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  1. Nice and informative page Dukky. I like it. Hoping more mod authors make use of this software.
  2. That Khajit one is pretty funny. Found a video on Youtube on how to do them in Batches. The whole video is done with voices by various game characters. The Super Mutant one is funny. Unfortunate about Sheogorath. Wouldve loved to hear him with your custom dialogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK-m54f84q4
  3. I didnt know Wonder Woman did voices for them. Learn something new every day. I think most voices are there. From reading comments it seems Lucien Lachance and maybe some others are missing.
  4. Dukky, have you heard of or considered using OBVA Synth for spoken voice lines for this ? I don't know much about these audio files and dialogs and such but there are many mods that use it for Skyrim and some are really well done. It seems to be overall easier for the people that did it, then it was for people who simply tried splicing stuff together. I think it would be great to have for this mod and maybe as an addon for Bravil Underground. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/50697
  5. Version 22.5 Released Changes/Fix: - Fix for OnEventKey and OnEventControl events - Fix for SetHarvested 0 not being saved in the savegame - Fix for CopyIR function breaking Wax Key perk from Real Time Lockpicking - Fix for IR SetEquipped not working. - Containers Loop execute the associated IR delayed actions (regression from 22.0). These last two entries fix Mig Pickpocketing mod and Break Armor. - Full interop with CSE for warnings. - Add IsMiscItem Command API: - Full C++latest conformance. - Separate ExpressionEvaluator from ScriptUtils - Standardize PASS_COMMAND_ARGS , use macro instead of hardcoding arguments for ExtractArgs, ExtractArgsEx sometimes Docs: - Multiple docs fixed by @laulajatar https://github.com/llde/xOBSE/releases/tag/22.5
  6. Theres your problem right there. Too many plugins for a beginner. You can drive your car with your feet. It doesnt mean you should.
  7. I do not play this mod, but maybe the NPC is stuck somewhere. This can happen if you have a mod that isnt totally compatible with this one, such as maybe Better Cities. You can use the console to move the NPC to you. You can also enable the NPC if he got disabled or resurrect it, if they got killed.
  8. Maybe his OBSE is too old. I just did that quest just now, and it cleared with no issues.
  9. Quick look in TES4Edit shows that the Bash tags Factions and Invent.Add should be added.
  10. Looks like an interesting mod. Is the animation pack a hard requirement ? I can see that the animations conflict with some from LAPF.
  11. I don't suppose there is a list of animations that are no longer included in this newest version. I know of one at least. The troll brutal rape one, which is one of my favorites. A handy list would be nice so we can add some back if we ever choose to.
  12. Don't know if he is one of the NPCs that you made it so they cannot be broken, but the NPC named Umlimpt got broken while I was traing the knight Mia with him. Another issue which might be something on my end, is that Sir Penwoods animation with Lady Drad, just has her standing there while he goes through the motions. Ogres and other NPCs seem to work fine. Will do more investigating on my end.
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