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  1. these are some great suggestions. being as that im going for a life simulator stuff like boob physics and drip when aroused are the exact things im going for, just lots and lots of tiny details. the pee mod i'll definitely need one for peeing and pooping since humans do both XD. i'll need to figure out the dirty feet thing, always breaks my immersion when you walk around barefoot for hours and they are still prestine lol. i hope this picks up a little bit of traction so i can get more and more suggestions, thanks guys!
  2. i recently started really playing cyberpunk2077. i try and play it as immersively as i can so that i even try and walk instead of running and pick the right outfit for the occasion things like that. but all it did was make me want to play modded skyrim again. so im wondering if someone could suggest a boat load of mods in order for me to have the most immersive game ever. i want every tiny minor detail in the game like having a a bladder and food needs, horny level, dirty feet if i'm barefoot, heat and cold being a problem, being able to see myself if i look down. the reason i posted to this site instead of nexus is because theres mods that add immersion on here that arent on nexus. also i need to state that i'm very used to modding, though i havent modded skyrim for years i think i should understand it again quickly. i've been modding cyberpunk too. the only thing i'll struggle with is load order. thanks to anyone for reading and responding, this isnt super urgent but i would like to start quite soon. i dont plan on playing the main story i just want to use the game as almost like a life simulator so any suggestions that come in super late can just be added afterwards!
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