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  1. How many companions should get dirty, I only see one.
  2. What should I do to restore the correct curvature of the supermenants' penises. Fallout4 2019-05-30 10-32-19-19.bmp
  3. One problem, supermutants have their dick straight in every animation. Fallout4 2019-05-28 08-16-08-75.bmp
  4. The animations in my case are triggered by a mod (violated), I tried to reinstall almost everything but it doesn't work anymore. Papyrus.3.log
  5. Sometimes the state of calm in the wild goul does not work as it should begin to attack my companions while the animations begin. Sometimes the pacified enemies that participate in the animations are less than those that should be active, so I will have enemies and companions who have nothing else to do but stay and watch without the activation of an animation. Thanks for all the effort in creating mod.
  6. He tells me I have to have four play, in order to change the plug in.
  7. Sorry, I mean their dicks where I can find them.
  8. About Synths where I can find their attributes, I'm freaking out I can't find them.
  9. I'm sorry and I installed ([FO4] various XML AAF 2.3 - Patched files) and I don't know why, but the animations stopped working. After uninstalling it they work.
  10. Are the synths enabled? I chose anything on the menu but they stand there and do nothing. Papyrus.1.log
  11. after a while I didn't play, I updated the game, I don't have any error message but when it has to trigger an animation nothing happens, what can it be?
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