drainer level 0, 1 or 2 based on a certain chance so you might encounter a hidden succubus unexpectedly. Could use properly use Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) for that.
  14. Sadly aside from Anub's ones there aren't many more femdom anims. and have a couple ones, but iirc even combined they do not reach the number of Anub's pack.
  15. Interesting. I can understand SLAX being installed after SLSO as it was made with SLSO in mind. However SLAX hasn't been updated for two years now, are the scripts it overwrites still up-to-date?! I am a little baffled that SLSO apparently works fine with SexLab SE installed afterwards. If we assume SLSO has no redundant code that should break SLSO. But then again, Ed86 stated that SLSO is primarily developed for LE, maybe some features of it have been added to SexLab SE.
  16. I am one of the few people who play as a male PC, so I have never tried Horrible Harassment. Judging from the description it has a struggle mechanic and animation what the other two mods lack. What Adventures and Matchmaker have a stalking and gang rape feature what HH lacks. Between Adventures and Matchmaker, Adventures is currently superior. That's because ScRappies Matchmaker was previously just a match maker that somewhat randomly started anims, it only had some RP features added a few days ago. However SMM is still actively developed, Adventures is not. Iirc Scrab mentioned that they want SMM to be the be-all and end-all of MM mods and civilian rape mods, so you should keep an eye on it. Also, especially since the Skyrim Anniversary Edition is around the corner, and it will break all mods using SKSE unless they are re-compiled not having the mod author around anymore might make Adventures not usable in the future. Regarding sleep rape mods, you also have Nightcrawler - Battle Fuck!. I haven'T looked at it closely, but apparently you can manually change the anim Battle Fuck uses, thus making it possible to use as a male PC.
  17. I redownloaded it before testing, no idea if I somehow downloaded the wrong file. Now there is version 1.1 and 1.1.1 instead of 3.0. But yeah, Threading is now present, though Chance is broken (no other options besides Base Chance, and that has a faulty description when opened "Font Color = ...").
  18. Exactly "Threading" is missing for me. I use the 3.0 version of Friday, New Game.
  19. Is Threading no implemented yet? I do not see any settings in the MCM. edit: - An option to add a profile to all locations would be nice. - If you open a chance option, the value is set to 0% instead of the value you specified
  20. To explain further: Because the filter is set to RESTRICTIVE, it will also disallows Creatures to know down Female NPCs and Followers (because they are not ticked). If you had set the filter to SELECTIVE, Creatures could knock them down, and the mod then searches for male and female NPCs to potentially start a sex scene. If none are found bleedout is aborted.
  21. 1.) Unless I remember incorrectly it PC is purely victim. It also is purely civilian rape. Use a combat rape mod if you want rape to happen during combat. 2.) Never used that feature of SL Adventures 3.) Yes, it is a crime. 4.) This mod is no longer actively developed. Horrible Harassment Baka edition features a struggle mechanic and animation if you are assaulted. Btw: ScRappies Matchmaker is another, recently updated civilian rape mod. Might be worth a look. edit: Regarding combat rape mods, Battle Fuck! and Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition have a struggle mechanic / animation (not sure if Defeat also has a mechanic or just animation).
  22. There is skill loss per orgasm if rape victim. If you lose too much skill exp you'll lose a level. You can also set that everything makes you lose skill exp on the first MCM page, if you have enabled that even consensual sex makes you lose skill exp. Btw regarding my suggestion with Experience: I have not checked if with this mod installed skill exp loss can cause level exp loss. If so that feature is still incompatible with SE.
  23. You sure so few are flying around?
  24. Newest version of SexLab (Beta 9) SexLab Aroused (doesn't overwrite any scripts for me, but if so has to be installed here) SLSO
  25. My concern is that the mod forces you to watch such a scene. Would be a reason for me not to install a mod.
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