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  1. Yes, I have recently discovered I can't download anything from LL without the download breaking (no I'm not blaming LL, it's something on my end) ...am beside myself, because I don't know what is wrong or what to do ...I have been trying to google the problem, but no luck yet ...This is what I get every time, Namira's Goat had looked like this each time I tried to download it also, the other file you sent was fine though:
  2. I don't why, but this issue just started a couple of days ago and I don't know whats wrong or what to do ...Suddenly I am unable to download Mods from LL, they break on download ...the last three Mods I have tried all break on the download ...Here's a pic of what they look like in my download file
  3. Thank you karlpaws ...I just didn't want to blow my Game on loading, but it sounds like it will be fine ...I certainly have some wriggle room at this time, given my fps and general Game behaviour, looking at the Quest Mods I'm wanting, they all appear to have a good rep going by the comments, etc...and all seem to tick on the boxes that you mention as no problem ...I feel much more comfortable adding them all in one hit now
  4. It's a funny thing, in all my years playing Skyrim (since release), I have never installed a Quest Mod, but now I want to try four out and want to run them all in the same Game. I hear though that Quest Mods can really put the pressure on the Game's performance and stability, is this correct? I would like to install: Beyond Reach Vigilant Maelstrom Hel Rising I currently run about 300 Mods and my Game is rock steady and running consistently over 50fps (usually around 57ish). Roughly around 10% of the Mods I use are stabilizers and frameworks. Then there's a mix of graphics (including a Weather Mod), immersion (low on scripts), in game Quest fixes, Combat, some extra NPC's, sound files, alchemy, landscape...I have tried to stay away from large overhauls and large scripts, preferring scripts that only fire for short spaces of time. Does anyone here install multiple Quest Mods? How does it effect your Games performance? Plus one more question, for anyone using Maelstrom, I took a peek at what happens, can a Dovah who doesn't use any Magic at all play it?
  5. Checking back in, I could only get back on the Computer today...I just now tried downloading again, it's still failing for me ...fails at around 50%. I see there have been about 20 Downloads and nobody else mentioning trouble with it, I have never had this happen before, I'm lost on what to do
  6. Hmmm...just noticed I'm having trouble downloading this file, I have tried twice now and get a "failed to download"
  7. Ik74... I have been using Namira's Goat for quite some time, I just use the Fat Knife as neither of the other two knives work for me, using the old Mod anyway, I have just downloaded your updated version. I love this Mod, I play a Werewolf who lives on Humanoid Meat and Namira's Goat has been the only Mod I have found that meets his needs perfectly, aka: numerous body parts and simple harvesting method. I RP him as a born Werewolf, more wolf than man and as an apex predator and warrior he thrives on challenge in procuring his food. I have loved that he can harvest his food from Game start, RPing him as I wish. So may I ask please, that you consider keeping the Knives available in your MCM, so that players like myself do not need to do the 'A Taste Of Death' Quest to be able to continue to use Namira's Goat? Thank you Ik74 for working on this Mod ...I continue to follow
  8. 51 year old female, engaged and yes I certainly do use adult content in my game. Hubby prefers MMO Games, but he finds it titillating to sometimes watch my characters sexual adventures.
  9. If you hang around them long enough, they turn into Werewolves ...I play a Werewolf and have hunted beside two of those NPC's so far
  10. It''s nice to see I'm not the only one without a hard on for Serana, I use a few Mods to shut her up and keep her out of my...Also Ice Form Shout works a treat lol, hit her with that as soon as you enter a new cell, it keeps her gone until you enter a new cell ...I love that about HeartBreaker, I think it's the only way to kill her, last Game I accidentally beheaded her with an Axe...her body was sill standing, knife in hand combat ready and her head was laying on the floor and still talking to my Dovah 😂...Yeah, I like the Dawnguard Quest also, Serana is the downside.
  11. Just a quick question, I just very recently finally learned how to port over from LE to SE, so have been going through the Mods I miss from LE, that includes Urshi's Skin Texture for FavoredSoul Better Males... Would that be simple change Form to 44 CK portable? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26145?tab=images
  12. Found this guy on YouTube, he makes it very easy to understand and follow, so I have given it a go ...Hopefully worked
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