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  1. That did the trick, thanks! Abutton to do that might be a bit easier, but that's WAY faster than having to fully remove and reinstall the mod each time (and reset settings) lol
  2. How are we 264 pages into this thread, and people *still* use Prepare carefully over just using Character Edit
  3. Is it possible to get a debug option for the mod that force stops anyone currently trying to spank the player / force stops any STA scripts that are currently running? Every few hours of play I'll end up with an NPC bugged out chasing me across Skyrim running into me trying to spank me, but being unable to do so. So they just push me around, and it starts causing a lot of problems with the other devious mods. When I open the MCM page it won't even load the settings page or anything Only fix is for me to save the game, uninstall the mod, reload the game and save it again and close
  4. Hey, is there a way to set a non masochist to be a comfort pawn? I've got a tortured artist that needs a good rapin' for the mood debuffs, is there any way besides to manually have a pawn do it?
  5. A neat easy feature I think would be fun would be having a chance to have your gold stolen as part of the "Consequences" section for being bound. Like, if a fully naked woman wearing a yoke, blindfold, and gag walks up to someone with 30,000 gold dangling from a bag tied to her collar, I'd think more people would take some! There's not really much content I've found that takes some of the players hard earned gold. There's a chance on indecency report, and there's an unmodifiable chance on gag talk failure I think but I don't think the gag talk one actually works, they just say "I
  6. I'd love if RJW would also let you set the birth age so I could ditch the Children and Pregnancy mod too.
  7. Is there a way to set how far pawns will decide to walk to masturbate? They will path freaking MILES to go jerk off, especially if they are next to a wall or something where they will path a few feet away on the other side of the wall . . .where the only path to actually get there is by going through a gate across the map. Wish Rimthreaded worked with more mods, I tried looking at the incompatibility list earlier and nearly every mod on my list was incompatible lol, even stuff like Gradient Hair apparently breaks it? I could barely even make it through lik
  8. No to hyper sexuality, but I just looked and you are right. They are born as the right child type and then it seems like when I reload they lose the natural born child trait and change to the other child. Weird
  9. The backstory is tribal, it's just "child" I think?
  10. I don't see this in the FAQ, but my natural born colony children lose their ability to use the anima tree after a short span. They are able to use the tree for a few months after birth, but I quickly get a notification about unusable meditation type and go to look, and yep they will have lost their natural meditation type and can't use the tree anymore. I have birth age set to like 18 with children school and learning I think, not sure if that matters. Anyone have any clue what causes that / how to fix it? Especially annoying in my tribal colonies.
  11. Thanks for the hard work! Any chance for more degrading tats more akin to the typical slavetat / rapetats? These are cool . . . which is kind of weird when combined with rapetats and the like lol
  12. First person 99% of the time, third person for when talking to NPC and stuff
  13. Any chance someone can convert this to CBBE? There seems to be a lot of interest in it both in the SE thread and in the original LE thread
  14. Anyone more talented than me succeeded in converting this to CBBE? I've never figured out how to do it without breaking everything The issue is it seems like 1 out of 1,000 mods are made for UNP and 999 out of 1,000 are made for CBBE lol. This one just happens to be one not on CBBE yet
  15. Remove like so using the remove option? Or Delete Modgroup? Also, which one removes it from the main menu? Thanks
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