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  1. Short answer? YES. In the spoiler, I provided a partial working mod order. Not all your mods are listed in the brighter white/yellow areas. And you will notice bracketed orange areas suggesting where certain mods belong. Below that, I have the other mods that I did not sort, mainly because I do not know the function of these mods. Hooded Outlaw could be a Quest mod (thus going under the QUESTS section), or it could be an ITEMS mod (thus in with the ITEMS ). And within this edit, I am assuming that COBL is an overhaul, thus grouped in with the other (OCO) overhauls. As to exact order, it may need one. But the Recommended Mod Order list that I use (avalable by clicking my yellow signature) is a bit old and doesn't have any new content for a few years.
  2. Mod order could be the problem. While the masters (esm) files are high up in the order... right after Oblivion.esm in most cases. The plugins (.esp) tend to load much later in your list, near the end... Not all the way at the end, but near. Depends on what else you have. Click the yellow link in my signature and look for Recommended mod order. While made for Lovers, it should be pretty much compatible with non-LAPF mods. You just IGNORE the LAPF mods in the list.
  3. A foot massage does not produce children. I mean, you'd need some pretty fucked up feet for that to actually happen.
  4. Nope, nope, nope and nope. Of the four you mentioned, I did abso-freakin-luely nothing to them. Umlimpt? *CHECKS* Ah, the enslaved trainers. I always felt that they were under lock and key and not full trainers, if you catch my meaning. It's Onan and company I blocked.
  5. STUPIDITY FIX to Version 1.3 To create the look for the two characters previously discussed in version 1.2, I created a 'clone' of a vanilla race, changing some of the facial characteristics and supplying a head mesh that one of the two MBP characters had used.The result was a success, moreso for the younger of the two characters. However, this duplicate race was accidentally left as a playable race. This was unintended. Version 1.3 corrects this and forbids this custom race from being used... though prettier in my humble opinion. At the same time, it certainly prevents one from wondering what race was altered and thus the same for the characters so altered.
  6. Realizatin: Not possible. The TamagoTopic system utilizes dialog messages. And unfortunately, dialog messages do not allow for the use of command codes. WIth Morrowind, you at least had message codes like {NAME} so a string like "So you are {NAME}, the Neverarine, eh?", and your player character's name would appear within the message. Unfortunately, no such feature appears within that for Oblivion. All Vanilla dialog was pre-recorded, so the text rendered was made to match. Sadly, one would need to have a suitable message for each and every NPC in-game to achieve this, and that would not even cover outside-mod NPCs. So the feature requested is just not possible.
  7. THAT... could be dangerous. If done, I'd have it as a secondary option to ask,... But only if you get a response from the first question during pregnancy. Hard to manage as you would likely need to reset values each time somehow....
  8. LORE-FRIENDLY UPGRADE to Version 1.2 Within Bravil's Underground city, you may come across some information where two characters had originated. Technically, only one was discussed but reasoning prevailed for the second. For this, these two characters had been altered to reflect another character race. The facial model for the two were based upon the MBP version as the no-MBP version of the two did not come even close to looking the characters' assumed ages. Oddly, this patch still takes into account some characteristics of the original. For an example, there is a clearly visible height difference between the two when playing the MBP version of BravilUnderground. And though this patch makes both characters the same race, the original height difference is still present. I have no problem with that as it distinguishes their ages moreso. I am not certain what effect it will have with the No-MBP version, but the change should be damn sight prettier. I found that certain characters could be broken during sex. While this may be normal, it should not be if the character is a slave trainer that you hire to break a slave. As such, I added code so four primary trainers do not succumb. However, this feature only works with the newer versions of LoversSlaveTrader that has the special token which prevents breaking. It should even work if using the older WappyOne edition. And I made it so one character cannot be enslaved during most of the game. At the end, this slave-prevention is released and the character can be enslaved. This feature was added in order to prevent quest breaing, though a typical way to fix that would be to release the slave. Still, there is something special about the character that should prevent enslavement... until... ****
  9. x117 GENERATOR MASS UPDATE After all this time, a structural change was made to the main generator to the original x117 HiyokoGenerator. It has been rewritten to be more modular, branching to separate scripts dedicated to their individual race. So there is a script to handle random Tabaxi, one to handle random Elves, and so on. In essence, this modular format would make it easy to add new hiyoko races. But of that... The original HiyokoGenerator was based on the use of x117 races. And of that, you had roughly nine races alone. This has been greatly expanded to a number beyond 20! The initial design had a scattering of elf and human children, argonian, kunne and tabaxi. Now, this new version includes Dunmeri, Orsimir, Mazken, Auriel (I like those names), Horkew, Mi'Qote, and even Weira. In essence, nearly all of the unique appearing MBP and x117 races have been considered. A few may be missing, but could be easily added at a whim. Meshes for the new x117 Hiyoko races are stored within the new HiyokoGenerator.bsa file. And thanks to @tolerance who found compatible x117 Argonian and Khajiit heads.
  10. Grrr.... I had to start over. Now the code is PERFECT! I am keeping the code I wrote as it is very streamlined and I could possibly add more races/hiyoko to the mix. However, I was severly disappointed in how some races handled the youthful hiyoko faces. They looked like youthened adults rather than what they were meant to be. So I started LITERALLY from scratch and redesigned all the custom x117 mini races for the upcoming hiyoko. Lessee.... how long have I.... okay, six hours have elapsed. But every Hiyoko race now has redesigned facial bone structure and has all the textures/meshes/eize-differentials/stats all worked out. Um, yeah. This before making the actual NPCs again. *groan* But they will look MUCH better now. EDIT: CRAP, I'VE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR ANOTHER FIVE HOURS? Essentially, I did a complete cram session and have the Hiyoko and Script done. Testing? Later.
  11. Totally botched! That cannot even be a load order as you have TamagoClub.esm be so far down with the .esp files. Esms are Elder Scroll Masters. They are the first files that must load before all others. OF these, the very first is (of course) Oblivion. And insofar as Lovers with PK content, the last would be TamagoClub.esp, HiyokoClub.esp and (if present) LoversCreature.esp. They cannot be that far down among the Esps (Elder Scroll Plugins). Copying screencap and will work on a possible revised order. In the meantime, the yellow link in my signature goes to a thread for LAPF help. It includes a recommended Mod Load Order that I highly recommend. EDIT: Dang, I have to type each one in notepad to see about sorting..... Still, I applaud you for Unholy Darkness. DOUBLE-EDIT: It took a while, and I don;t know ALL of them. * YELLOW ---- Confirmed Mods and their order * WHITE ---- Educated guesses based on believed content. Heard of, but never used. * ORANGE --- Requires support mod * GREEN ----- Recommended Locations for Mods * BLUE ------ Haven;t a clue. Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK.esm TamagoClub.esm HiyokoClub.esm Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp. Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp DLCShiveringIsles.esp DLCVileLair.esp DLCSpellTomes.esp MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp * ITEM MODS GO HERE * Dominatrix Suit.esp R18PM - Lingeries.esp DMRA BBB R18N Lingerie Set.esp DMRA Store.esp TafasSexyLingerieSet.esp VipCxj_HighHeels.esp VipCxjHHTest.esp <---- mebby??? DLCThievesDen.esp * GROUP OVERHAULS GO HERE * RMDailyIncomeV2 Unholy Darkness.esp ScriptEffectSubduer.esp * QUESTS, LOCATIONS, PLAYER HOUSES GO HERE * DukeCity.esp Knights.esp * UNIQUE LANDSCAPES GO HERE * <And now TamagoClub stuff... in order> TamagoBreak TamagoNews.esp TamagoShop.esp TamagoTopic.esp TamagoConfide.esp TamagoDischarge.esp LoversTamagoClub.esp LoversEncounter.esp HiyokoGenetics.esp HiyokoGenerator.esp TamagoSetBody.esp <--- REQUIRES SETBODY.ESP <And now LAPF Content... and yes, Lovers is actually NOT first in the list> LoversAutoPlayPlusfoSSP.esp LoversVoiceSSPPlus.esp LoversPayBandit.esp Lovers with PK.esp LoversTrucrimeEx.esp LoversHooker.esp LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP_HookerPatch.esp LoversBrute.esp LoversSituationsYHN.esp <----SETBODY.ESP WOULD BE NEEDED HERE FOR TAMAGOSETBODY * POSE AND ANIMATION MODS GO HERE * personality_idles3b.esp Woman's Move - Animation.esp * RACE/BODY MODS WOULD GO HERE * DMRA GUTS BBB BB.esp Slof's Boners! V5.esp <---- um, usually, LAPF has its own? LoversMB2.esp <------------------------- Like always the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp <----------- last of the list LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp <--------- (except my books?) What I did not organize or include were these.... ShadderHeelsSeason zConversion - Games... zConversion - Merged... zConversion - Poser D... I haven't a clue what they are. But note the GREEN text as they are places for recommended mod placement. This is covered in the MOD ORDER list you can find by clicking my signature.
  12. MY KHAJIITI ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh, and the Argonians look perfect too... But I was more a cat person... Seriously, I found absolutely nothing from Nexus! And the heads refused to scale, though everything else (eyes, tongue, hair) DID! That may be because the Argonian and Orc heads were Gamebro file version while these are That's my guess. This is going to make for a very entertaining Hiyoko Generator. I made Orc Hiyoko without even needing the Orc head meshes, and opting for the lopeared look But I'm gonna keep a copy of the Orc resources in the package as a possible backup. Orcs use human eyes, so x117 human eyes work anyway. Hrm.. Two heads (Examines)... These meshes have pre-applied textures (I guess if a texture was missing?), and one is Imperial skin tone textured. A good texture can take care of that one way or another. BUT, THIS DOES IT! I CAN CONTINUE NOW!
  13. No. The TamagoSetbody replaces the upper/lower meshes to simulate pregnancy. The HiyokoGenerator MBP style only utilizes x117 meshes of characters with human-oid heads. And if you are thinking about Emma's Children of Cyrodiil, it uses normal mesh heads for Argonians and Khajiit.
  14. Only Skyrim... *BRZZZ* Not only Fallout, but Oblivion too. I guess the 'Answers' section is okay, though it seems more optional as the Download page includes a 'Get Support' button. And I'm glad it IS considered 'Optional', as some posters may wish to only view one and not need to go back and forth between both "Answers" and "Support". Query: Will further advances allow the update of Screenshots as a separate entity? As of now, updating screenshots demands the use of the 'Update New Version' option.
  15. While most resources (hair, eyes, and etc) can be easily converted to the x117 scale (or literally 1.17), something in the HeadArgonian.nif and HeadKhajiit.nif files (possibly egm, tri or whatever) is preventing proper scaling and alignment. So if someone knows how to scale these and get them to fit right, I'd really appreciate it.
  16. A General translation of page1 from Chinese: I highlighted a key factor in this post in yellow.... When you mention passwords, this could mean two things. (1) You cannot log-in/register or registration not complete into this Chinese forum. (2) The zip files are password protected for members only and guests cannot 'see' the passwords as noted by the guest notice I highlighted in yellow. The forum page obviously doesn't mention anything about passwords unless it is member-visible only.
  17. Yeah. And since the original HiyokoGenerator is dependent on those mods, I figure I can make fully compatible x117s for all the available races (or whatever I felt like doing). MY ARMY!!!! Squads of 8 members (4 male, 4 female), and each platoon has 5 squads... 4 platoons present. The Hiyoko army as of yesterday is 158 strong (I have two AWOL). But yeah, I plan on new recruits. It certainly beats only 18 prefabs. I should also mention I plan on an update to my Bravil Underground Add-on, particularly to fix a bit of lore from within Bravil Underground! However, the fix will also aid in Hiyoko facial generation.... well, it should. SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY ...
  18. And HUZZAH! I just gave myself MORE WORK TOO!!! I was a bit miffed that the x117 package did not include mini versions of the Horkew or Mi'qote. Well, I just discovered that I could merely scale the ears using NifScope for a new x117 set and *Volia*, I now have Horkew mini x117 scaled ears! And yea, that's me doing a test run with the character Obviously, that means I got the Mi'qote ears to scale too. And I guess... I might be able to make scaled down dremora hair for the dremora brats???? *Shrugs* I'm guessing on that part. However, that means I have more work... and (8 horkew (4male/4female)) & (8 miqote (ditto)... 16 more brats to add. Though this also means it will include some required files for its work.
  19. An Even More Minor BUMP to 1.35 This fixes an issue when starting a new game or after installing the HUD into a new game. In some instances, the HUD appears frozen on its first run in a game, displaying a contraceptive icon and sperm display that did not rotate. This issue has now been repaired.
  20. Dread Zombies you say.... I take it that this is a custom monster? If so, it may be a case that it is a monster that has its own 'skeleton' and is not using the default zombie skeleton used by Oblivion (and subsequently tracked and used by LAPF). Custom monsters can work with LAPF, but only if they are using the default skeletons used by Oblivion. For example, the werewolf in Lovers Bitch (and subsequently in the addon Fejeena provided for Bravil Underground) use the Xivilai skeleton, and thus the sex animatics for the Werewofl are the same as that for the Xivilai. If this Dread Zombie is not providing any sex animations, it may very well have its own custom skeleton... which may suck. And believe it or not, converting might be a pain. There's a sexy Female Xivilai at Nexus that I woulda liked to use, but it had its own skeleton. And trying to trick it into using the default Xivilai skeleton had disastrous results. On the flip side, there are some nymphs and other shapely woodland femmes you can find in Nexus. And they DO work. But that is because they are based upon and modeled around the Spriggan. And as such, use the Spriggan skeleton. OFF TOPIC: Er, using LoversCreatures 2.5+ ... someone would need to make penile attachments for them. Duplicate the Spriggan penis mesh, rename to match, copy the right texture in place... In short, custom monsters do work... as long as they use a default skeleton that Oblivion can use.
  21. I can't leave anything Tamago alone, can I? I am now attacking....... the x117 HiyokoGenerator. I cannot expand upon races within the no-x117 version as its system allows the copying of either parent regardless of character race or even race's original mod.... though limited it is in choosing which the child will be. But.... The x117 HiyokoGenerator had only a handful of available Hiyoko races and is due to be greatly expanded. Really, just a couple elf or human models, some tabaxi and an argonoid. NOW, that is being SEVERELY changed. The new version I am working on recognizes that a child may be a full Argonian or Khajiit child as well as the Tabaxi or Argonoid. But it covers more. As an x117/MBP dependent mod, it also allows for other special races like Ice Elf Hiyoko and Chocolate Elf hiyoko that even the HGGF (HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge) mod covers, as well as Orsimir, Redoran, Mazken, Auriel and Dunmeri Hiyoko. And the Orsimir kids don't look half bad, even though I am not using the default Orc head. Hell, I even threw in Lycanthrope and TangMo Hiyoko for kicks! A number of races have four(4) of each gender, though some just three(3) of each. I am not done by a long-shot, but I have over 100 Hiyoko designed already, and a comprehensive revised generator to choose which model to use. This is clearly an expansion from the sum total of eighteen (18) that it originally carried. I admit, I'm probably not the best face designer... especially when using THESE freakin x117 heads ( ) and you can't see what you're doing in the editor!!! But I don't think I'm doing a bad job at all... and I'm not using any custom resources other than what's already part of the x117/MBP setup. Oh, it SO works with my HiyokoGrow and Tamago Setbody Override. And it may give the HGGF a run for its money.
  22. It is the MASS EXODUS!!!! Really, Nexus is causing havoc. People deleting their work or finding it archived as Nexus content On the other hand, perhaps you meant his PETAL DRESS. And you might want to peruse his list of mods there. URP, no one answered @Sillius_Maximus The Brood Mother mod for the Tamago System assumes live birth for creatures. No egg laying there. Of insect sex, animations do exist. However all are in the offensive or dominant. If you wanna 'screw' a submissive and shapely spider daedra with big knockers... nothing yet. Daedra Seed is a weird case where a character becomes pregnant (sorta) and generates a large egg (think ALIEN) which generates scamps n stuff. That's what I recall. And yep, LoversCrowningIsles is a quest for the most part. You may get some entertaining armor and 'come-fuck-me' dialog to get some rough sex money. And be careful if using it with LoversGGBlackmail, DarkBloodline and/or PlayerSlaveEncounters. Especially Blackmail and Encounters as their slave mechanics could overlap and cause havok. As of now, there's nothing that forces an NPC to lay an actual egg that could spawn a creature (or some brat?) after X days. An entertaining idea to say the least.
  23. Time delays and such weren't an issue at the time he did the translation. But it was only the translation he posted. And now... the resources for its use are PFFFT!
  24. Clothes mod like that would be placed earlier/higher in your mod order. Now while Tamago will say your mod order changed, it should not be too harmful to your game. It's just clothes per-say and not changing anything really insofar as any hiyoko characters created thus. Removal though is a little bit more *ugh*.
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