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Cyrodiil's favourite adult bookshop.  Contents under pressure.  Open carefully and keep cool.  Now with additional delicious quest content.


Readme, spoiler guide to quests, textures and meshes files included.  Just dump it all in your Data folder and enable with your favourite method.  Not all, but most, books in this mod contain sweaty, panting, 'where did I put the kleenex?', ummm, 'adult situations'.  If you download it and feel you have made baby Jesus cry, don't come crying to me - you were warned!


This mod is no longer on the Nexus.




Maeva Scribonia's Bookshop is now available, in updated form, from the Oblivion Adult Mods download forum. (here:


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Sort of.


There is a Catalogue of all Amalric's books, including those penned by Casta Scribonia.  It is for sale by Estelle Renoit, and in the cabin of the Dawnstar.  It lists all those books, in sequence.  Not that it matters, except for a few multi-part stories, Amalric's books are not part of an over-arching, comprehensive story line.


For Maeva Scribonia's and Quill Weave's books, you'll need to look in the Bookshop or Hidden Library for the two 'welcome' books, (Welcome 1 and Welcome 2)  These list all the books, tell you a little about them, whether they are in the main plot sequence(s), and where they can be found.  They also provide a rough, recommended sequence for reading through the collection.  I.E.  what you should read in order to make a particular book make sense.


The Welcome books are free to read or take, even in the Bookshop.  But they don't respawn.


Cheers,  TTS

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11 minutes ago, Winterchill99 said:

So these books will appear in any book vendor or is there a different place for them? Do I have to manually add the files in the folder or wyre bash or obmm can be used? Will this replace the existing books?

There is nothing complicated to installing this mod.  You can do it manually, or you can use OBMM or Wrye Bash.  The most complicated part is ensuring the Textures and Meshes folders are extracted to the Oblivion\Data\ folder.   (These will not overwrite anything in the vanilla game or other mods - they simply put illustrations in some of the books and a few modders' resources to enable the quests.)  The mod is included in BOSS, and will be sequenced by that utility.  It has been cleaned and checked by TES4Edit.

The books are not all added to all book vendors.  I would suggest a quick read through the article included in the mod package: Maeva Scribonia's Bookshop article 8-29-20.docx for a general view of where the books are.  Some are widely spread, some only have one copy in a hard-to-find place.  Some are in the stock of specific booksellers.


This mod does not replace any books, in the vanilla game or other book mods.  It adds over 300 new books, written by Quill Weave, Casta Scribonia, her estranged sister Maeva Scribonia, and some others.  The article tells you where and how to find them.  Many are stand-alone stories.  Others are part of a larger plotline, which need to be read in a rough order of sequence to have the pieces fall in place.


Most are not necessarily books that you want your kids to read.


One other note.  I've had some first time users express bewilderment that there is no starting message for the mod.  The Bookshop and the other added venues are all there.  But they have always been there, there is no reason for a message to confirm the fact.  If you don't want to read the spoilers in the article, head out NW of Chorrol, find the bookshop, and read the 'Welcome' books on display there.  No penalty for reading them, or taking them.  The books for sale are a different matter, however...


Hope you enjoy them,   Trippy.

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This mod is incredible! The content, prose and literary style is as good as anything I have read, including classical literature. My hat’s off to you!!


Many years ago I gave it a quick try but was new to the LL and trying to get things working. At the time, I figured I’d have to spend too much gold that I didn’t have.


When I saw it had recently been updated, I tried it again. (cost not an issue, since I had tweaked one of my housing mods to provide plenty gold). Following the read me, when in game, read a couple books, then went to get and read the initial story line books. Just incredible.


Keep it up Please.?

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Thanks for the kind comment.  With your consent, I will include your input as one of Maeva's letters in her private quarters for the next update!


I wish I could take credit for the books.  But, except for the 'Welcome' books, they are all the work of my significant other, 'Maeva', or of Amalric Widmark.  Both talented authors, although in different ways.  I just collected them into the mod, and put in a few simple quests to keep it all interesting.


I hope you read them all.  The more books of 'Maeva's' you read, the more the whole library comes together, and the better the overall experience.  Note that some books are not available in the Bookshop.  A number of 'Maeva's' late-cycle books are only in the Hidden Rooms of the Hidden Library, after you have found (and presumably read) 'The Beacon'.  Some are also in the cabin of the Dawnstar, but are only enabled by completion of in-mod quests.


Note that most books are available outside the Bookshop, for free!  (If your larceny skills are good enough.)  Check the 'guides'.


Have fun!  Trippy

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I know that Maeva and Amalric were the actual authors, and was hoping you would pass along the compliments.


Although I read that many books are out there, I have enough Septims to just buy without having to keep my eyes open while traveling. Between modding sessions, I have gotten far enough to find the Hidden Library and complete the Dawnstar quest. Although reading a lot of the books takes time that I should be working on mods, the break is refreshing and leaves a "Well, what should I read next when brain needs another break?", sort of feeling.


I would be honored to be mentioned in one of Maeva's Letters!

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New update, to version 2.59.  While there are a couple of new books included, the main reason for the update is that 'Maeva' downloaded the mod after my last update, looked through the books (as she sometimes does) and gave me a list of stuff, -typos, changes, etc., to fix.  Right.  Now.


So, here it is.


Have fun.



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On 9/21/2022 at 3:59 PM, Trippy_the_Squirrel said:

Might make some more,


Looking for that, to be honest I make some of my own to suit my taste & decorate places I create in game But for me its annoying process & take a lot of time just to create personal stuff u can't publish because of Pictures Artists copyrights.






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Unplanned  update to fix a formatting error in one book- 'A Rough Trade', the first book in the Alfinde stories arc.


And, while I was in there, I added a book which is simply the quest guide article included in the package, so that, if desired, a player can refer to it in-game when performing the quests.  The book is free for the taking, at the sewer exit by the Imperial City, in the lower floor of Maeva's bookshop, near Chorrol, and just outside the entrance to the Hidden Chambers.


Regards,  Trippy

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