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  1. If you hang around them long enough, they turn into Werewolves ...I play a Werewolf and have hunted beside two of those NPC's so far
  2. It''s nice to see I'm not the only one without a hard on for Serana, I use a few Mods to shut her up and keep her out of my...Also Ice Form Shout works a treat lol, hit her with that as soon as you enter a new cell, it keeps her gone until you enter a new cell ...I love that about HeartBreaker, I think it's the only way to kill her, last Game I accidentally beheaded her with an Axe...her body was sill standing, knife in hand combat ready and her head was laying on the floor and still talking to my Dovah 😂...Yeah, I like the Dawnguard Quest also, Serana is the downside.
  3. Just a quick question, I just very recently finally learned how to port over from LE to SE, so have been going through the Mods I miss from LE, that includes Urshi's Skin Texture for FavoredSoul Better Males... Would that be simple change Form to 44 CK portable? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26145?tab=images
  4. Found this guy on YouTube, he makes it very easy to understand and follow, so I have given it a go ...Hopefully worked
  5. Nether, do I need to wear an Amulet of Mara to bring up the marriage option with Frea? I'm at the point where she's making comments such as suggesting my Dovah and her run away together and get naked.
  6. Gukahn, in regards to Vigilant, I have been eyeing it off, but I always play a Werewolf, do you know if the Vigilantes are set up to notice if the PC is a Werewolf in the Vigilant Mod? It seems to be a real hit and miss for me depending on the Mods I use, vanilla Vigilants don't notice, but some Mods have Vigilants that do.
  7. I have always loved this Armor and never really found an SSE replacement Armor I to love, I try in the CK on numerous projects, but continue to fail miserably ...Would someone please convert this for me? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24342?tab=files
  8. I did a quick search and found this, it's for SkyrimLE, but perhaps you may be able to convert? There was a Pee and Poop Mod on LL for SkyrimLE also, Private Needs, here are both the orginal LE version and the converted SE version:
  9. I'm sorry for my late reply, I forgot to hit "follow topic" and had come to the conclusion nobody was going to respond, thank you for doing so Bluegunk ...I know most people don't see the problem with such small incidences, I'm glad like me, you see the signs that something was up. I ended up giving the game another clean out, as I was unaware of the SKSE folders issue and I eventually discovered it after much searching and eventually seeing these SKSE Saves in my Folder from older Games and the penny dropped ...My Game is running solid on 200+ Mods now
  10. There are many realism Mods out there, so it all comes down to what you consider essential and your Game play style. Here's a copy of a post I made here on LL a few weeks ago, those I use and the reasons for are: Well known realism Mods I know of are: Frostfall Schlongs of Skyrim Realistic Needs and Diseases or iNeed or Sunhelm Needs Fooitprints Joy of Perspective (for first person) Dynamic Animation Replacer Reading is Good Fixed Body Collision AI Overhaul Interesting NPC's Trade and Barter C.O.I.N Loot and Degradation Alive Peeing (I think there is also a Pee and Fart Mod somewhere too) Campfire-Complete Camping System SexLab Arousel I don't know of any for dirty feet. I hope these lists help and have fun with your Game
  11. Perhaps ask the Author of this Mod how he has done it? He has the smoke effects: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4953
  12. I know I'm late to the party here, but though I'm not a Modder, I am a specialist Cook (I cook for people with serious food limitations), which means I have to be super creative and imaginative in the Kitchen, so I have quite a creative perspective when it comes to unique dishes, if I can help at all with ideas on dish types, I would love to, so just let me know if you would be interested in any ideas I can come up with ...I use Namira's Goat myself in my Game, I love that Mod
  13. In SkyrimLE one of the Sex Mods glitched on me with hilarious results, the NPC's would continue their vanilla dialog while in the act with my character, the aspiring mage was the best, his vanilla script was hilarious during the sex act 😂😂😂
  14. Yes, I like roleplaying also, I quickly get bored with an RPG if I don't or can't, for some weird reason it depends on the RPG whether I can RP a male or not, such as I can't RP a male in Fallout New Vegas, but I can in Skyrim, I think it may be because I use Skyrim (and Mass Effect, another male avatar) as studies into the philosophy of ethics (a rl interest), my Dovah is a study in ammorality, his neither moral or immoral, I RP him as a born Werewolf and as such a different Race of his own, his back story is he hails from the impenetrable mountains bordering Skyrim, Cyrodil and Hammersfall, a dwindling Werewolf Race. As such his mentality is geared more towards that of an animalistic nature (neither good or evil, just living in the moment), he lives for the hunt, he doesn't have a sense of ownership and though he can misdirect in battle he doesn't understand the concept of deceit and a number of other things. I like playing him because I really have to step outside of myself and moral self imposed limitations and concepts to RP him, he makes me think...Oh, his also vain and arrogant, simply because I like him pretty (eye candy) 😂 ...and the arrogance, isn't so much arrogant, he just doesn't question or second guess himself. I used Apachii up until very recently, until I saw his current hair on KS and loved it, I also use Salt and Wind on Apachii and KS to remove the glossiness and perfection, make it fit the world better. Now I wish I hadn't asked you about the Armor 😂...I LOVE it, but I use Guard Armor Replacer and Improved Bandits, I love them too, I wish we had the Body Slide function for Men too, could pick and choose per Armor... Yes, I do the pick and choose for the females int he Game, such as the Tavern and Barkeep are skimpy using Ghaan's replacer, to RP them doubling as Tavern Prostitutes (such as in the Movie, The Advocate, the Tavern Wench climbs into bed with the Protagonist, when he questions why, she tells him he paid for her body too when he paid for the room, it's a good Movie if you haven't seen it ...)...and my Forsworn and Fur Armored Bandits are topless, because it just seems to fit who they are.
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