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File Name: Kiss

File Submitter: A.J.

File Submitted: 26 Jan 2014

File Category: Modders Resources


This was a fast 400 frames couple animation I did while I was trying my camera plugin. It's quite inaccurate and needs to be cleaned, I did just to take a look at the camera effect so I didn't care a lot about details. But someone liked it and told me if I could share it, so here it is.
Here's how it appears in game:

I included both the nif exports and the Blender file, mounted on vanilla bodies and skeleton.

As a newbie, I see animations imports / exports quite abstruse to work with, as many other things in Blender. I did this following the great tutorial made by Labrat (I can't find the link... but it's here in LL). So, if you like animations and rabbits don't scare you, I really suggest you to take a look at that tutorial.

- Feel free to take, use and modify as you want.
- If you are going to upload your mod only here, you don't need to contact or credit me.
- If you are going to upload your mod in other places, you need to contact me. Please :)



If pairing the animations you have a "swing" problem (actors swing 90 degrees when animation starts), try this file (post number 706)


Click here to download this file


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Thanks A.J. Awesome job!


I was looking for something like this. I'll try this out as soon as I can! :)


Fantastic! We need more content like this.


Indeed. There is a lot on the hardcore side but very little for romance or friendship.


I really look for hugs animations also or even poses, a part from the Backsteppo's Pair Poses and this one I don't know if there is something else really.

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