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Why so many Combat defeat mods? Also what one do you use?

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I've recently noticed there is a crazy amount of Defeat mods (Defeat, SD+, Cursedloot, naked defeat, Yamete, etc). Some of which are old and some of which are new and being developed. I'm trying to find which combat defeat mod is the most complete / functional. 


This made me wonder who uses which one and why? I myself have had a hard time finding one to use and just keep to it. I would like something that is stable and can be used with animals and people.

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Defeat has some core features i wouldn't wanna miss like to be able to kidnapp npc´s or customize it to a point where it is more immersive for some Followers not to engage in a Rape scene. For example having a lawful Character like Mjol and seeing her raping a bandit is not quite immersive. Defeat handles such things quite well. 

On the other side for being the victim, there are many good feature mods that work with defeat. Be careful tho, everytime one of my companions gets downed, i make a quicksave in case of a bug that can appear where she or he turns into a none accessible vegetable. (First time i encountered it i had to kill her.. if there where a mental institution in skyrim.. I probably would her put in there.. Great now i want something like that XD)

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9 hours ago, osculim said:

I use defeat baka edition. He constantly updates it with newer stuff. And alot of the mods I use synergize well with it. Yamete is also pretty good but is still new Im giving that a bit of time to mature.

Defeat Baka edition? I don't think I have heard of this version, do you have a link?

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I didn't realize babo had is own version of defeat?! I was using the normal defeat with a patch he made for replacing the defeat animation for better one, but not a full stand alone version. How does it compare to the normal defeat in terms of stability? I ask because the normal defeat is soooooooo damn unstable. I think its because its very script heavy:


had to wait sometime 1 minute for an animation to start,

had "you can't surrender to this creature" happening randomly 

had creature not related to the rape scene engage my player ex: getting knocked down by a bandit but a fox come out of nowhere and rape the pc with the bandit in a trhreesome

had gay stuff happening even know I clearly disable them in the MCM.

had maiq the liar getting raped by a male dog right in front of me just moment ago

I just tried yamete for the first time because I was looking for an defeat alternative and its very stable so far.

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Defeat is okay but can be pretty clunky


Yamete is good but was prone to breaking for me


Naked Defeat is the one I use now as it seems pretty reliable and lightweight compared to all the others



I think I've tried nearly all the defeat mods at this point honestly. Basically all besides Naked Defeat are WAY too crash prone /  take too long etc. I basically just wanted a "You get raped when you die then stand back up' not a "You get teleported 900 trillion times and spend 4 hours IRL dealing with all the script lag and ten trillion issues caused by being kidnapped and teleported 900 times while all your gear was stripped which broke everything etc

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I used to use defeat, first the regular version then baka and both were giving sporadic results i.e stuff happened to me once in a blue moon. I had it paired with death alternative.


I now use Yamete and can enjoy seeing other npc's getting banged after failing in combat or sometimes my own followers bang me if i get knocked down, I pair it with SM essential on nexus. One thing i had with the latest version was CTD's but after the author's help that's been resolved (turn off hostility check on mcm setting).

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I've found a combination of Defeat (Baka edition) and Naked Defeat works nicely - Only have one running at a time (both can be enabled / disabled reliably in MCM), and sometimes it's good to be able to turn both off for a time, since some mods need a 'defeat' event to run it's course to work properly eg. some BaboDialogue events need you to be defeated to progress normally.

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I use Naked Defeat for the following reasons:

  1. I'm primarily interested in bad things happening to my PC after a defeat, with some control over what happens to my follower(s).
  2. The MCM makes sense and the settings do what they say they do (I found several of the other defeat mods very confusing and unreliable on that account).
  3. I like the variety of outcomes.
  4. It pretty much just works, and is also under active development so if something is broken it has a decent chance of being fixed (and/ or of someone being able to help me troubleshoot if the issue is on my side).

I could never quite get Defeat or Submit work reliably enough for my liking (though that could be on my side). I haven't tried Yamete, though from the description it sounds like too much sex not involving my PC for my particular purpose. I had Peril in my load order briefly, but never gave it a real playthrough as Naked Defeat is so well targeted at my tastes.


As for why there are so many mods? Defeat is a pretty critical part of core gameplay, and lends itself nicely as a segue to things that a lot of people on LL are interested in.

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