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suggested mods for realism/roleplay

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i recently started really playing cyberpunk2077. i try and play it as immersively as i can so that i even try and walk instead of running and pick the right outfit for the occasion things like that. but all it did was make me want to play modded skyrim again. so im wondering if someone could suggest a boat load of mods in order for me to have the most immersive game ever. i want every tiny minor detail in the game like having a a bladder and food needs, horny level, dirty feet if i'm barefoot, heat and cold being a problem, being able to see myself if i look down. the reason i posted to this site instead of nexus is because theres mods that add immersion on here that arent on nexus. also i need to state that i'm very used to modding, though i havent modded skyrim for years i think i should understand it again quickly. i've been modding cyberpunk too. the only thing i'll struggle with is load order. thanks to anyone for reading and responding, this isnt super urgent but i would like to start quite soon. i dont plan on playing the main story i just want to use the game as almost like a life simulator so any suggestions that come in super late can just be added afterwards!

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These are some good base-line mods.


Timing is Everything

Left Hand Rings

Player Head Tracking

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Modern Brawl Bug Fix

Realistic Ragdoll Force

UI Extensions

HDT Physics Extension


Skyrim Script Extender

Random Vampire Attacks in Towns Disabled


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Here are some that I use. Most of these can be found on the Nexus:



Simply Knock



Reduced Gold Rewards for Quests

Run for your Lives

Bells of Skyrim

Wet & Cold

Realistic AI Detection 2 - Lite

Traps Make Noise

The Choice is Yours

Thieves Guild Requirements

Honed Metal

Simple Taxes

Drop Lit Torches

Carriage & Ferry Travel Overhaul

Realistic Wooden Mannequins

Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim

Blowing in the Wind

Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger

Go to Bed

Drinking Fountains of Skyrim

Realistic Needs & Diseases

Sleep to Level Up

No Starting Spells

Difficulty Balance for Followers

Better Stealth AI for Followers

Diverse Skyrim

Blocksteal Redux

Better Bards


Smart No More Stupid Dog Comments

Prince and Pauper

Simple Children

Unique Border Gates

Point the Way

SkyRealism - Time & Travel

Encounter Zones Unlocked

Inconsequential NPCs

More Tavern Idles

My Home is Your Home

Bathing in Skyrim

Appropriately Attired Jarls

Consistent Older People

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Enhanced Camera

Idle Animations Wheel Menu


As for LL mods, that really depends on what type of game you're trying to create. There are a ton of mods for a "damsel in distress" type of playthrough, which is what I usually go for. Here are a few that I like:




Skooma Whore & SW Addicted


Wet Function

Sexist Guard Comments

Reward your Followers

Dripping when Aroused

Blush when Aroused

Apropos 2

Amorous Adventures




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There are many realism Mods out there, so it all comes down to what you consider essential and your Game play style. Here's a copy of a post I made here on LL a few weeks ago, those I use and the reasons for are:



Archery Gameplay Overhaul

-adds dynamic and more realistic Archery


Aurochs and Wild Horses, Deer Expansion, Rhino's of Skyrim, Real Megaloceros of Skyrim

-yes, I know Nirn is a fantasy world, but given the feel of time frame (in relation to Earth), such animals feel fitting.


Basic camp Gear (or any Camp Gear Mod really)

-this should have been in the vanilla Game


Bells of Skyrim

-Skyrim is a dangerous land, it makes sense there would be a warning system in Towns and Cities



-adds Water and the ability to collect and carry it, pick more than one flower when harvesting, antiseptics, etc...


CBBE with Physics

-women's boobs pounce, I'm a woman, I should know this


Clean Up Your Corpses

-depending on the character you play, this gives numerous options for reactions to death around him/her, whether that character is dark, heroic, caring, etc...


Destroy the Thieves Guild

-this should have been in vanilla Skyrim


Dirt and Blood

-adds blood/dirt to your character, as s/he traverses Skyrim, but Soap is no longer needed to wash it off and rain and swimming can also clean it off


Do You Know Who I Am

-for all you do in Skyrim, but no one is aware and treat you like a noobie?


Enhanced Blood Textures

-people bleed extensively when they're badly wounded or their head is chopped off


Enter The College of Winterhold Without Joining

-this should have been in vanilla Skyrim, not everyone is a Mage


Extended Encounters, Immersive Patrols, Skyrim Unhinged (or any extra NPC and encounter Mods)

-Skyrim is an empty place, could wipe out all the civilians, etc...in the space of a few weeks if this were real life.


Faction Fixes

-Bandits throwing fits at Mud Crabs while you're filling those same Bandits with arrows? O.o


Fewer Predators

-Prey animals always vastly outweigh predator animals in the wilds, if this weren't so, predators would all be busy starving to death, especially given the average hunt success is only about 20%-30%...Plus predators are not generally psycho killing machines which Bethesda seems to think they are, Skytest seems to think the same despite their realism claims.


Gallows of Skyrim, Justice, Skyrims Dead and Public Executions

-Skyimr is a tough unforgiving world, on top of that is gripped in War, as all is showcased at the beginning of the vanilla start.


Guard Dialog Overhaul

-the Guards are idiots, this helps change that fact.



-such skills take time and practice, plus an animal will provide more than one lump of meat and a pelt


Hunters Not Bandits

-yelling at a Deer won't help the hunt


Immersive Interactions

-this should have been in vanilla Skyrim


Improved bandits

-it makes more sense to me, desperate or violent people won't be rolling in the latest greatest Armors, or even matching sets and are smarter than the average vanilla Skyirm Bandit.


Inn Room Costs

-in vanilla it cost more for a Stew and a Mead O.o


KJR's Height Adjustment (or other such Mod)

-different races or species have varying heights and builds


Lanterns of Skyrim

-not necessarily realism per se', but is a realistic show at some attempt to create a more co-joined Land


Less Sniper Like NPC's

-not every Bandit is an expert archer now


Leviathan Animations (or other such Animation Mod)

-so your Dovah no longer stands there like a gorilla


Light Weight Head tracking and Emotions

-Dovah no longer just stares straight ahead, but actually see's the world and people around him/her


Living off the Land

-used to create realistic essentials for your Dovah, such as Bandages, Scent Masks and nutritionally dense foods, such as Marrow and animal Fats, plus more...And used beside CACO, with CACO's  introduction of Antiseptics and such....No more Magic or Potion Healing in Battle, bringing the need to break from Battle and find a safe place to apply Antiseptics, Bandages, etc... to heal


Maximum Carnage

-battle is gruesome and creates gruesome wounds


No Spinning Death Animation

-no need to dance when you die


NPC Mage Balance Fix and Less Magic in Skyrim

-NPC Mages have a Mana pool, they can use it up. I also use Less Magic in Skyrim, makes Magic a  lot rarer and more specialized.


Obsidian Weathers and Seasons (or any Weather Mod)

-Realistic Weathers and Seasons


One With Nature

-no more ridiculously and psychotically aggressive Crabs, Skeevers, Ash Hoppers, Wolves, Bears, etc...


Paulicus Poison Block

-if you manage to block and arrow or sword, etc... then you also block any poisons on them


Relationship Dialog Overhaul

-should have been in the vanilla Skyrim


Sexlab Jail Rape

-a cold harsh swift justice (whether fair or unfair world), Guards are going to be dirty


Sexlab Solutions (depending on the kind of character you play)

-cold harsh cruel world, many would take advantage, so can your Dovah now


Sexlab Submit (again the kind of character you play, I use it for the persuasion/intimidation sex options, my character is not the marrying kind)

-and again fits the feel of the Skyrim world, or just a persuasive b*stard and worse


Simple Leather Backpack (or any Backpack Mod)

-where does your Dovah carry his/her loot and other odd bods? Up his/her butt? O.o


Skyrim Battle Aftermath

-there's a War going on, why is there no sign of this?


Skyrim Reputation

-nobody has noticed what you're up to? Good or bad


SL Defeat

-truth is, in battle there is rape, it's life


Smilodon Combat in Skyrim and Ultimate Combat

-NPC's are no longer idiot arrow/sword sponges, they fight back with some brain matter


Smithing Oils

-I do use alchemical Poisons also (which are entirely realistic), I use this one primarily for a way to explain my Dovah's resistance to fire, etc...


Sneak Animation

-no derpy arm flay sneak animation


Sneak Tools

-I don't use the masks, Cowl or Shop...this is for some of the Arrows (the realistic ones) and the throat cuts


Storm Lightning for SSE

-violent Lightning Storms can be dangerous


Stronger Swimming Animation

-Dovah can simply swim


Super Fast Get Up

-when you're in danger you're not going to be rolling around on the ground for five minutes, you will MOVE


The Choice is Yours

-Dovah has choices


TK Dodge

-a fit and battle knowledgeable soul will dodge (I used to do Ninjukai Taijutsui, one of the first things we learned was rolls)


True Storms

-because real Storms happen


Windy Grass

-need I explain?


Winter is Coming

-Skyrim is a cold place, even for someone who's grown up there



Well known realism Mods I know of are:



Schlongs of Skyrim

Realistic Needs and Diseases or iNeed or Sunhelm Needs


Joy of Perspective (for first person)

Dynamic Animation Replacer

Reading is Good

Fixed Body Collision

AI Overhaul

Interesting NPC's

Trade and Barter


Loot and Degradation

Alive Peeing (I think there is also a Pee and Fart Mod somewhere too)

Campfire-Complete Camping System

SexLab Arousel


I don't know of any for dirty feet. I hope these lists help and have fun with your Game :)




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these are some great suggestions. being as that im going for a life simulator stuff like boob physics and drip when aroused are the exact things im going for, just lots and lots of tiny details. the pee mod i'll definitely need one for peeing and pooping since humans do both XD. i'll need to figure out the dirty feet thing, always breaks my immersion when you walk around barefoot for hours and they are still prestine lol. i hope this picks up a little bit of traction so i can get more and more suggestions, thanks guys!

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20 minutes ago, LameBella said:

these are some great suggestions. being as that im going for a life simulator stuff like boob physics and drip when aroused are the exact things im going for, just lots and lots of tiny details. the pee mod i'll definitely need one for peeing and pooping since humans do both XD. i'll need to figure out the dirty feet thing, always breaks my immersion when you walk around barefoot for hours and they are still prestine lol. i hope this picks up a little bit of traction so i can get more and more suggestions, thanks guys!

I did a quick search and found this, it's for SkyrimLE, but perhaps you may be able to convert?



There was a Pee and Poop Mod on LL for SkyrimLE also, Private Needs, here are both the orginal LE version and the converted SE version:





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There is alot of great suggestions allready, so ill throw in some i found missing:

-Monoman's Mortal Weapons and Armor - skyrims economy is fundamentally broken, cost of PC upkeep is miniscule to begin with, and gets negligible fast.

This mod solves the problemm. It simultaniously fixes TES5 backwards difficulty curve, improves immersion and prevents lategame "zombie" builds. It works with practicly everything, althou it requires equipment to have proper tempering recipes.

-Carriage and ferry travel overhaul - because it makes sense, and vanilla system is rubbish.

-Climates of Tamriel - again, vanilla skyrim ambience is lackluster by modern standards. This mod does a great job at rectifying that. You can slap ELFX/RLO on it for extra spice.

-DAR - Live Action - gives a fair shot at another fundamental problem of TES5 - everyone moves the same. You might need to replace some animations to your liking, wich can be fiddly, but the framework is great.



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On 7/22/2021 at 3:17 AM, LameBella said:

i recently started really playing cyberpunk2077.... but all it did was make me want to play modded skyrim again.


You're not alone on this, lol.


The best mod I've tried recently and was hooked was Experience combined with Static Skill Leveling and Skill Rate Remover. Those together turn Skyrim into an old-school RPG (reminding of New Vegas as well) where instead of grinding your skills to the next level (because brewing 9000+ potions and smithing and enchanting 12000+ iron daggers is so much fun) you concentrate on actual content of the game. You explore, complete quests, kill stuff, clear dungeons and get experience. When you wake up while having a level up the day before at least once (they become rare and rare with every level) you put the points into skills. And that's it.


First 10 levels are relatively easy, sometimes you get 2 level-ups per day. Then it becomes slower and slower, so at level 20 you have to work real hard to get at least 1 level-up per day, at 30 it's 1 level up per 2 days no matter how hard you try apparently. If you want to make it even slower - take a look at this.


It's possible to combine this with Classic Classes and Birthsigns SSE (Reimagined) - unlike previous versions of Classic Classes this one is 1) compatible with any standing stones overhaul 2) instead of setting up values of skills, it gives you "fortify" boosts in the class skills (using ModAV), without screwing your leveling as it would be with SetAV.


It's a nice way to play Skyrim, couldn't go back to grinding again.

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