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  1. I'd be very interested in this too. :D Moving and merging the associated "weapon" skeletal parts takes a newer version Nifskope than I've been using, and I'm too scared to change.
  2. CoxcombCornking

    Femboy mod?

    You could just add a weiner to a body in Nifskope.
  3. Started a new Cauc-Asian Race, since I still want to make a decent Olivia Munn from before she started using "Japanese Potatoes" (multiple surgeries) to ruin her face. For starters, this is just a random girl.
  4. Just a couple quick ones. Transsexual Adult Film Star Natalie Mars, and some more books.
  5. A nice Hula Girl, A Queen of the Divide, and a couple collectible vintage Boob Magazines. (boobs)
  6. Could this be an issue with armor rigging ? I've had similar "arm flinging" problems in a few mods over the years, related to armors. (Namely a couple in the Raider Combat Armors mod) Try swapping armor, just to check.
  7. Hi. This page should answer all of your questions. https://www.moddb.com/mods/falloutprojectbrazil
  8. Hi. Belthan (of Quo Vagis and Coito Ergo Sum fame) made compatibility patches for males, to be used in conjunction with the clothing in his mods. I've found them to "fix" as few texture issues found outside of his mods, as well. Maybe they can help. There is a Breeze and a Robert on this page: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56156?tab=files Hope it helps.
  9. The bookmobile stopped by today. Two real books. (Yes, there is a book titled "Man Sauce Addict".) One book with added lines to back. Two altered books in the "Clown Romance" category. Might still add some fun text on back of the clown books. (I make everything seem dirty.)
  10. "I'm gonna ride me a goat." Seriously, this is the kind of mod that inspires new players to PURCHASE the game they belong to. Any legitimate game company should give a shout out to outside developers like this.
  11. Sorry Ladies. You will never experience the unbridled thrill of playing "The Little Fire Engine". I mean " The Really BIG Fire Engine.
  12. Hi. This was one of the first "riddles" I encountered, way back, when changing Veronica's body type. Made a personal ESP, but the changes wouldn't appear in-game. Answer: Make a new merged patch. That will resolve this issue.
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