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  1. I believe it's at least partially because of what social networks did to human minds - they have shortened the attention span of an average human being quite drastically. People lose their ability to search and research - this forum is not an example, for what I know it could be populated by cranky old farts like me. But Reddit is a shining example of that - those subs that actually have some purpose to them (except whining) tend to have a lot of questions that are literally answered at the next page. Or imagine actually going ahead and trying to find something useful on Twitter... That's why you don't. People just go ahead and speak out. This is why Twitter is just a huge collective brain fart going non-stop, but this is what people got used to. So they bring this experience everywhere else.
  2. ...and men, futas, animals, robots, skeletons. Well, everything. And it almost looks as if you're saying it's a bad thing.
  3. I think patching creatures with Mutagen/Synthesis would be even better solution to get rid of the CF cloak. AFAIR CF doesn't have variations, so it's always 1:1 replacement. Even less load at run time, and easier to debug when developing - just run the patcher and look at the results in xEdit.
  4. My understanding of the current Western mentality tells me that would be "racism" or "sexism" accordingly.
  5. Doesn't always work either - unless you restart the game from the point before this happened, but then you lose the progress. But SetPlayerAIDriven 0 in console does. I had a lot of this with being stuck in feeding animations in Vampiric Thirst, and this command always fixes it.
  6. Another minor update, just overwrite the old version with 0.71
  7. Well, in just 9 months I've given a birth (lol) to the next version, with MCM and some cleanups. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention yet another change - I've included a hotkey for Vampire Sight into this version. Unless you set it, it does nothing., I just don't use Predator Vision by Gopher, so I included this. This makes possible to use the sight while mounted or while being under invisibility spell or effect w/o breaking it. VTSL also reverts Vampire Sight to vanilla effects,. so you may use your favorite Night Eye mod, like Night Eye Overhaul or Rens Night Eye tweak - my personal favorite, works better than Gopher's version IMO, and yes, you may use it on SE w/o changes. Or convert it if you want.
  8. If you want rape events triggering only when you want, disable all triggers and only use the "submit" (or whatever it's called) button to manually initiate them.
  9. Not towards you, but towards those endless walls of irrelevant text and graphics that make it kinda hard to comprehend what's actually going on for anyone trying to figure out what's the problem - including myself. What makes you think I care? I'm not "Alex", I'm not obliged to sing in chorus with anyone. Again, this is from the title of the post you've made. Have you looked at your own post's title? The one saying "probably related to memory issues/pagefile issues"? Oh, someone from other forum, as evil as me, made you do it. And now you blame me for "mischaracterisation". Have fun with Alex, I'm not intervening anymore.
  10. What's the point of this discussion anyway? Unless you've got a faulty hardware, the game will not crash if you have the GPU running at 100% and hot- GPU will throttle and the game will run slow, but won't crash. If your game uses a lot of memory, it won't crash, SE isn't LE and its heap size is practically unlimited - you'll unlikely to ever hit address space limit of 2TB on Windows 10 Pro or even 128GB on Home. There was a person here reporting problems with the game, it was a conflict of SL Defeat and several NPC mods IIRC. The game used up 24GB of memory, it was hitting the swap non-stop and lagged - but still wasn't crashing. It's almost impossible to crash SSE by using up resources, and this extends to Papyrus as well - I had 20k of threads running, crashing and freezing thanks to the shitty KS Dragon Overhaul 2, the script lag was about 40 seconds, but the game didn't crash even once. The most popular reasons of SE crashing would be Broken assets (meshes, textures, animations) - those are responsible for probably 80% of problems. Not shockingly, .Net crash dump you've posted has a lot of mentions of textures as well. Pink textures would be a dead giveaway if you wouldn't ignore the issue and tried to hide it under the rug with Bash and Dyndolod. The thing is - they are still there in the game, and the game may load them even if they are not rendered - simply referenced by some ESP. bugs in various mods, both SKSE64-based, and others - there are known mods making your game crash-prone, but unsurprisingly, more than half of problems in those also related to #1 mod conflicts - such as one mod trying to change a reference deleted in another. But this type is quite rare these days. But it seems you have no interest in fixing the issue, it's almost as if you want someone to confirm your brilliant hypothesis "it crashes because memory/swapfile". P.S. and why on Earth you'd have both ELFX and Lux in your load order? This alone could create shittons of conflicts. Lux needs only assets from ELFX, and its installation manual specifically mentions removing the ESP.
  11. Those purple textures shouldn't be in the game before running DynDOLOD and Bash. If there are some problems with meshes and textures, they may cause CTDs w/o any visual effects. You may have old LE meshes still in the game, anything. At least this is where I would start. Suit yourself.
  12. I doubt it. You need to get to the root of the issue before throwing even more at the game engine. 80% of GPU usage and 80C temp mean your GPU is shitting bricks at this point, this by itself may be the cause of CTDs, like PSU not being able to supply it with enough power and then anything can happen. Purple stuff can be caused by malfunctioning GPU as well. I think the first thing you might try is doing anything to reduce GPU temperature. Installing MSI Afterburner and setting GPU fan control would be a good idea, set it to run at 100% when GPU reaches 65C. Yes, GPU will get noisier but will perform better overall. Then again, broken landscape stuff may cause CTDs by itself - if it's really problematic. Get rid of the mods changing landscape/grass and see if the problem with purple textures go away. IOW, solve observable problems (pink textures, GPU temp) first before trying anything else.
  13. "I'm sorry, but would you mind being raped?" kind of mod? Defeat is a rape mod, that's its purpose, why would anyone install a rape mod if wanting only consensual sex in the game?
  14. You might try. In theory the ESP has no records that would be incompatible between LE and SE. Considering that I'm running the LE version converted and built the mod around it (and only then checked for compatibility with existing SE ports), theoretically it should be. P.S. and it would be nice of you to report the results, I might add LE compatibility notes to the page. BTW, the update (MCM etc) is coming, I've got it working.
  15. This by itself can cause problems, the bounty system isn't working flawlessly, to say the least. I remember being in a situation when everyone in Dragonsreach was attacking me the moment I go there. Even though I didn't have any bounty listed. The fix was to steal a tomato, get caught and pay the bounty (like 5 septims). And - the problem solved.
  16. File handle limit means the total number of files the process can have open simultaneously at any given moment (this also includes texture file, meshes), and after that you start getting all sorts of errors that could happen at any time theoretically. But usually it will happen at the first loading of the save since this is when it loads all assets it needs. The engine reads every file - again, seq, textures, meshes, animations, it needs to open that file (here the number of open files increases by 1 and this is where the game may hit the limit), read it, and then it closes the file (the number of open files decreases). So it's hard to say when you gonna start having this problem, and a permanent solution isn't technically possible. The only real one would be "don't use THAT many mods". Especially the ones with tons of assets inside them., use BSAs instead of loose files wherever possible. Pack those loose files into BSAs if you can. I might suggest a workaround for those having this problem and refusing to trim their LO - have a save inside the qasmoke and don't remove it as you play. Make a named save - open console "coc qasmoke", then "save qasmoke". Then continue playing ("coc Whiterun") Once you start the game, load that save first ("load qasmoke"). What works here is that the game doesn't have to load all those meshes, textures etc for a city or whatever place you have been recently saving at at once. So it should load. Once loaded, you may open the Load menu and load your real, most recent save. If you can't load any of your saves, you can just do "coc qasmoke" from the main menu screen of the game, this will create a new character (default Nord male) and you can load your save after that. But I don't know if switching characters like that would have any side effects.
  17. A bug in software doesn't take too much to happen. I was experimenting with the Experience mod, and getting instant crashes. After some investigation I found out the reason was the 3rd DLL loader I had in my main SSE folder. First two used by SSE Engine Tweaks and .Net SF, and this one was used by an old version of Uncapper at some point. Just a single DLL in the game folder, and it was crashing my game after installing a particular mod that didn't have any connection to it. I removed it, and it all works fine since then. So yeah, it's not always obvious.
  18. And do it in qasmoke. It's the only safe place to clean up your saves. "coc qasmoke", save, exit, clean. Then "coc WhiterunPlainsDistrict01" or any other cell when you're done. But why 3dnpc of all things? This mod is a resident on my LO for years, never had a single problem with it.
  19. There is a much easier way than fixing Reqtificator - you just add mods that don't need patching to BlockList.txt - it's in the "SkyProc Patchers\Requiem\Files" folder. Requiem patches very few records, so anything that doesn't contain changes to NPCs, weapons, armors, races, spells and (in the recent versions) chests may be ignored. This includes, but not limited to, various landscape overhauls, hair and other appearance mods (except those changing NPC records to change their appearence, but even then, you may use Synthesis "facefixer" to carry those over, or just use zMerge to merge multiple NPC visual edits and then specify it in Reqtificator.ini as a mod to get NPC visuals from), various fixes for graphics, added dialogues, quests not adding NPCs, all UI mods, utility spells not used in combat (like that one for Adoptions) etc. This could easily bring the number of plugins Reqtificator needs to process within allowed limits.
  20. If I were you, I'd rather get rid of Immersive Citizens and Touring Carriages as potentially the most troublesome mods in your LO, and start a new game, since the current one is broken anyway. But suit yourself. Anyway, this is more a matter of doing a lot of guesswork - you remove mods one by one and see if crashes go away, since it could be practically anything. On my recent playthrough the ILS on loading an interior went away after I removed Lucien, for example. Not a big loss, he was annoying AF anyway. P.S. besides you have posted a wrong log from .Net Scripting framework here - you need to post the crash log, which is being generated by .NetSF on CTD., it's in your Data directory ("override" if you use MO2) and it's quite big. This is what contains your actual crash information which might be useful.
  21. The actual wording here is that it's not running from a legal steam directory. Skyrim sets a value in windows registry pointing to the installation directory, FNIS uses it as well. You get this a lot when you reinstall Skyrim and have to run the game launcher (not SKSE etc) at least once before various tools start working. I guess this could be the case here. P.S. Just a warning - running the game launcher will reset ini files, I'd advise saving those if you had any tweaks.
  22. Does it happen when you start a new game too? P.S.. is it just me, or do you actually have both "AI Overhaul" and "Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul" in your LO? P.P.S. and you've got Touring Carriages there as well, I've stopped using it years ago due to crashes it was causing, plus I believe it's specifically listed as incompatible at ICAO page. It's also incompatible with anything editing roads - and guess what, Skyrim Better Roads and Bridges and Blended Roads are there, BTW IIRC the former one breaks navmeshes on roads. Plus you've got Open Cities and suspiciously few patches for this mod. I'd expect it to break more things, particularly "AI Overhaul" - the first one you use, without a patch, the fact that you have a patch for ICAO (which conflicts with AIO anyway) doesn't make things better. IOW your LO is a mess, you could start with reading descriptions of mods you install.
  23. SLSO has conditions on what animations can lead to orgasms, those may vary depending on the sexes of both partners. E.g. a female PC won't get an orgasm while giving a male NPC a blow job. If you have SexLab debug enabled (it is by default), you may open the console and check, SLSO logs a lot of things and the reason why orgasm can't trigger is being displayed there.
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