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  1. MilkyTaboo gave an ok for posting SE conversion of latest public pack. Conversion worked fine for me, so i posted it here:
  2. With a generous permit of MilkyTaboo, here is an SE conversion of his latest public SLAL, found here on LL. Refer to original post for previews and information: I did not do any modification beyond converting it, any and all credits due are for original author. MilkySLAL-2-3(SE).rar
  3. Thanks. Scoured the wrong comment section =-/.
  4. Nice) Got a question thou. Latest SE version contains invisfurn versions of later(latest?) Milky pack, wich i could not find for SE. In fact i couldnt find 11.2020 anubs SE version either. There is indeed one linked in comments of anubs pack, but its 03.2020. Is it intentional so that it works as soon as those packs are converted? Or are they allready and i suck at google? If it is the first - ill try to do a conversion. I mean, how hard can it be?;) If it is the second - please do give me a link along the "your google fu is weak". Edit: surprisingly, conversion process proved
  5. Am i correct to assume that patreon version is LE only as well?
  6. Id say that each of those is fine on its own. Stability issues come from incorporating them along other mods. While your mileage may wary, i found Defeat to be the optimal solution. Unless we talk about dragons (nothing about dragons works stably, its just how skyrim is), it works reliably. With that said, if you run cursed loot and is experiencing lags, you might want not the optimal solution, but lightweight one. DD events are a script hog, and they indeed do break defeat scenes. In fact, those normally break almost any script heavy scene from any mod in my experience. For pe
  7. Well, on the first issue -odds are something in my build just refuses to play nice with heatrise. Or even with DD framework in general, its practicly was a resource esp in this build, never used untill your mod came around. Ill drop load order as attachment here, so in odd case someone runs into the same issue it will be possible to spot the source of this problem by cross-reference. As i said before - i did find your mod quite enjoyable. Best of luck with polishing and expanding it. LoadOrder.txt
  8. Went for another go with this mod after the update. Works as intended until i quit, at that point bug with training devices remaining in my inventory reoccured. After vendoring them and walking around for a while, got this eror message. Reasonably sure its the same as the first time.
  9. I was wondering what are the plans for this one? Im mostly interested in mod intagrations that used to work for LE version. An idea of SLS as a kind of overarching umbrella for those was quite appealing. Since monoman is focused on LE version exclusively, is it correct to assume that only SLS core functionality will be transfered to SE? I mean, it is very wellcome. Just wondering if SLS SE is planned as port only, or are there any plans to expand its interface capabilities to its LE levels?
  10. I do get your frustration, i was also unpleasantly surprised surprised when i realized that several top notch animators dont really maintain SE versions. With that said, statement that SE is a superior platform is true. There arent many mods that take advantage of it thou.
  11. Easiest option is NINI collection. All of those outfits are split top/bottom. Or you can just use modular stuff like H2135/COCO outfits.
  12. H2135 has several options available in his modern series 4/ fantasy series 5. Mans outfits also come with BHUNP support by default. https://www.patreon.com/Harry2135/posts There is also BakaFactory's mini bikini conversion, wich has some options. https://babofactory.blogspot.com/2019/10/uunp-3bbb-goma-pero-minibikini-series.html There are probably other options as well, besides the DD conversion to BHUNP is available.
  13. Can someone confirm if SMP files provided work with latest BHUNP smp setup? Or confirm that it doesnt. I dont seem to be able to get hands to collide with SMP breast.
  14. I dont seem to be able to get it working, wich is kind of frustrating. For LE ther was provided full SMP config, wich worked as intentded. It is kind of frustrating, but i dont seem to be able to get it properly working in SE thou. I use BHUNP install option of CBPC+SMP breast. And its frustratingly refuses to work with SMP files provided with SOS SE. Collision with hands works as intended in CBPC mode, but, well, big part of switching to SE was since SMP is native to it, i expected it to be less troublesome here. Oh, well. Anyway, if someone can point me towards SMP male hands that
  15. Most NSFW animations by now use sexlab animation loader (SLAL). Search for those. You need ones that are marked as SE. Google search does an allright job, but you can just go through SexLab Framework SE downloads section. Most large animation packs have SSE version, often linked or posted in the same thread, like this one. Alot of content creators never used skyrim SE, so understandably their work is only for LE. Conversion usually can be found, allbeit not for the latest version, like this one: Honestly, id advise you to scrap the idea of using wabbajack unless you plan on using
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