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  1. Try disabling Weapon Debris in the games launcher if you have it enabled. Its known to be very crashy with GTX/RTX cards. Also try waiting in a small interior location somewhere far away and wait for at least 72 hours. That will help in case you have come across a corrupt spawn point.
  2. Version 22.1 Released (mainly hotfix release) Fix: - Fix a serious regression in xOBSE 22.0 where using the hotkeys functions could cause crashes (thanks @Laulajatar for report). Enhanced Hotkeys users were affected by this. - Fix a serious regression in GetInvRefsForItem where it didn't correctly handle anymore objects with no ExtendData (for example some objects stack that should have only xCount property have the extendData completely null after reload), causing the game to crash. Enhanced Hotkeys users that were using a binded hotkey to equip bow and arrows were affected.
  3. If this is your first time running AAF, it might be because AAF isnt fully loaded. You may need to configure the xSE preloader xml file like I told the other person. Your keys can be changed to whatever in AAF_Settings.ini in Fallout 4/Data/AAF. Notepad++ is free and you can right click and open with Notepad++ and it will show everything very neatly. This link will show you which numbers to change the keys to for the keys you want. Beware that some other mod might have use for whichever key you want to change. The mod called "Just Business" uses the H key if I remember right.
  4. That animation pack contains .xml files and a fomod file. NMM might not work with those types of files. Its been a very long time since I have used NMM. I do not know how old your NMM is either. It could be extremely ancient. Fomods make it so you can go through a guided install process and choose which options in the mod that you want. You might be able to right click on it in NMM and choose install through Fomod. If that fails, then maybe its time to move onto something like Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Bash or Vortex.
  5. Use the version that the guide has said to. Read all the instructions for all of the mods in their descriptions. This gets overlooked alot by people that dont read everything. Its on xSE Plugin Preloaders page. "Go to the xSE PluginPreloader.xml file and change the load method to OnThreadAttach or ImportAddressHook if the default doesn't work."
  6. It is likely caused by having WeaponDebris enabled in the games launcher. The feature is known to be very crashy for this game.
  7. Version 22.0 is released. Global: - Added an AppVeyor CI. Build will be pushed from AppVeyor instead of using a local build. - This should also fix the slow start some people are experiencing, while keeping the CRT statically linked Fix/Changes: - GetByOpcode was using a linear search (O(n)) for know opcode, reimplement to constant time (O(1)) - Add a check for parentCell in GetParentCellOwner command. Should fix a CTD when the parentCell is NULL - Rewrote InventoryReference and ContainerForLoop code. Should fix some memory leaks and items that weren
  8. You need to make sure you have all requirements. Some requirements have their own requirements also. Read everything on each mods description. You may have overlooked this part for xSE PluginPreloader F4. "Go to the xSE PluginPreloader.xml file and change the load method to OnThreadAttach or ImportAddressHook if the default doesn't work. If you're using Mod Organizer 2 you probably need to use OnThreadAttach". This can be done easily with Notepad or Wordpad or so. Notepad++ is free and does it very well. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33946
  9. There is one thing you may have overlooked from the guide, or it might be that it wasnt in the guide. I havnt looked at the guide in awhile. You need to change a setting in xse Plugin Preloader.xml to OnThreadAttach. That will help the game load along with mods and scripts and all. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33946 Another thing you should do, is to verify that all the files are in place in the games directory manually. Look inside the AAF zip and look at the scripts and other files and then look to see that they were all installed to where they are supposed to be.
  10. BBM10 Caits Submission is very buggy. Cait will need to stay with whomever she is currently breeding with and she will not stay. She will come back to the player soon after the player leaves, and forced dialogue will pop each time she gets close to the player. Waiting for three weeks in game time and her next stage still does not trigger. Console codes are very much needed for this quest and just about every other quest in this mod. I am no expert but I assume most of these bugs to be because of incompatibility with the newest AAF. Its a shame. The story and the content that is in
  11. It would be nice to have a maid outfit converted to the latest Fusion Girl. Seems there are none.
  12. Bug with quest BBM08 Caught in the Middle. Chose to side with the Super Mutants and went to attack the Death Claws with help from the Super Mutants. The Death Claw named Artemis gets stuck with whatever he is supposed to do. He will not talk and he will not attack and he cannot be killed. Tried going back to earlier saves and same issue.
  13. It might just be a corrupt spawn point causing the crash. You can try waiting for 72 hours in an interior location somewhere and then try Falkreath again.
  14. Unknown when/if it will ever get added to official OBSE or replace it. It would likely take full permission from all of the original devs and they can be difficult to get in touch with. They did add a link to it on their official silverlock page. You can make requests/suggestions for features/code on the Discord. They are pretty open about it.
  15. xOBSE 21.8 Released Global: - Code MSVC 2019 complaint, remove hash_map and remove va_start reference usage - Example plugin error message print the OBSE version as decimal instead of hex - Added the possibility to use the obse_launcher.exe to launch the steam version of Oblivion (EXPERIMENTAL, works under Proton) - Added the Polish Antology version by Cenega - Restructured INI handling in a centralized store. Fix: -Fixed a CTD on the OnSoulTrap handler, when using soulgems with stolen flag and other extra-data
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