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  1. NFF does allow it as well, if i recall correctly. Base outfit doesnt disappear, i believe its moved to "clothin satchel" or something like that.
  2. Well, there is alot of guides on Skyrim modding, so there isnt just any help, there is a ton of it. If you have to install the mod manually, it usually means something is wrong. So unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing, you should not be doing it. Ditch Vortex, its horrible at handling LL mods. It assumes LOOT is infailable, its most certainly not. Mod organizer is you friend, or NMM communnity edition for an easier to use, but outdated option. Choose a guide for your version of the game, get a stable framework going: SKSE, FNIS, FISS, ENB or ENBoost etc. Once you have a setup, start adding adult stuff. Dont try to rush it, it is a time consuming process.
  3. UNP is kind of old fashioned by now. There is plenty of BHUNP stuff, but it comes with several extra bones. You might want to either use it, or look into converting outfits for it.
  4. Tried this one for a while now with SSE. On the plus side - it appears to work as intended. And i do like the idea of long term consequences. On the negative - i dont know what is it with DTM (presumably- devious training: mayhem?) module, but it seems to go on update at random times, and those updates can cause absolutely savage script lag and FPS drops, often severe ones. While main module can be set to only update on cell change, there is no such switch for DTM. As a result, it can make combat outright unplayable. Is there a way to restrict its updates?
  5. Reinstalled this mod after quite a while, expansion of content is incredible. Of particular interest to me came the quests for Jordis and starting of what seem to be Olfina's questline. One can start skyrim playthrough as an innocent one, but thats not gonna last forever. Depending on setup, it might end very quickly. Idea of player actually being the bad influence that slowly corrupts others is something i do like quite a bit. MC becomes a rather influencial figure by Skyrims midgame. Why not use that influence to help others see the more fun side of things?) Anyway, no bug reports or anything, just stopped by to say thanks.
  6. I do appologise if question was covered, this topic is massive and searaching topics is kind of a pain on LL( I found myself unable to completely disable animation filter that comes with the latest DD. Function to ignore it for creature animation works as intended, but humanoid animations still get filtered. despite bound animation option being unchecked. Is it supposed to only prevent searching for armbinder/yoke/etc animations? Or is it supposed to completely bypass filtering, including belt/plugs blocking, and something i run (Furniture framowork/Sl util+ as suspects) interfere with it?
  7. Forgotten magic redone cryomancy has this effect unlockable for several spells. Apocalypse spell package has several effects: frozen/solid/suspended in the air etc. Skyrim Redone gives any frost spell a chance to freeze a target. There are probably more options, but those are what comes to mind.
  8. Single outfit - no, not really. You can mashup something like this thou. Mask - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3245-egyptsibyl-cbbe-bodyslide-hdt-zap/ Socking - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54994 Pelvic curtain - https://www.rektasmarket.com/post/rektas-spirit-blade For top almost any bikini mod will do. Say, this one - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5316-mini-bikini-cbbe-tbd-se/ Depending on your body replacer and skyrim version, you might have to google for conversions or do some yourself.
  9. Not the PC corruption however, those are plentifull. Later into the game, PC has, say, little reservations in regards to her sexuality. You're a thane of a few holds, leader of a few guilds, local hero. Shouldnt your, say, "open minded" approach affect others? I found only two options: Slaverun offers a way, but its forced trasformation. There is no sublety, its a bruteforce change, wich is done through the player actions, but not at the player choice or by players will. Sisterhood of dibella is probably the best thing i found, where you can side with sanguine and persuade your way into corrupting the cult of dibella from inside. But that is practicly the only such storyline. Anyone can point me towards other mods, where its actually the player being a corrupting influence?
  10. For equiping on playable races, SL triggers definetly does work. As for rieklings, im not sure. Vast majority of gear in game is playable and tagged for playable races. If no such tag is present, item is invisible. Assuming equipitem functions properly for non-playable races and an item is tagged as usable by a riekling - should work as well. That is, if item in question is piece of armor/clothing or classified as such (Zaz dripping effect for example is an equipabble "armor" piece). Ive never tried to use SL triggers for weapons.
  11. Would love something like that as well, allbeit i dont believe ive seen anything alike. BaboDialogue has some adult random encounteres, but they are focused on PC with a couple involving generic NPCs.
  12. There is something akin to your idea in quite deep stage of development: Its not total conversion, but there are sexy options for many idles based on context. Might be usefull as a template. As for animating specificly for such a mod - animation is a miticulous and rather slow process, at least from my experience. Its unlikely someone will sign up to redo all skyrim idles. So approach of picking off existing idles that fit your theme is more realistic, skyrim is old, there is plenty of material.
  13. Tuning down CBPC range can help. As for SMP - if you're using BHUNP you can use toggle SMP physics for player at will. If you want to automate the process or affect NPCs, but now with global npc swotch, say, only involved in SL scenes - you can use SL triggers to equip a corresponding object on animation start and remove on animation finish. Not sure for other body replacers.
  14. I dont think there is one. At least i havent found it. If someone proves me wrong - ill be glad.
  15. Sounds really good. Question is - whats the source for those dialogue branches? Written on per actor basis? Generated from SL stats/SLSF/adc sexlife data? Written option sounds cool. but thats ALOT of work, basicly restricting system to a select few popular NPCs and followers. I do like the idea, but there is an uneasy feeling it might be really hard to properly implement. Also, whats the stance on SLSO compability? It tries to tackle the same issue but more from mechanical side. I dont imagine the two will play together nicely.
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