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  1. Not my cup of tea but looks very well made. Nice work!
  2. Strong work, sir. I don't even use SE, just popped in to say nice job on the likeness!
  3. Like others in this thread, in the current version (1.11 LE) I'm having no issues with PC victim defeat scenes, however, it doesn't work at all for my followers. I like the new animations and dialogue though.
  4. @Pamatronic Do you plan on adding other types of events for variety or are you leaving that for other modders to do? I have a few ideas though I'm sure they've been mentioned before: * arrest groping/inspection * sexy times without punishment * punishment without sexy times * prison guard gang bang * prisoner gang bang * verbal assault with light physical abuse * creature gang bang
  5. Nice work on the creature animations. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Of the Enslavement Mods listed on the mod page, which ones do you think are stable enough to use during a medium-length playthrough?
  7. For me there is no connection between me and my character. The 4th wall is unbroken. When I play Skyrim, I step into the role of that character and I try to immerse myself in it. I'm a male in RL and have no problem playing female PC's or unusual races. I try to come up with a unique character concept, personality, etc. for each playthrough, although I have some favorites I enjoy replaying as well. I occasionally try to play as myself, pretending that I got sucked into another dimension somehow and wound up in the game.
  8. Here are some that I use. Most of these can be found on the Nexus: As for LL mods, that really depends on what type of game you're trying to create. There are a ton of mods for a "damsel in distress" type of playthrough, which is what I usually go for. Here are a few that I like:
  9. @Nymra sorry to hear you're feeling down. I finally removed Defeat/DA from my load order and I'm excited to try Naked Defeat out as a replacement. Thanks for all your contributions and I hope you continue to make more!
  10. I always have LL mods installed and I still use LE because after all these years I've finally come up with a mod list that has just about everything I want, looks amazing, and is mostly stable. However, I ctd outside of Whiterun enough to where it's annoying. If I was starting from scratch I'd be awfully tempted to go with SE for faster load times and better stability.
  11. I like the idea of a crossover and also the attempt an actual playthrough that incorporates sexual content. I also saw the new Cortana body and it does look amazing. What sort of SL mods are you considering? I personally think the LL Blog would be a good place to post this. Remember to include lots of pictures for those of us with short attention spans
  12. Screenies looks good. I'm definitely going to check these mods out. However, I have to say the list is pretty light on the Loverslab mods. I was expecting more debauchery than just cannibalism and Defeat. Maybe add some slavery, misogyny, addiction, etc.
  13. Just tried it on a slightly modified UNP body and it looks great. The scratch marks are a nice touch Maybe do one for Vigilance next?
  14. Thanks for the fix! I definitely experienced this bug the last time I played Skyrim but thought it was just something wrong on my end as I play with a ton of mods. Very surprising that the Unofficial Patch doesn't fix this.
  15. The previews of the new animation look amazing as usual! Thanks, @SirNibbles, I appreciate your work whenever it comes out!
  16. That looks like the effects of Dripping When Aroused. It has a milk squirt that works even without Milk Mod Economy.
  17. I stumbled across this really neat rendition of 'Secunda' on YT that has unique lyrics and vocals. Figured the LL community might enjoy it:
  18. Pardon my ignorance, but how do I customize the settings? You listed some global variables. Where do I go to tweak them?
  19. Thanks for the upload. I used to use More Creatures for a long time as well but I've since moved on to what is IMO its successor, Snoipeh's Creature Overhaul. It's way more lore-friendly, has better distributions of animals, and also has more variety via some "tame" versions of a lot of creatures such as trolls, wolves, chaurus, etc. The mod is in the non-adult section so it's easy for people to miss
  20. Would it be possible to add "Covered in cum" as one of the requirements for Proximity Rape?
  21. I have the same setup: Rudy ENB for Vanilla NLVA v5.0c with enbseries v0436. I've tried with all of the available cum texture packs and they all have the glowing effect when not receiving direct light.
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